Tips On Choosing the Most Appropriate Bitumen Boiler

Tips On Choosing the Most Appropriate Bitumen Boiler

August 12, 2022

Using bitumen boilers is one of the most cost-effective and reasonably priced strategies to maintain low energy costs and continue operating profitably during the winter. When bitumen is extracted from crude oil, a device called a Bitumen Boiler is required. They're vital to the oil and gas industry since they allow for effective and affordable resource extraction.

When there are so many kinds of boilers and features to consider, it can be challenging to select the one best suited to meet your requirements. This guide will help you choose the best bitumen boiler burner for your needs.

First things first: before we get into the specifics of discovering your company needs the ideal Bitumen Boiler for Sale, you need to understand what makes a suitable boiler tick.

Before you go out and make a purchase, read this post because we'll walk you through all the essential factors you need to consider first.

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What Does It Mean To Have A Bitumen Boiler?

Bitumen boilers are a specific sort of hot water system that generates heat with the help of bitumen, a type of asphalt. The water enters the system, where it is heated, and then it exits at a higher temperature than when it entered. This is the general operating principle of these boilers and other hot water systems. On the other hand, bitumen boilers can accomplish this process in a renewable and sustainable manner.

At the beginning of operating a bitumen boiler system, the water will enter the system at room temperature. Next, it passes through a "top boiler," which raises the temperature of the water to approximately 210 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a crucial temperature that all Bitumen Boiler Burners can readily keep consistently. The water is then heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a "bottom heat exchanger" and piped to various locations in your company.

Why Is It Recommended That You Make Use Of A Bitumen Boiler?

When it comes to investing in a bitumen boiler, many different companies have reservations. After all, the initial investment for a bitumen boiler is significantly more significant than that required for the purchase of other types of heating systems. On the other hand, numerous advantages come with using a bitumen boiler, which makes the investment beneficial for enterprises of any size.

Bitumen boilers are an excellent option for lowering energy expenses and carbon footprint. They are a more cost-effective method of heating your commercial establishment than other fuel sources, such as natural gas and propane. In addition, because they don't use any fuel, they don't produce any air pollutants like carbon dioxide as a by-product of their operation. Bitumen boilers are another excellent option if your business is located in a chilly environment. Colder climes, such as those in the north, demand more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature, resulting in higher energy expenses. The use of bitumen boilers is a fantastic method for lowering those costs.

Get An Idea Of Your Requirements Before Shopping For A Bitumen Boiler

Make sure you clearly understand what your company requires from a bitumen boiler before you go ahead and make the purchase. When deciding on the type of bitumen boiler that is most suitable for your requirements, there are various aspects to take into account, including the following:

Capacity: Bitumen boilers can range from 10 to 100 tonnes daily, depending on the model (TPD). The capacity of 30 TPD for a bitumen boiler is the most typical.

Efficiency: The efficiency of bitumen boilers can range from 85% to 95%, depending on the model. Efficiency is determined by the number of tonnes of heat produced for each tonne of bitumen that is consumed. Efficient is crucial when considering propane boilers as a possible replacement for bitumen. When burned, propane is a fossil fuel that contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. As a result, propane boilers need a high degree of efficiency, so they do not generate greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.

Installation: Bitumen boilers can be purchased with various installation methods, from continuous to on-demand models. Continuous systems are the most typical and are recommended for use in the vast majority of enterprises. On-demand systems are incompatible with most commercial enterprises since they can only generate electricity when there is a need for it.

The Size of the System: Bitumen boilers are available in various sizes, ranging from 1/5 to 5/10 of an acre. The more compact the system is, the lower the initial investment. On the other hand, your company needs to have sufficient space to run a bituminous boiler system.

System Efficiency:  Bitumen boilers come in various system efficiencies, ranging from 85% to 95%. One way to evaluate efficiency is the amount of heat produced compared to the amount of bitumen used. For the bitumen boiler to function effectively, you will require sufficient room. Consequently, system efficiency is also vital. If your company isn't large enough to require an extensive bitumen boiler system, you could want to consider a more compact system as an alternative.

