Top 10 HVLS Fan Manufacturers in India

Top 10 HVLS Fan Manufacturers in India

February 22, 2022

HVLS fans are becoming increasingly popular since they are the most effective source of ventilation in a wide space. These fans are used by many factories and businesses to keep their employees happy, energetic, and healthy. These fans use remarkably little energy per unit area, despite their large size. At a cheap cost of operation, a single fan may cover a large area of roughly 1500 square meters. As a result, they're commonly seen in churches, warehouses, shopping malls, factories, and barns, among other places.

In this post, we'll go over the basics; once you understand what HVLS fans are and the benefits they provide, you'll be able to identify the top 10 HVLS manufacturers in India, making it easy for you to select the right one for your needs.
What Is Industrial HVLS Fan? 
Ceiling fans with a diameter of more than 7 feet are known as HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans (2.1 meters). They are a ubiquitous industrial machine for personnel cooling and area ventilation. Industrial fans can push a lot of air to the ground, generating a layer of airflow on the ground that moves horizontally, boosting overall air circulation. This has the advantage of providing all-around ground covering as well as three-dimensional air circulation. HVLS fans move vast amounts of air through size rather than speed, unlike small high-speed fans that produce rapidly dispersed, smaller turbulent airflows. The HVLS fan was created with vast places in mind, such as barns and factories. It has also been developed as a result of the rapid growth of technology. They're increasingly commonplace in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

The streamlined fan blades, which were designed using aerodynamic principles and sophisticated technology, can drive a significant volume of air with only 1.5KW and provide a vast area of natural breeze system, which serves as both ventilation and cooling. It is more energy-efficient than standard HVAC and can save a lot of money on electricity expenditures.

What Are the Benefits of HVLS Fans in Working Places? 
The following are the four key benefits of HVLS industrial fans;

  • Human Body Cools Down: The natural wind generated by the giant industrial fan blows on the human body, promoting perspiration evaporation to remove heat and thereby cooling the human body and providing a cool sensation. Typically, this cooling sensation reaches a temperature of 5-8°C. Bring natural wind into the human body for a relaxing experience. The large-scale industrial fan's three-dimensional natural breeze is more relaxing for the body. On the one hand, the three-dimensional blowing in all directions on the human body expands the evaporation area of the human body.
    The explanation for this, on the other hand, is that people have collected a positive experience with natural wind in nature. The human body feels exceedingly pleasant and cool when a natural breeze with different wind speeds blows.
  • Natural Ventilation: The number of air changes in the room is frequently used to determine which product to use and how much to use. The impact is particularly noticeable in a confined environment. The steam from the bathroom can even be seen being promptly vented outside the house thanks to the working of the abdominal pressure fan. However, in a large enclosed space, the effect of this type of ventilation is not readily apparent: Smoke, humidity, carbon dioxide, and poor-quality air, for example, are still concentrated near the bottom of the building. The large-scale industrial HVLS fan will stimulate air mixing throughout the room, dispersing the unpleasant odors of smoke, dampness, mold, and other contaminants in order to improve the city's air quality and create a healthy, dry, and safe working environment.
  • Environmental Dehumidification: If the building's ventilation and cooling conditions are poor, product quality may suffer, and there may be significant losses and waste. Furthermore, once moisture has warped some materials, they will become the subject of client complaints. The huge industrial fan greatly strengthens the airflow and so regulates air condensation on the ground or metal surface to avoid air condensation, reduce bacteria, and mildew, making your working place cleaner, drier, and more comfortable. Driveaway any birds that have wandered into the room by accident, and keep tall buildings clean on the inside.
  • Equilibrium Temperature: The heated air created by air conditioning heats the top floor indoors in the winter, while the ground temperature is somewhat low. The low-speed industrial energy-saving fan can slowly convey hot air from the roof to the ground, balancing the inside temperature and avoiding energy waste due to temperature differences.

Top 10 HVLS Manufacturers Operating in India

Many manufacturing companies exist across the world as a result of the huge demand for HVLS ceiling fans in various regions. The top 10 manufacturers of HVLS big ceiling fans will be discussed today.

