The BENEFITS of a 15 KW CNC Fiber Laser Cutting System

November 30, 2022

The instrument we use determines how good we are. In the tough market rivalry, effective processing equipment will enable us to increase productivity, cut expenses, and grasp possibilities. The CNC laser cutting machine is one of these processing tools used in the processing of sheet metal. Particularly since the introduction of the 15K watt laser cutting machine, the thickness of the metal processed by the cnc laser cutter system has broken through, and the application range has expanded significantly.

High Performance Laser Cutting Machine Tool

Cutting technologies like flame, plasma, and laser are frequently employed in sheet metal production organisations because they are compatible with the technical specifications of the Metal fabricator industry and the features of cutting equipment. The position of laser and plasma cutting as the backbone and flame cutting as a supplement is progressively taking shape thanks to the rapid advancement of cutting technology and the ongoing enhancement of cutting equipment's overall performance.

The effectiveness of a 15K watt laser cutting machine in the metal processing process can reach a Simultaneous cutting speed of 180 m/min, which is unmatched by conventional metal cutting techniques. High-efficiency processing reduces labour expenses while also reducing processing time.

Additionally, traditional industrial processes will include time-consuming steps like measuring, scribing, and other sophisticated activities before cutting the workpiece. By eliminating this phase and requiring only the pattern to be input into clever CNC control software to quickly process the end product, the 

The Cutting Thickness of a Laser Cutting Machine Is Its Competitive Advantage

At present, the laser cutting machine can be used for 100% metal blanking processing, whether it is ordinary stainless steel, carbon steel, or difficult to handle highly reflective materials, the laser cutting machine can easily handle it.

In light of this, as laser cutting machine power increases, so does the thickness of the metal material that is processed by the device. The 40mm thickness of stainless steel may be processed by the 15K watt laser cutter Machine. The advantages of the 15 kW laser cutting machine are well embodied in their factory's ability to make diverse products, take on a larger range of projects, and raise market competitiveness as a result of their factory's increased traditional processing capacity and material thickness.

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March 16, 2023

I find it interesting when you said that 15k laser cutting machines would have a speed of 180m/min which is an unmatched process in the industry. I guess this means that choosing this option for your operations would be a good invested to meet your demands fast. There would probably be no delay in the process because of how accurate and quick they are.

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