Tips To Start Taxi Business Solution Belgium With Victor Cab Clone

Tips To Start Taxi Business Solution Belgium With Victor Cab Clone

May 16, 2024

Belgium has a long history with taxis and one of them is Victor Cab Clone, a ready-made solution offering similar feature to Victor Cab App. Haven’t heard of this kind of approach? Well, it’s better if you see what a clone app brings to your mobile app development project before starting custom app development.


Mobile apps have quickly adapted to our modern-day lifestyle. Selective manufacturing industries create smartphones loaded with powerful specifications to run apps smoothly. As much as they hold over the app developers, the better the result will be; more people will buy these smartphones than ever before. Why? Because mobile apps do everything today. 

From hailing rides to making payments, the hype surrounding such an app is prevalent because of the power it holds over a large group of people. If you focus on Belgium, one such app pops up every time an on-demand ride-hailing business is mentioned. Let’s learn about the Victor Clone App but before that, it is important for you to understand the market in which these kinds of apps thrive.

The On-Demand Belgium Taxi Industry

The Belgian taxi market is projected to reach $0.35 billion in revenue by 2024. Moreover, the number of users is expected to reach 1.33 million by 2028. Without a doubt, the Belgian taxi landscape is changing fast. Commuters and travelers are increasingly gravitating towards ride-hailing platforms like Victor Cab. Why? Well, the convenience and competitive pricing are tough for traditional taxi services to beat.

However, the Belgian dispatch centers are repositioning themselves as serious competitors to these digital providers by starting their own app-backed online service and abandoning telephone dispatch services. In the Brussels region, both taxi drivers and chauffeur-driven rental service operators are given the same preference to raise the bar.

So, as an entrepreneur, there's never been a better time to jump into the Belgian taxi business. With the right digital solution, you can capitalize on the shifting market trends and give your business a serious competitive edge. Think about your very own Uber-style app, but with the local touch and reliability that Belgian commuters are craving.

An online presence is crucial in today's digital age for both individuals and businesses. It encompasses social media profiles, websites, blogs, and any other online content. A strong online presence helps build brand awareness, engage with customers, and drive traffic to your services or products.

About Victor Cab

Victor Cab is a taxi company offering cab service to people and corporate businesses. They offer four different types of vehicles: economic hatchbacks, electronic hybrids, vans with ramps, and luxury sedans. Moreover, Victor Cab drivers are approved by the capital region in Brussels. It also runs a shuttle service in Paris and around airports, train stations, and so on.

What is Victor Cab Clone?

The Victor Clone App is a ready-made solution that's got all the basic functionalities of the original Android and iOS apps. The clone app can also be customized into new languages, currencies, SMS or payment gateways, color schemes, logos, you name it! This way, you can make your app truly unique and make it stand out from the competition.

Now, before you learn about clones and white-labeling, it’s important to understand the concept of app development. If you are planning to make a business out of it, then it’s mandatory for you to understand the cultural phenomenon parting its ways from custom app development.

In order to develop apps for smartphones, there were various approaches to consider at the initial stages for business owners. The companies shipping smartphones are obliged to provide an official software development kit called the SDK. Developers often use SDKs to write codes for apps natively, i.e., separate apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Furthermore, part of the development process in the creation of mobile apps goes to the user interface. It includes constraints, contexts, screen space, and countless other things shaping the narrative of an app workflow.

Now, you might be thinking about clone apps replicating each function to provide a subconscious feeling of safety and reliability. Well, not quite. While the Victor Clone app does share some similarities in terms of functionality and design, it's not an exact copy. It’s a way to save money by developing a custom app from scratch.

Features of Victor Cab Clone App

If you haven’t have heard yet, most on-demand apps works only when the location or GPS is allowed. By giving them permission to know the location of the phone, your customers can set pickup addresses and locate nearby drivers. Everything works only if the location is set with a robust map API. For instance, consider the following features of Victor Cab to get a sense of why clone apps are important.

Unlimited Drivers and Ride

There is no limit on the number of drivers and riders registered. The best part is that you don't have to pay a single penny in fees, no matter the range of expansion.

Set Fixed Prices

No more worrying about surge charges, tolls, or traffic messing with the overall cost of the ride. Just preset the prices and let your customers know exactly what they're paying.


With this feature, you can mark off areas, making them off-limits for pickups and drop-offs like crime-prone zones or sketchy areas.

Favorite Driver

This feature lets riders tap on the driver they trust and make them their go-to person.

Corporate Rides

Give your professional customers a chance to create profiles, access corporate ride allowances, and more.

God's Eye View

You, being the app owner, can use God’s Eye to see all the taxis on a map in real-time. This is usually done to get real-time updates as well as check on local drivers.

Get a Pre-Tested App Delivered in 1-2 weeks!

Any kind of app made for on-demand service goes through testing phase. Without it, they are liable to face rejection which cannot be overlooked. That is why you need help from a clone app development company offering free white-label services to save costs on app design and development. Professional white-label firms which also acts as mobile app development companies often goes through multiple testing phases and the result can be seen via demo apps.

Therefore, any firm that you contact offer demo apps to test not available on Google or Apple Play Store haven’t done much testing. Another important factor to consider before choosing a clone apps package is the time period they offer to customize the app. Since a ready-made app only requires your business name, logo, color scheme, language, currency, SMS and payment gateways, it wouldn’t take no more than 2 weeks.

If everything is done according to the timeline, your business will be live and ready to take incoming feedbacks from the customers. Herein, post-app maintenance and updates play a crucial role because this is where your business processes are aligned together.


Finding a Victor Cab Clone might take time so instead you can start your search with general taxi clone apps i.e. Uber Clone, Lyft Clone, Gojek Clone like others. However, if you are insistent in launching a taxi cab service in Belgium, partnering with a complete and experienced mobile app development company takes a greater role in the future of your business.


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