The Complete Guide To Know Sambrani Making Machine And Its Benefits

The Complete Guide To Know Sambrani Making Machine And Its Benefits

July 13, 2022

Since people's standard and quality of life have improved, the demand for Sambrani (Dhoop) has been increasing. Because of this, the Sambrani making machine comes into the picture. The machine is on the market and can make different kinds of Sambrani, whether they are in the shape of a cup or a stick.

Sambrani is used in place of almost every Indian shop, puja, and house. Before starting the morning routine, incense is burned in every home. This is a clear sign that a lot of people use the product.

This article is about the cup Sambrani making machine, which is popular and something many of us want for our businesses.

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Technical Aspects Of Cup Sambrani Making Machine

Most of the time, the Cup Sambrani Making Machine has the following technical specs:

Production Capacity

6000 Nos./ 8 HR

Automation Grade


Count of cones per minute

25 Nos Per Stroke of M/c

Height of cone


Motor type

Three Phase



Power consumption

2 HP

Item weight

300 kg

Diameter of cone


Sambrani Cup Dhoop Machine: Technical Specifications: 

  • Machine Speed: 6000 Nos./ 8 HR.
  • Production per stroke of machine: 25 Nos.
  • Electric control panel
  • Required Power: 2 HP, 3 Phase
  • Operating: Electric control panel with manual and auto mode.
  • Cups mold 3 plate design
  • Mold plate size: 300 x 300 mm
  • The total cavity of mold 25 Nos.
  • Hydraulic operating system with 50-ton capacity         
  • Hydraulic Oil: Required 30 liters
  • Oil Tank: 35 Liters capacity
  • Heavy Rigid Structure
  • Machine size: 600 x 700 x 2100 mm (2 × 2 × 6.9 Feet)
  • Warranty: 9 Months warranty on the main motor
  • Origin: Made in India

Process For Preparing Cup Sambrani

A better way to make a cup sambrani and a product made with it is to use a flammable, absorbent material that has been soaked with a fragrant aromatic substance. With the absorbent material having a limited ability to catch fire, it tends to smoke without making a flame when it burns, carrying the scent with it as it moves through the air.

The combustible absorbent material of the present invention is in the shape of a cup sambrani. It is made by mixing coal powder, a binder, and aromatic herbs in powder or oil form in the right proportions. The mixture is then put in a mold and die and pressed to get the shape of the desired combustible cup sambrani. They are used in holy places like temples and homes to add a pleasant scent and keep the area smelling good. This also helps to get rid of mosquitoes, houseflies, and other small bugs.

What Are The Benefits Of The Sambrani Cup Making Machine?

A highly flexible and useful Sambrani cup hydraulic machine in India automates every important task and makes a large number of products. Let's come up with a list and add to it.

  • Stability

Industrial units are marked by large amounts of demand and steady production. But if you have a fully automated Sambrani Machine, you won't have to stop making things for a long time. This machine is cleverly made so that it can keep working without lowering the quality of its work. Since the turnaround time is short, it is easy to keep production uniform.

  • Cost Reductions

Over the long term, you could save a lot of money if you had the most detail, reliability, little human contact, and the least amount of maintenance. With these fully automated machines, manufacturers can plan for large orders of Sambrani cups and deliver them quickly. If you make the right decision with your Sambrani cup production line, you will get a big return on your money.

  • Versatility

A well-designed fully automatic machine can take on new orders while also quickly meeting the needs of customers who have already placed orders. These fully automated devices are made to work even in the worst conditions. When machines can do this much, they are more productive.

  • Easy Operational

The fully automatic cup sambrani machine has clear settings that make it easy to use. Its simple shape makes it easy to make the right number of disposables and paper plates. It saves a lot of time and money because it doesn't need much help from people.

  • Ensure A Higher Level Of Productivity

With all of these pieces of equipment, you can make more because they are made with the latest and most significant improvements and innovations.

How To Choose A High-Quality Sambrani Making Machine?

When choosing a machine, it's important to think about how well it will make Sambrani cups. Machines should be able to shape the thickest layer of raw materials, and their abilities, such as warmer restrictions and frame force, should be in sync with the cup depth.

