April 24, 2024

We are having expertise on custom software game development such as: Metaverses, RPG, Strategy and simulation, Slots and Match, Educational games, VR.
Also doing great on Robotics Development Services, like as: AI, IoT, Manipulators, Passive Radar Algorithms, Drones, VIO Navigation etc.
Since we are a relatively young company, we do not have bureaucracy or over complication of simple things. We also offer work on the front end, starting from the beginning (POC) and ending with the final stages. You only pay for completed work.

We are expert on Robotics and software development
Taolab https://taolab.io/

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May 20, 2024

Over the years, our commitment to provide the right product to all customers has been consistent. Backed by our team of experienced engineers, we can support all your tooling requirements. We is a supplier that you can trust.

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