Tips for How to Plan a Bali Trip on Google Maps!

Tips for How to Plan a Bali Trip on Google Maps!

May 02, 2024

Are you organizing a trip to Bali and want guidance on planning a trip on Google maps? If that is the case, you are suggested to look into this instructional article that includes information related to planning a trip on google maps. So be attentive while reading the following article to get support with the info you might be looking for. 

Can You Use Google Maps in Bali?

As you are aware, Google Maps is the most proficient way to get support with navigating the must-see locations wherever you are traveling. You can also use Google Maps in certain places in Bali and become aware of the places that you shouldn't miss. Check out the given post to find out how to plan a trip on Google Maps and search flights to Bali

The steps to Use Google Maps in Bali are as follows: 

Here is the complete step-by-step guidance to use Google Maps. 

Make a New Custom Map 

  • Firstly, you have to go to on your My Maps dashboard and choose the Create a new map option.
  • Afterward, you will see lots of options displayed on your screen. You first need to give a name by selecting the untitled map option. Here, a new box will appear on the screen where you can add a name with a description.
  • Lastly, add Bali as your location.

Add and Customize your destinations. 

The next step is to add and customize your location wherever you want to visit. 

  • The Google map will pin all your locations. You may use the search bar to find your selected places. 
  • When you search for a location, maps will Zoom it and give you the option to "Add to Map." The point of interest will be added to your map layer when you click or press this button.
  • Choose the paint option to add different colors for different locations. This will minimize all your efforts to look for the must-see destinations in the locations you have selected. 

Categorize your trip

You can break down your trips into different categories to make your journey more convenient. 

  • Choose the Add layer option to organize your trip to assign a new category for each location. 
  • Next, you need to delete the untitled layer and give it a new name. 
  • Once you have done with the same, you may start organizing things as per each day. 

Make travel arrangements.

Once you have performed all these steps, it is time to arrange your itinerary. You are free to organize your layers however you see fit. The key is that Google My Maps facilitates easy journey visualization. You can quickly determine which points of interest are adjacent to one another.

Make Flight reservations 

Now, you have to book hotels, car rentals, and tickets for museums or events. You are advised to reserve flights as quickly as possible. 

You may also make last-minute flight booking by getting in touch with the airline’s customer service department.

Show off your map

You can give your itinerary and map to relatives and friends if you are traveling with them. Follow these steps to do the same. 

  • Return to the Google My Maps dashboard's main screen.
  • Select the share option on the newly generated map.

Use your phone to access your map.

  • Launch the Google Maps application.
  • Select Saved.
  • Click Maps at the bottom.
  • Select the map of your trip from the list.

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