1. Marut Air Systems                       

Marut Air Systems has a strong reputation among specialists, particularly in the field of manufacturing and warehouse ventilation and cooling. It aspires to be your one-stop-shop for on-air processing, offering a complete line of evaporative cooling and ventilation equipment for industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural applications, including evaporative air coolers, cooling pads, and large HVLS fans.

The manufacturer is happy to devote itself to large space ventilation and cooling technology and offer better air to our customers with less expense and energy as part of an energy-saving and ecologically sustainable business. Members are happy to work in this industry not just because we consistently provide high-quality products and services to our consumers, but also because it adds social value to the world and benefits future generations.

Marut Air Systems acquires extensive expertise and experience in large-scale ventilation and cooling systems. Its goal is to produce pleasant and fresh working and living environments for human comfort while reducing costs and energy usage. The company is delighted to share its knowledge with anyone in need.

2. Big Ass Fans

Discomfort can strike anywhere, whether it's from suffocating heat, numbing cold, or smothering humidity. Its consequences stifle employee morale and productivity while acting as kryptonite for customers, so a small fan company decided to take action in 1999. It all started with a bold notion in engineering: that combining size and quality design might completely transform what ceiling fans could do. The key to making places more pleasant and efficient was high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) airflow, which was a completely new concept. Because the "HVLS Fan Company" thinking big, it didn't take long for the influence of its goods on facilities to be noticed.

3. MacroAir

MacroAir pioneered the giant industrial ceiling fan, popularly known as the High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan, and has remained a market leader by inventing the world's most inventive large fans. When it comes to engineering and product development, the company is constantly striving to push the envelope and raise the bar. The fans' technology is based on the idea that moving air slowly is much more efficient than moving air swiftly. Air is moved down and out in all directions by MacroAir fans. This helps people and animals feel more at ease by keeping the air fresh.

In terms of energy economy and airflow, the goods are unrivaled. They are made in the United States and installed all around the world. Customers benefit from MacroAir's global distribution network's local service and highly customized solutions. Coca-Cola, FedEx, IKEA, Walmart, and NAPA Auto Parts all put their faith in the fans. Under its Dealer Equipment Programs, the company is notable for being the only HVLS fan provider for independent BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Toyota dealerships.


Rite-Hite is a global leader in the design, production, marketing, and servicing of high-volume, low-speed HVLS fans that increase safety, security, productivity, energy efficiency, and environmental management. Rite-Hite Fans and services are always evolving thanks to a strong dedication to innovation and a desire to deliver effective solutions for its clients. HVLS Fans circulate a lot of air, keeping your employees comfortable and productive. These fans gently blow air over individuals at an optimal speed, keeping them cool and productive during the summer. The same fan keeps everyone warm in the winter by forcing warm air stored at the ceiling down to where it's required. The Revolution 75 Series and Revolution 25 Series are direct drive fans that put a new spin on standard geared motor Revolution HVLS Fans.

5. Austar Technologies

By providing a wind-chill effect, Austar Technologies’ provided fans can drop observable room temperature by 5 to 15 degrees in the summer. When they run in reverse during the winter, they de-stratify air, allowing the warm layer on the ceiling to be re-circulated all the way down to the shop floor. This will make your employees feel more at ease and productive. Austar Technologies is a premier choice for those who want quality HVLS fans. With the sophisticated yet simple, the commitment to comfort goes beyond invention to innovation. This direct-drive motor delivers a quiet, stylish, high-tech solution for modern environments, with higher power and efficiency at a quarter of the size and weight of a gearbox-driven fan. When used with typical HVAC equipment, Austar’s provided fans can save up to 30% on cooling expenditures. In the winter, they re-distribute warm air trapped on the ceiling to provide comfort across a space, saving up to 20% on heating expenditures. Austar fans are very energy-efficient and long-lasting HVLS fans thanks to their lightweight, revolutionary drive mechanism, and overall design.

6. XingTai

XingTai makes energy-saving and highly efficient industrial ceiling fans according to customer needs as a professional HVLS ceiling fan manufacturer and supplier. Our HVLS ceiling fan features a sophisticated servo system and uses extremely little energy. Only 5-10 huge 7.3-meter fans are required for a conventional factory facility of 10,000 square meters. As a result, they are ideal for churches, warehouses, shopping complexes, factories, farms, and other similar structures. HVLS ceiling fans are becoming increasingly popular as the finest source of ventilation for large areas. XingTai is a Chinese industrial ceiling fan manufacturer that specializes in high-quality HVLS fans for international customers. XingTai currently sells its products in over 30 countries across the world. They can provide you with suitable HVLS fans whether you are a distributor, retailer, or manufacturer.

