Salem Interlocking Brick

Salem Interlocking Brick

June 16, 2021

Housing &Infra
Cement: JSW Cement, L.N.T Ultra Teach

Sand: M sand in 1st Quality

Blue Metal: 20mm and 40mm Size

Steel: I.S.I TMT Steel

Bricks: Mud interlock brick and Cement interlock brick

Plumbing Pipe: ARUNA pipes & Concrete in side water line only FINOLEX

Hot pipe :H.T.P

Electrical wire: Gundhan & V Guard

Paint: Deluxe Paints & USG Wall patty

Tiles: Johnson or Gajari (Rs40/-Maximum limit) any types tile

Tap Fitting :Om co

Wood: pooarasu, u pvc

Flush Doors: Wood lands or equivalent to I.S.I Quality

Structure: RCC Framed Structures

Flooring: Vitrified Tiles 24”X24” Nanotechnology

Cup Board: Provide one cup – board in Each room with out covering

Loft: In kitchen and bedroom with out covering

Door: Main door fully Teakwood. Other Door’ sand Window’s frame & window’s shutter will be shallow wood. Doors Shutter will be Flush Doors. Bathroom Doors will be Single Panel PVC Door.

Window: U PVC windows with wooden shutter in side Grill

Toilets: Toilet will be of IWC or EWC type. The Walls have digital Tiles up to 7’0” and Flooring will be done with anti – skirt tiles.

Kitchen: Granite slap will be provided for the kitchen plat form.Granite sink will be Provided.

Dining Room: One wash Basin with mirror will be provided.

Plumbing: All the internal plumbing work will be concealed. Each bath room will have a ceiling shower.

Electrical: Concealing with three phase wiring using Gundan or V Guard wires.

Painting: Ceiling & walls good finishing USG care wall patty&
two color washing. Outer walls single coat white washing
with two coat soft color washing.

Main door varnish and other door in Paint work.
R.C.C=Framed Structure:
1.Column Concrete 1:1½:3
2.Roof Concrete 1:2:4
3.Beam Concrete 1:2:4

Brick Work
1.Basement finishing Brick work 9”thick=1:5
2.Outer wall finishing Brick work 9”thick=1:5
3.Inner wall finishing brickwork 4½”thick=1:4
4.Parapet wall finishing work 4½”thick=1.4
5.Sump wall finishing brickwork 9”thick=1.4

Plaster work
1.Ceiling Plastering=1:3
2.Wall Plastering=1:4
3.Sump Plastering=1:4

RCC Framed Structures
Dining entrance design
Hall only false ceiling

Salem Interlocking Brick construction



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