Revamp Your Cooking Space: Top Tips For Kitchen Renovation

Revamp Your Cooking Space: Top Tips For Kitchen Renovation

May 10, 2024


Kitchen remodeling is one of the most capital-intensive home improvement projects. Estimates by HomeAdvisor put the average kitchen remodeling cost in 2023 as $14,611-$41,432. 

However, you don’t have to break the bank to give your kitchen a complete makeover. You can implement several strategies to transform one of the most useful rooms in your home and possibly elevate your property’s curb appeal. 

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Read below for a rundown of the top kitchen renovation tips in 2024.

1. Upgrade to Upright Freezers

The refrigerator and freezer industry has undergone a tremendous revolution in the recent past, with the primary focus being energy efficiency and comfort. Notable technological solutions in this sector include the energy-saving vapor-compression cycle and the convenient ‘knock, knock’ fridge doors. 

The past few years have also marked a significant rise in the demand for upright refrigerators and freezers. An upright freezer is a freezer designed to be taller rather than wider. 

Upright freezers are incredibly space-saving. The design allows the appliance to hold more items without using extra space on your kitchen floor. 

2. Declutter

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a frugal minimalist or an extravagant maximalist - there will always be items in your kitchen that you no longer need. Perhaps it’s an older electrical appliance or a worn-out lighting fixture. 

There’s no wisdom in continuing to hold onto these items when they use up valuable space in your kitchen. Because kitchen renovations typically involve bringing in more items, starting by decluttering the space is prudent. 

Sell whatever is sellable and chuck into the trash what’s utterly worthless. Once you’ve freed up extra space, you’ll have more freedom to bring in heavier appliances.

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3. Bring Large Appliances First

Don’t get this all twisted - we’re not necessarily advocating for large, bulky kitchen appliances. You could still go for the smallest models available if you're a minimalist. 

The focus is to make arrangements for larger items before bringing in smaller ones. That means refrigerators and cookers before, say, utensil racks. 

Starting with larger items allows you to pick a permanent spot for essential appliances. It also determines your kitchen’s overall layout.

4. Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

To many homeowners, an ideal kitchen makeover is one that entails replacing older appliances and installations while repairing broken items. However, your quest for a new look may have you fixing things that aren’t broken at all. 

Have the counters and cabinets remained in excellent shape despite being installed years ago? Are your chandeliers brightly lit and well-hung? 

If yes, then a replacement would be unnecessary. You could consider deep-cleaning these components instead.

5. Experiment with Different Colors

Neutral colors have been at the center stage of kitchen décor from time immemorial. However, cooler tones like blue and green and warmer shades of red and yellow have recently become commonplace. 

Picking the right colors for your kitchen depends on the desired aesthetic and psychological effects. 

Neutrals are preferred for their balancing effects. Hints of gray or cream can tone down overwhelming colors, such as brilliant shades of red and oranges. 

Yellow is excellent for east-facing kitchens due to its energetic effects, while paler tones of blue and green can imbue a touch of tranquility into your home. 

Most importantly, decide on the areas of your kitchen you wish to accentuate before choosing a suitable color palette. 

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6. Incorporate Smart Kitchen Technology

Home automation is synonymous with living rooms and garage doors. However, your kitchen may also benefit from smart technology. 

Start by upgrading to smart taps. Besides being a convenient feature, this technology can improve kitchen hygiene by minimizing contact with tap handles. 

You could also install smart trash cans. The logic is the same as smart taps - fostering hygiene and comfort by reducing physical contact with the cans. 

Other smart kitchen technologies you might explore include investing in knock, knock refrigerators and installing remote-controlled lighting systems.

7. Prioritize Timeless Over Trendy 

Your next kitchen remodeling is unlikely to be the last. So, while it’s tempting to experiment with trendy designs, experts recommend going for timeless styles. 

Trendy decorations will eventually fade into oblivion. And when they do, the cost of replacing the now-obsolete styles can be inhibitive. 

If you must incorporate fashionable styles into your kitchen, ensure the designs are considerably easy and inexpensive to change. It’s easier to replace accent lights and drawer pulls than, say, your kitchen tile floor or plumbing installations. 

8. Think Futuristically 

Aiming for timeless over fleeting trends is one of the ways to give your kitchen a futuristic outlook. Another method is to invest in sustainable kitchen appliances. 

Insist on long-lasting equipment to minimize the frequency you have to replace them. Durable appliances can prove cost-effective in the long run. You only have to worry about ongoing maintenance costs rather than replacing the whole equipment. 

It’s also best to consider reusable kitchen containers. This minimizes the environmental strain caused by non-biodegradable materials ending up in landfills. 

Be sure to also pick eco-friendly paints and biodegradable mats for your kitchen. Don’t forget energy-efficient appliances.

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Wrap Up

Picking the right kitchen renovation tip can pose a monumental challenge, especially if you’re cash-strapped. But as we’ve seen, it’s possible to undertake a comprehensive kitchen makeover without spending down to your bottom dollar. 

The trick lies in choosing a renovation style that complements your kitchen’s interior décor and elevates your property’s overall aesthetic appeal.



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