What are the benefits of High Mast Pole in Businesses?

What are the benefits of High Mast Pole in Businesses?

September 26, 2022

Lighting is a common issue on roads, highways, parks, and sports fields. It is crucial to provide even and consistent lighting all around the area for proper work. If there are not enough lights on the highways and roads at night, it will cause many problems and accidents. A High Mast Pole is used to avoid this situation and provide highly efficient lighting. In addition, the applications of mast pole lighting are not limited to these. They are also used in big greenhouses to provide adequate light to plants and boost their growth and development.

Today, we are going to discuss these poles and various other things related to them. You will learn the difference between mast lighting and natural light. Additionally, we will discuss the High Mast Pole Price, some essential characteristics, uses, and benefits of getting these poles.

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What Exactly is a High Mast Light Pole?

High Mast Light Pole is a tall, vertical structure supporting a high-power lamp. It is often placed in areas where it can provide consistent lighting over the whole place. Several lights can be used as mast poles, including fluorescent, metal halide, sodium vapour, and HID (high-intensity discharge). These different lamps have their advantages and disadvantages; however, they all share some essential characteristics. These poles are commonly used in commercial settings, placed around a field or on highways.

The primary purpose of using a High Mast is to provide adequate lighting. You may have uneven lighting throughout the area if you do not use a high light pole. When you place a mast light pole, it will hold the lights at the top of its height. As long as the lights stay at the structure's top, they can reach the entire area around the pole. Because of this, you will receive even lighting all around your area. There are no downsides to using a mast light for lighting any place. However, if you plan on using a high light, you should ensure that the structure is installed correctly.

There is a limit to how much you should spend on a mast lamp. These are usually priced high since these poles are made of high-grade metals to provide strength and durability. The High Mast Pole Price varies based on the structure's size, the materials used, and the brand name.

The Difference Between High Mast Lighting and Natural Light

High Mast lighting is any artificial lighting system that uses high-intensity lamps instead of incandescent bulbs. These have been around since the 1970s but were not widely adopted until the early 2000s. Since then, many have begun using them due to their increased efficiency and lower cost.

The first thing with High Mast Pole lighting is that the light spectrum differs from natural sunlight. When we look at the sun, we see that it emits a broad range of wavelengths. In contrast, mast lighting only emits a narrow band of wavelengths, which limits the colour spectrum. Another difference between mast lights and natural light is the intensity of the light. While the sun provides about 1 million lux, high lighting can give anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 lux. It means that you will receive less light per unit area. High Mast Light can damage the natural vegetation if it is not adequately set up. If plants are exposed to too much light, they may burn or become stressed. It could lead to the formation of mould and mildew.

So, what should you do? First, make sure you understand how mast lighting works before using it. You need to know the differences between artificial lighting and natural sunlight, and you need to know the proper settings for your setup. Second, ensure you monitor the amount of light emitted by the light pole. You can easily adjust the wattage according to your needs. Finally, ensure you use the correct High Mast Light Pole for your particular situation. There are several types of lighting systems that work well for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Some Common Uses of High Mast Lamp

The High Mast Lamp has been around since the early 1900s and used to employ incandescent lights. They were initially designed to be a light source on roads and sports fields. They are commonly used in farms, ranches, and even zoos. Additionally, these lamps are also used to provide lighting for animals.

The Pole uses a reflector that focuses the light down onto the area that requires illumination. Most commonly, high-intensity discharge (HID) and metal halide (MH) lights are used on top of these poles. HID lamps produce a lot of heat and are generally not recommended for hot and humid places. MH lamps are much cooler than HIDs and the best option to be used as a light source.

The High Mast is used to supplement natural sunlight in greenhouses and plantations. They are often used in conjunction with solar lights and fluorescent bulbs. A combination of these three different forms of lighting can create a very effective environment for your plants.

Benefits of Using a High Mast Light

There are many benefits to using a High Mast Light. It is a high-intensity lighting system that uses a reflector to focus the light evenly on the area. There are two common types of mast lights, a low-pressure sodium (LPS) light and a metal halide (MH). Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The LPS light is an excellent option for those who have a compact setup. It does not require much space and can produce a lot of light. However, it does not last long and requires frequent replacement. The MH light is an excellent option if you need a long-lasting light that produces less heat. It's also a good choice for those who want to use it indoors.

Although both High Mast Lamp works well, there are some differences between them. The first difference is the colour temperature. An LPS light runs at around 2700K while the MH runs at about 5000K. The second difference is that the MH light is quite energy efficient than the LPS light. The third difference is the size of the light. The MH light can cover a more area than the LPS light, and therefore, it can provide better luminosity.

