Swimming Pool Underwater Lights Suppliers in India

Swimming Pool Underwater Lights Suppliers in India

December 19, 2023

Now a day’s swimming pool is not rectangular water body for swimming. It has various designs and different types of items fitted in it. Under water lights are added attraction to the swimming pool. These lights are of three types namely Halogen Lights, LED Lights and Solar Lights.

Ideally under water lights are manufactured and designed with the voltage do not cross the level of 12 volts and the illumination remains the brighter.

The simplest swimming pool light is SMD light. It comes in different color covers giving the pool water color, shade & effects.

The other is LED Light which is more gracious. It is also available in automatic color changing designs. One feels enchanted when color changing light provides various shades to the water in moving character.

Solar light is a floating light which floats on the surface of water and looks beautiful in different designs. It is cheapest form in consumption Lyxar Pools India. offered you all kind of lights for swimming pools as well as a good range of fountain lights for different water bodies and beautification of swimming pool surrounding.


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