Top 10 High Arch Foot Treatments That Actually Work

Top 10 High Arch Foot Treatments That Actually Work

June 10, 2024

A high arch foot, or pes cavus, is where the arch of the foot is raised more than normal. The result is many problems, from pain to instability to susceptibility to ankle sprains. Action needed Changes Effective treatments are essential for providing comfort and improving quality of life. This guide will help you find ground-up solutions, whether searching for a foot specialist in Singapore or the best high arch foot treatment globally.

1. Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts to help decrease the stress of your plantar fascia while walking. They add support and cushioning that, in turn, alleviates pain and improves the alignment of your feet. However, an insole specialist in Singapore can determine what type of condition you have and produce orthotics (if necessary) to disperse the pressure evenly across your foot, allow you greater comfort, and be more mobile.

2. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy includes exercises and methods that are created to strengthen the muscles in your feet and lower legs, increase stability and reduce pain. The therapists might assist you by providing stretching exercises and balance work and offering manual therapy to manage the high arch.

3. Supportive Footwear

Some foot specialist in Singapore prescribes Supportive shoes for high arch foot treatment. Shoes that deliver good arch support, cushioning and a firm heel counter are to be sought. Avoid high heels and ballet flats, as both will only make the condition worse. Many specialized footwear brands offer models specifically targeted for high arches.

4. Over-the-Counter Insoles

Mild cases of the high arch foot may also be treated with over-the-counter insoles that can afford temporary relief. These insoles are available in the bottom air foam cell solution that can provide more arch support and more cushioning, too. They are not as precise as custom orthotics, but they can help.

5. Taping

Taping is the application of adhesive tape to a body part to support the arch and limit tension on the ligaments and muscles. This can come in handy when performing physical actions or engaging in sports. A professional can help you by giving the correct taping techniques for the best use.

6. Stretching Exercises

If you have consistent stretching routines, it can be beneficial in the way orthosis can do it; you can be eased and gain flexibility in your foot and ankle. Stretch High arches are related to tightness/release high arches relieve/stretch high arched muscles

7. Night Splints

A night splint is an apparatus you wear in bed that requires keeping your foot in a neutral position. These can help stretch the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon to reduce morning pain and stiffness. In situations of chronic painful high arches, night splints are very magical.

8. Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Ibuprofen, an over-the-counter pain and inflammation reducer, can temporarily alleviate pain and inflammation from your high-arch foot. Follow labeling instructions for best results when used with other therapies.

9. Foot Massage

You would be able to feel more relaxed, may improve circulation, and reduce muscle tension and pain with regular foot massage. Also, massage the foot arch using a foam roller or tennis ball. Professional massage therapy can dig into those deep muscle groups that can often be the root of the pain and offer relief.

10. Surgery

Surgery, in the most extreme cases, to treat the structural causes of a high arch foot. Tendon transfers, bone reshaping, or fusion may be used in some cases depending on the cause of foot pain and deformity. Non-surgical measures should be the mainstay of treatment before surgery becomes the final treatment, and you have seen a foot surgeon in Singapore.

Understanding the Costs of High Arch Foot Treatments in Singapore

The cost of managing high arch foot conditions in Singapore can fluctuate notably based on the type of care required, the severity of the issue, and the practitioner providing treatment. 

  1. Custom shoe inserts, a regular solution, range from SGD450 to SGD600, mirroring the nuanced nature and materials involved in their creation. 
  2. Physical therapy sessions, which help develop and support the foot, commonly cost between SGD60 and SGD120 per visit, though multiple sittings are often necessary. 
  3. Supportive footwear, fundamental for tending to high arches, can cost between SGD75 and SGD225 per pair, whereas over-the-counter shoe pads, a more budget-friendly choice, range from SGD15 to SGD75. Strapping, a temporary yet helpful measure, costs approximately SGD7.50 to SGD22.50 per roll, plus additional fees if done professionally. 
  4. Stretching routines, usually part of self-treatment protocols at home, are normally low-priced yet may require preliminary consultations with a specialist. 
  5. Night splints, employed to handle discomfort and stiffness, range from SGD37.50 to SGD150, based on the brand and design. 
  6. Anti-inflammatory drugs to control pain and swelling generally cost between SGD7.50 and SGD37.50, varying according to the medicine and if it needs a prescription. 
  7. Periodic foot massages, which boost circulation and alleviate soreness, are priced between SGD37.50 and SGD90, depending on length and provider. 
  8. In more severe situations, surgery might be required, with expenses spanning from SGD3,750 to SGD11,250, like pre-operative discussions, the operation itself, and postoperative care.

Consulting a foot doctor in Singapore is crucial to determine the most suitable and cost-beneficial treatment plan. While initial costs can be high, particularly for customized remedies like custom inserts and surgery, investing in the right care can considerably improve quality of life and hinder further complications. Each option offers varying levels of relief and support, so it's important to consider immediate and long-term advantages when planning for high arch foot care.


Due to the complexity of the high arch foot, it can only be managed effectively with a holistic approach that meets the needs of the individual. With the help of these treatments, you can get immense relief and can gain a brighter lifestyle, either from custom orthotics or operations. Seeing a foot specialist in Singapore can ensure that you are treated properly and that the right plant for you is matched to your condition. For better results and to avoid further complications, always go for a blend of therapies.

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