Sambrani cups are often made to order to fit the customer's needs. They should be lit in a place that won't catch fire by tilting the lighter 45 degrees for 10 to 20 seconds. After you light it, put it on the Sambrani Dhoop Cup stand so you can smell its wonderful scent. Always be careful when touching the stand because it can get hot when the Dhoop cup is lit.

When picking a Sambrani Making Machine, it's important to think about how much it can make. It's the number of cups made per hour, and it depends on the size of the cup.

What Are The Reasons To Get High-Quality Sambrani Cups?

Dhoop Cups are made by a Computer Sambrani Making Machine and have been used for a long time. They can be used well in your everyday life, not just for religious reasons.

1. Calms your Nerves  

Sambrani Dhoop Cups come with a mix of different, appealing scents, like Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. All of these smells of Sambrani Dhoop help relieve stress and lift the spirit, giving you the confidence to take on the world.

2. Wards off Negative Energy 

Sambrani Dhoop has been used for ceremonies and happy events for a very long time. The main reason for this is that it has a strong ability to clean the air perfectly. It keeps bad feelings away and helps you start new things with a positive attitude.

3. The Most Potent Asset For Your Yoga And Meditation Endeavor 

In the history of Indian culture, Dhoop has been a very important part of Yoga and meditation rituals. Sambrani Dhoop Cups have a deep, spiritually uplifting scent that boosts your mind's energy and makes it the best place to think deep, positive thoughts during Yoga and meditation.

4. Substitutes Foul Odor With Its Powerful Aroma 

The smell of Sambrani Dhoop is unlike any other scent, and it immediately covers up any bad smells. It fills any space with a spellbinding aura and makes it smell great.

5. Relaxes Your Senses At The Beginning Or The End Of A Long Day 

As was already said, Sambrani Dhoop Cups can be used in a lot of different ways, and their benefits can also be felt in your everyday life. You can use the soothing smell of Sambrani Dhoop at any time of day and let its charm change how you start or continue your day.

With the unique and heavenly smell of Sambrani Dhoop, you can turn any space into a unique and relaxing place. With Sambrani Dhoop, you can enjoy the smell of the best resins and feel like you're on top of the world.

What Type Of Machines Are Required To Make Sambrani Cups?

How big an operation is has a lot to do with which manufacturing machine to choose. There are three different kinds of machines on the market. They are machines that make paper plates by hand, semi-automatically, or fully automatic.

The manual machine will do if you want to start from home and are a beginner. But if you want to make more, you need to buy a fully-automatic machine. Here are the different kinds of Sambrani Machines that you can buy:

  • Fully Automatic Sambrani Making Machine 

In a machine that does everything for you, all you have to do is put the paper roll on the right rollers and put the sitting plates in the right place.

Once you turn on the machine, it will automatically pull the paper roll and press the sheets onto the sitting plate. In no time, you will have a finished paper plate.

Price: INR 100,000 to INR 280,000

Best for: People who already have a business with a big market supply

In a manual model, you must put the cup on the press by hand. When pressing, you must take the cups out and put the next one in.

Cost – approx. 30,000/- INR

Best for: People who are new to the business, have a small market network, and don't want to spend a lot of money.

Where To Buy Sambrani Cup Making Machine?

Talk to a local dealer or distributor of machinery and get prices. You can also talk to people on online marketplaces and try to get the best price. Some of the most well-known B2B marketplaces are:

An automatic Sambrani making machine in India of good quality will cost between INR 30,000 and INR 3 Lakhs.

Every street corner has a sweet shop or a small restaurant, and all of them use these sambrani that look like cups. So, taking into account the culture and habits of the people, there is a huge market for the products both in cities and in the countryside.


You don't have to look any further than RB Enterprises if you want to use these technical marvels in your production. They are one of the best companies in India that makes fully automatic Sambrani Making Machines, and their prices can't be beaten. They give you the best machinery in their class, so you can quickly meet your huge production needs. If you look at their line of products, you'll see that they have a lot of high-performance options that can meet your needs.

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