The role of fire door installation for ensuring safety

The role of fire door installation for ensuring safety

April 10, 2024

Maintaining fire doors is crucial for safeguarding lives and protecting properties. Regular assessments identify wear and tear and rectify it, preserving the functionality of fire doors in emergencies.


Fire doors are engineered to contain flames and smoke within their origin point. They hinder the spread of fire, offer vital evacuation time, and minimise structural damage.


Understanding Fire Doors


Constructed with a fire-resistant core and often accompanied by certified frames, fire doors maintain a critical gap no larger than 2-3mm. They are sealed with intumescent strips that expand under heat, enhancing the barrier against fire and smoke. Their fire resistance varies, but they commonly offer 30 to 60 minutes of protection, as indicated on their labels.


Placement of Fire Doors


Fire doors are strategically placed to contain fires and secure escape routes, particularly in stairwells. A fire risk assessment will identify the necessary locations for fire doors within a property. Legally mandated in all non-domestic buildings and residential settings, such as multi-occupancy dwellings or rental properties, fire doors are essential for compliance and safety.


The Importance of Fire Door Inspections


Fire door inspections are indispensable for occupant safety and property preservation. Safe evacuation paths are maintained by confining fires, and fire brigade intervention is facilitated, substantially reducing potential damages. 



Regular checks ensure operational integrity and compliance with UK fire safety regulations, including the British Standards and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, encompassing:


General fire precautions

Conducting risk assessments

Applying prevention principles

Establishing fire safety measures

Managing risks from dangerous substances

Fire detection and fighting

Emergency routes and exits

Handling imminent dangers




Fire Door Inspection Checklist


Comprehensive inspections ascertain fire doors' effectiveness through:


Certification Verification: Ensuring doors are appropriately certified.

Closure Functionality: Testing self-closing mechanisms for smooth operation.

Gap Measurements: Confirming gap specifications.

Frame Integrity: Checking for damage and secure attachment.

Seal Inspection: Examining intumescent seals for continuity and damage.

Hinge Evaluation: Verifying the presence and condition of at least three hinges.

Hold-Open Device Compliance: Assess legal and safe mechanisms for keeping doors open if applicable.

Latch Operation: Ensuring smooth functionality of latches and handles.

Wear and Tear: Identifying any damage that could compromise efficiency.

Rating Appropriateness: Matching fire door ratings with their installation sites.

Frequency of Fire Door Inspections


Fire doors should undergo evaluations at least bi-annually to adhere to government guidelines. This facilitated early detection and resolution of issues that could impair their performance.


Responsibility for Fire Door Maintenance


Property owners are responsible for regular fire door inspections, so they should ensure qualified professionals conduct them. To guarantee expertise, look for accredited inspectors from the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS), BM TRADA certification, or Fire Protection Association training.


Intertech Contracts: Your Fire Door Specialists


At Intertech Contracts, we pride ourselves on our BM TRADA Q-Mark accredited fire door installation services. With over three decades of experience, our Hull-based team offers nationwide fire door solutions.




Contact Intertech Contracts' expert team for professional advice and services on installing fire doors in new builds or refurbishments.


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For the safety of occupants and the preservation of property, fire door inspections are essential. By containing flames, safe escape routes are preserved and fire department response is expedited, significantly lowering possible losses.

April 10, 2024

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