Basic Characteristics of High Mast Light Pole

The first characteristic of a High Mast Light Pole is its height. Most commonly, these structures reach heights between 30 feet and 50 feet. In addition to providing lighting, a mast pole serves as a focal point.

Second and another essential characteristic of a mast pole relate to its power. A mast pole should provide enough illumination to illuminate the entire area. If the place around is small, the mast pole may need to produce about 500 watts of light. However, the High Mast Pole might require more than 1000 watts of light if the size is larger.

The third characteristic of a mast pole concerns its durability. Because a mast pole is exposed to wind, rain, snow, and other weather conditions, it must be able to withstand them. Therefore, the material used to build a mast pole should be strong and resistant to corrosion.

Finally, a mast pole should be safe. Many assume that using a High Mast means that the area around could be unsafe. However, this is not true. The fact is that a mast pole is just a fixture that holds a lamp. It does not emit harmful radiation; instead, it emits ultraviolet rays, which are harmless.

Vital Elements That Decide High Mast Pole Price

Understanding all the key factors that influence the price of every product is imperative. Below are the key elements that decide the overall High Mast Pole Price.

Size of the Pole

The size of the pole affects the length of time it takes to set up the pole. A longer pole means more materials are used in its construction, which results in higher costs. However, if the pole is too long, it may not be able to provide adequate lighting. So, be sure to get the best one according to your needs.


High Mast Pole made out of wood has a higher cost than those made out of metal. Metal poles are slightly lighter but more robust than their wooden counterparts. Hence, transporting and installing them in the targeted area is much easier.


A taller pole requires more material to construct and therefore increases the cost. However, a tall pole provides extra stability and can cover a much larger area than shorter poles.


The weight of the High Mast affects how much material is used in its production. Lighter poles require less material, resulting in lower costs. Heavy poles require more material, resulting in higher prices.


The installation method affects the cost as well. Pumps and hoists are cheaper and easier to install but take more time. Poles installed using a crane will prove to be expensive but will be easier to install.


Maintaining the High Mast Light Pole affects the cost of the system. If the pole is damaged, it will need to be replaced. Damaged poles are more expensive to repair than to replace entirely. It is because first, you will have to remove the pole, restore it, and install it again.


Warranty affects the cost of the pole. It ensures that the manufacturer will replace any parts that break down. These are only valid for specific lengths of time, depending on the type of High Mast Lamp.

What are Floodlights and Flood Light Pole?

Flood lights are a type of lighting system that uses a single light bulb to illuminate a larger area than traditional spotlights. These lights are often used for commercial purposes but can also be used at home. They have several advantages over conventional spotlights, including their size, brightness, and efficiency. The most significant advantage of these lights is their size. Floodlights are much bigger than traditional spotlights and can cover a much wider area. These lights are installed on a Flood Light Pole, which is generally made of metals.

Another benefit of floodlights is their brightness. Traditional spotlights use a reflector to bounce light off a wall or ceiling, while these use a lens to direct light towards the floor. Because of this, these produce a brighter light than traditional ones.

The floodlight High Mast Pole is the lamp's base that holds the bulb. Various poles are available in the market, including metal, plastic, fibreglass, and wood. Metal poles are generally considered the best for durability and stability. However, they are not recommended for use indoors because they can cause damage to electrical wires if accidentally bumped or knocked over. Moreover, the metal Flood Light Pole Price is also higher than other versions. Fibreglass poles are also commonly used in commercial settings, but they are less durable than metal poles and require additional maintenance.

The Most Common- 9 Meter High Mast Pole

One of the most common types of mast poles is the 9 Meter High Mast Pole. As indicated by the name, its height is about 9 meters and provides good coverage around the pole. However, these are commonly used only on roads, highways, and greenhouses. It is not suitable for use on large fields like football stadiums, cricket stadiums, baseball parks, etc. We recommend a pole with more height if you wish to use it for any of these purposes.

The raw materials impact the pole's overall quality, strength, and durability. Understandably, the price of any pole depends on the size and quality of raw materials. However, the overall 9 Meter High Mast Pole Price is not high, and anyone can afford it easily.


Now that you know everything about the High Mast Pole, you can choose the best one for your needs. When you enter the market, you will find several products with the exact specifications but at different prices. So, compare all the options available to get the most suitable option according to your requirements. In addition, there are other things you need to remember while finding a pole. You need to check the quality of the material used to manufacture the products and the after-sales services the manufacturer provides.

If you are looking to purchase these poles for yourself, look at the products we offer. You will find a large variety of products from top manufacturers and sellers. We provide the products at the best Bajaj High Mast Lighting Pole Price in India. Contact our customer support team if you face any difficulty along the process. They will gladly help you out.

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