Product Quality: The durability and dependability of a bitumen boiler are the primary factors determining the product's quality. The legs of a high-quality product will be made of extra-thick steel, and the product's outside shell will be made of a robust material. These are only two of the aspects that make a product more durable. In addition, it should be caused by a trustworthy manufacturer or supplier with years of experience creating similar boilers. You may find the ideal Bitumen Boiler Suppliers for your company's requirements by conducting in-depth research online or in person at any of our showrooms throughout the United States.

The Dimensions of The Burner: the dimensions of the burner are determined by several criteria. First, it is essential to consider the dimensions of your boiler. The number of people who currently call that residence their home is the second factor to consider. Thirdly, when it comes to the boiler, do you want one that is gas or electric? Electric burners are more compact and less expensive to operate than gas burners, but electric burners cannot withstand temperatures higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 C).

Gas burners have long been recognized as a viable alternative to electric boilers because they are cleaner energy sources that produce fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when burned at high temperatures. This is because natural gas is the primary component of gas burners. However, you should be aware that these characteristics cause them to have a higher operating cost over time!

Before You Buy Your Next Bitumen Boiler, Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions

Ensure you have answered all the appropriate questions before settling on a final purchase selection. When looking for the ideal bitumen boiler to meet your requirements, you should consider a few essential considerations.

How do you describe the area where you are? To function correctly, bitumen boilers call for a sizeable amount of space. If you live in an area with a cold climate, you will require even more room to run the system efficiently.

What is the required amount of energy for your company? A bitumen boiler could be a fantastic choice for your company if it has a high need for power and if it already uses a lot of energy.

Which kind of boiler do you like to use the most? Now that you are aware of what aspects to take into account, you can begin the process of limiting your choices.

Maintain A Keen Observational Effort Regarding Emerging Technologies

It is crucial to keep an eye out for emerging technology now that you have a better knowledge of what to look for when selecting your next bitumen boiler. These emerging technologies might have a sizeable bearing on the kind of bitumen boiler you decide to purchase.

Integrated Systems: Integrated systems are the next step in the evolution of bitumen boilers. The boiler is included in the building's overall heating and cooling system in an integrated system. Compared to conventional bitumen boilers, integrated systems are superior in terms of efficiency and the ability to deliver significant cost savings.

Renewable Energy: Bitumen boilers have a bright future in renewable energy. Renewable energy sources can be utilized to generate power and heat, in contrast to the typical bitumen boilers, which require a limited supply of bitumen.

Innovative systems, often known as digital controls, are another type of new technology. Smart systems are one example. You can save time and money by using digital controls because they allow you to regulate your bitumen boiler remotely.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Bitumen Boiler?

The most critical consideration is the relationship between the product's cost and its functioning. If you are interested in purchasing a bitumen boiler, consider other concerns. When searching for a bitumen boiler, price is not the only factor that should be considered; however, it is an essential factor in the decision-making process that you will go through.

In terms of cost, a wide variety of choices can be made depending on the product's dimensions, the power supply it utilizes, and other considerations such as its level of longevity or efficiency (which affect energy consumption).


The wintertime might be one of the most challenging times for many businesses to operate successfully. Running your heating system requires a significant amount of energy and might cost you a lot of money, mainly if energy prices are high. During the colder months, heating your company using bitumen boilers is an option that is both economical and environmentally friendly. As a source of heating, they use bitumen, a source of renewable energy. The advantages of using renewable energy can be yours with a Bitumen Boiler Burner, but you won't have to worry about the costs of installation or upkeep.

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June 08, 2023

It was helpful when you said to ask questions before making a final purchase. My husband was talking to me last night about how he needs to get a boiler for his warehouse within the next couple of weeks, so he wants to make sure he chooses the right one. I'll pass these tips along to him so he can know how to choose the right boiler.

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