Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies

Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies

May 29, 2024

If you're considering Flutter for your app development needs, finding the right development company is a crucial step. Whether you're targeting iOS, Android, or looking for a cross-platform solution, the decision should not be taken lightly.

In 2023, people spent an average of about 4 hours and 30 minutes daily on their smartphones. With the rising popularity of mobile applications, this figure is expected to grow to around 4 hours and 39 minutes in 2024.

Given these trends, businesses are increasingly striving to go digital. Many are actively seeking skilled Flutter app development companies to bring their ideas to life. To make an informed decision, it's important to have a comprehensive list of top Flutter development companies, enabling effective comparison and ensuring you choose the best fit for your project.

Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies


1. Antino

Antino follows a collaborative and data-driven approach to delivering high-quality technology solutions to serve the best in the industry. To fabricate the most appropriate Digital Product Development & Technology Consulting Services for the client’s organizational goals, they are known for turning ideas into impeccably appealing software services across the globe.

Thriving through employee support and client value addition to their proven experience in a diversified range of services, their efficiency as the best global Flutter App Development Service Provider has its presence in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Dubai, Taiwan, Canada, and the US.

Having the solidity of flawlessly dedicated and aspirational 500+ developers, Antino believes in its capability of domain-specific services offered with utmost proficiency and reliability. Their customer-oriented framework and smooth integrated workflow are what make them provide before-time delivery without compromising a grain in the quality of their collaborations.

  1. Hourly Rate – $25 – $ 50 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 200 – 500
  3. Key Clients – Byju’s, Hitachi, KFinTech, Zee, PhysicsWallah
  4. Website



Building the Best!

DNAMIC provides the technologies, talent, and strategy to ensure your digital transformation initiatives are built to deliver real value. They provide certainty.

They are a full-service nearshore outsourcing firm with an automation mindset specializing in Software Development, Quality Assurance, Software Testing, and Digital Production.

  1. Hourly Rate – $50 - $99 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 50 – 249
  3. Key Clients – HappyFunCorp, APG Emerging Tech, Construction Industry Resources
  4. Website


3. Campground

Digital Agency | User Experience & Design


Campground is a design studio that specializes in creating brands and experiences for bold companies. As a hands-on creative partner, they strengthen and invigorate brands through effective strategy and thoughtful design. 

  1. Hourly Rate – $200 - $300 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 2 - 9
  3. Key Clients – MicroAcquire, Credo AI, Medical Diagnostic Space
  4. Website


4. Dreambit

Cross-platfrom mobile app development

Extensive background in native app development. Focused on true cross-platform solutions. React Native and Flutter.

Mobile and Web Products Development with Flutter, Dart | iOS | Android | Cross-platform, Hybrid applications

U.S.-based company with R&D in Poland and Ukraine

We're to get full responsibility for delivering and maintaining the products we build. Their team includes developers, QA, PM, and design squads.

  1. Hourly Rate – $25 - $49 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 10 - 49
  3. Key Clients – Capsll Inc, giftmall LLC, GenTech Innovations, Clever FM
  4. Website


5. Softacom

Your Software Migration and Modernization Partner

Softacom is a full-cycle business app migration and modernization provider.

Building on 15+ years of experience, we assist companies across industries in the modernization and migration of legacy software building superior software with long-term edgy functionality on the current base. As a client-first company, they solve your unique business challenges with a wide tech stack and flexible approaches.

Looking for a software migration and modernization partner?

Accomplish your business goals and scale your business results with Softacom.

  1. Hourly Rate – $50 - $99 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 50 - 249
  3. Key Clients – Microcom A/S, Engineering Firm, Kissflow, Moja Market LLC
  4. Website


6. Techne

We Specialise in Apps

They have built a strong reputation in the industry as "the most reliable" app developers. Why is this relevant to you?

  1. Fixed Price with no hidden fees because they provide clear and itemized deliverables. 
  2. No ongoing maintenance fee because they develop our tech properly from the ground up so there is nothing to maintain.
  3. Unlimited bug fixes at no cost to you because they're confident in our dev and they back their tech and you 100%.


Working with you

Everyone is different. They will work on a strategy that is relevant and specific to you. 

Let's schedule an obligation free call so that we can identify how they could add value to your journey and show you some of the recently launched apps they've created.

  1. Hourly Rate – $50 - $99 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 50 - 249
  3. Key Clients – K.E.E.P Australia, Nelli Co Pty Ltd, Software Company, PEISO Profitability Software
  4. Website


7. Empat

A human-oriented software development company.

They care that your customers' needs are met while you have a great project-flow experience with them—from investigation and development to post-release support.

Since 2013, they have grown to a team of 80 devoted professionals and delivered over 300 projects for 17 markets worldwide. 

Your idea is matured, gets real, and thrives. Truly an unforgettable experience.

Get the IT solution that achieves your goals and enjoy how your idea is coming to life. 

  1. Hourly Rate – $50 - $99 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 50 - 249
  3. Key Clients – Frumster, LLC, NY Stays, Party Space, WeBeJoy
  4. Website


8. SHIP IT Inc.



There's a custom software development firm that offers cutting-edge full-stack software development. From sleek user interfaces to powerful backends, they build products that unlock the potential of your business. What are you waiting for? Let's ship it!

  1. Hourly Rate – $50 - $99 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 2 - 9
  3. Key Clients – Fitness Safety Company, Sembit, Leave Guru
  4. Website


9. Milo Mobile

Your friendly tech ally

Milo Mobile helps mid-size companies and mobile developers of all skill levels navigate the tech industry through mentorship, education, and custom mobile-focused solutions.

  1. Hourly Rate – $100 - $150 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 2 - 9
  3. Key Clients – Octaria, Automotive Supplier
  4. Website


10.  We Are The Robots Inc

Software Developers

They are Engineers and Designers, Innovators and Visionaries working together to build amazing products that ease your way into the Digital Transformation of your organization, founded in 2015, 

They are focused on delivering the best possible User Experience through web technology on every project we develop

  1. Hourly Rate – $50 - $99 / hr
  2. No. of Employee – 10 - 49
  3. Key Clients –  Olivares, ANCAM, Unoi, SAR Group
  4. Website


How a Flutter App Development Company Helps Businesses Grow?

When it comes to accelerating business growth, a Flutter app development company plays a pivotal role. This is not just a casual statement; there's substantial evidence to support this claim.

According to a NASDAQ report, the NIKE mobile app contributed to a 4% increase in digital revenues on a reported basis and a 1% increase on a currency-neutral basis. Similarly, brands like IKEA and Starbucks have witnessed significant sales growth through their mobile apps.

Who is behind this impressive growth? The answer is clear: their outsourced app development companies. This is why many businesses are seeking out top-tier Flutter app development companies to maximize their revenue potential.

Wrapping Up

As highlighted, hiring an experienced Flutter app development company is crucial for business success. However, selecting the right company can be challenging.

With Antino, you can be assured of making a wise investment. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including Flutter app development, product development, technology consulting, sustainability services, and Data & AI services. Don’t hesitate—contact Antino today to enhance your mobile presence and take your business to new heights.

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