7. Epic Fans

EPIC Colossus industrial HVLS fan is designed to move a lot of air, which helps to reduce stagnant air, relieve hot and cold regions, and keep food fresh and dry. Not to mention that your area will feel more comfortable with a 4-7 degree perceived temperature reduction, resulting in significant energy savings. EPIC is a market leader in engineering tools that assist companies in a wide range of industries to function better and more profitably. Loading dock products, industrial and commercial doors, high-performance doors, and entrance automation are all EPIC solutions. After recognizing our warehouse clients' demand for improved control over their air systems, it expanded into HVLS fans. Our engineers set out to design a better, more energy-efficient fan that would make airflow control easier and save money. The developers created the first version of the Colossus industrial fan using high-volume, low-speed technology. EPIC has improved aerodynamics with patent-pending design elements and incorporated advanced touchscreen controls and networking software solutions, such as iFAN, to achieve even higher efficiency since then.

8. AireGard

Gard Inc., a reputable specialist in air ventilation, HVLS fan, and hand dryer solutions for industrial and commercial use, was founded in 2001. With strong leadership at the helm, the company has grown to become a reputable specialist in air ventilation, HVLS fan, and hand dryer solutions for industrial and commercial use. Under its well-known in-house brand, AireGard, the company offers unique products for these three categories. Quality, performance, and durability are all hallmarks of AireGard. AireGard products are created for top-notch performance while keeping aesthetic attributes that blend well in any modern corporate setting, thanks to meticulous R&D and well-planned design. The company's dedicated workforce ensures that the company's after-sales services are reliable. The products have been awarded certifications by various local and international regulating bodies and organizations in recognition of excellence in safety and eco-friendly design, as well as compliance with industry standards in building and construction, as a testament to the outstanding product quality represented by the AireGard brand. Construction Industrial Development Board (CIDB), National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), SIRIM Malaysia, and International Electrotechnical Commission have all certified AireGard (IEC).


Serco Industrial HVLS fans are designed to increase airflow and energy savings by creating a moderate breeze that reduces the perceived temperature by 4-7 degrees. They also help to keep fruit, items and surfaces dry, which reduces rotting and other safety risks. HVLS fans can also save money on energy by decreasing – or even eliminating – the need for a large, costly HVAC system. Because of the large volumes of air reaching workers and products, facilities can often boost their thermostat settings by up to 5 degrees. Per degree change, this can result in as much as a 4% energy reduction. Serco HVLS fans are compatible with BACNet and LonWorks, two popular building management systems.


Hunter Industrial's ECO line continues the company's legacy of innovation. These low-speed, high-volume fans are the lightest and most cost-effective industrial fans on the market. With blades ranging in diameter from 24 to 8 feet, facilities such as auto shops, fitness centers, and warehouses may enjoy temperature control for a fraction of the expense of the competition. Simply explained, the ECO saves money by doing more with less!

The ECO is powered by a bespoke direct drive motor designed exclusively for the industrial fan industry, as well as blades created by aerospace engineers. The ECO line has a variety of control options, such as our basic 1:1 analog control and our networkable touchscreen controls, which can manage up to 30 fans. The ECO is quick and easy to install, thanks to plug-and-play technology and lightweight components. 

The Bottom Line

Large ceiling fans, such as HVLS, are quite common. They can be used to ventilate a huge area and improve the quality of the air. They have the ability to make the surroundings more healthy and pleasant. With all of these advantages, they just use a small amount of electricity, which is fantastic. Large enterprises, warehouses, restaurants, libraries, and churches can all benefit from HVLS fans. Industrial and commercial ceiling fans are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit practically any application. Because HVLS fans are required, they are in high demand. The top ten HVLS fan manufacturers have been discussed. All of these businesses specialize in huge commercial and industrial ceiling fans of the highest quality. Each one has its own design, technology, and advantages. The most vital aspect, though, is their support and dependability. They manufacture fans in accordance with safety regulations.

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