Top Electric Heater Manufacturing Brands in India 2022

Top Electric Heater Manufacturing Brands in India 2022

December 12, 2022

The winter brings various temperature issues that need some answers. Numerous things came into use only in winter. But they are still necessary to buy. 

One such product used to warm the environment and widely used in rooms, offices, and schools is the Electric Heaters.

What is Electric Heater?

It is a device or gadget used widely to increase the temperature of a surrounding. Due to its extensive usage, it now becomes an essential household item. Its manufacturing is done to maintain the temperature and not increase it dynamically. Heaters provide various beneficial features to its user and save the climate from releasing harmful gases. These Heaters are safe to use and don't use much electricity. It is designed not to cause any harmful effects in the natural environment and won't affect humans, animals, and plants. 

Why has the use of an Electric Heater become important? 

The Changing Climate now affects the weather drastically. Its effects are now easily noticed by rising and decreasing temperatures. The sudden temperature changes bring various diseases with them. For example, the common cold, viral fever, etc. In some places where the temperature reaches below zero degrees, hypothermia is one of the most typical reasons for death.

Thus, using an Electric Heater becomes a priority to contradict the effects of temperature. It is one of the cheapest methods for doing so; it's been an in-demand product in the market. 

Due to its massive sales, various industries are constantly working to capture its market. So, let's see some of the leading manufacturers of these Electric Heaters and discuss how their products are better than other options.


Havells is a well-known fast-moving electrical goods (FMEG) company that provides an efficient product range. It is a dynamic organization with a massive workforce and outlets. Their products are sold under their name branding and prioritized by the audience. They offer a wide high-tech product range in the Electric Heater section. Some of their extensively selling products are climate control heat convectors, quartz heaters, carbon heaters, halogen heaters, and many more. Advanced features like climate control and automation make their heaters classy and strengthen their parts. Due to their customer-centric services and genuine price range, they are one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of Electric heaters.

Bajaj Electricals

Bajaj Electricals is a well-known, highly-deemed organization ruling the electronic industry for many years. The reputation and global reach of the company define its product quality. With more than 500 customer care centres, they are ubiquitous worldwide. Their manufactured products have no competition in the market. They offer their customers numerous product ranges. In the Electric Heater section, their provided products are deluxe room heaters, blow-hot new heaters, flashy room heaters, Heat convectors, halogen room heaters, etc.

Orient Electrics

Orient Electrics is a technologically advanced and reputed organization, working tirelessly to maintain its figurine. Their world-class manufactured products are sold in the market under their brand name. It is a well-known company that produces highly decorative products with an efficient price range. The various Electric Heaters they manufacture are power hot, dura hot, comforters, heat convectors, etc. Its manufactured product ranges are of the best quality and are available at dynamic pricing. 

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USHA Electrics

 Usha Electrics is one of India's reputed Electric appliance brands, known for its quality services. From dedicated hard work, they became a brand in 2008 and are still dominating the electrical market in India. Their manufactured products are trusted by numerous audiences blindly. And they also work continuously to maintain that trust and improve product quality. They offer a diverse product range in electrical sectors. They provide various electric heaters: carbon heaters, quartz heaters, halogen heaters, radiant room heaters, etc. Their delivered products are the best in quality and are available at low-end pricing.


A Gujarat-based company with 50 years of legacy, Orpat is a well-known electric appliances manufacturing company. They are a widely reputed manufacturer and exporter of world-class quality products. Their products are highly trusted by a massive audience and dominate the electric appliance sector. Their faith in the ethnicity of business helps their products to become preferable in the local and international markets. They provide various effective products; some products are climate control oil heaters, PTC heaters, convector heaters, etc. Orpat is a brand known for its customer-centric services and affordable pricing products.


Since its establishment 50 years ago, Khaitan has been one leading brands in the Electric sector. Their advanced manufacturing plant and efficient product make them synonymous with quality. They have dominated the Electric market in India and, for the past 25 years, ranked among Asia's top brands. Their manufactured heaters have quick heating elements. And these heaters are easy to clean and maintain. Their various electric heating products are known in the market. These are fan heaters, quartz heaters, 3-rod halogen heaters, heat convectors, etc. The offered product range is highly trusted and known for its long-lasting performance. 

Maharaja Whiteline

Established in 1857, this brand is known for its dynamic and constant performance. With more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing, their products are no less than masterpieces. Maharaja Whiteline is an organization with an advanced manufacturing plant and skilful workers. They produce various ranges of electrical products. In the Electric heating sector, their offered products are Carbon rod technology, quartz heater, nanocarbon, nanocarbon neo, etc. The company is known for its quality-tested products and is trusted by an enormous audience. Along with the quality products, their offered prices are also very genuine, making them one of India's leading electrical appliance brands.


In this article, we get a brief on electric heaters. We discussed its importance and functioning. With this discussion, we mentioned some leading brands that manufacture quality heaters and are known for their dynamic brand value. 


What is the room heaters’ price in India?

The rice range of Electric heaters is vast, it may range from ₹600 to 15,000.

Do Electric heaters portable?

Yes! They are light weighted and portable usually.

Do Electric Heaters are harmful to the skin?

No! due to technological advancement, now low to negligible Co2 emission heaters are available in the market and thus, they won’t affect the skin.

Do Electric heaters used for cooking?

No! they are not used to it. But coil heaters are used for this purpose.

How to get good-quality electric appliances?

You can visit, for effective products with genuine prices.

How to select the best Electric Heater for me?

You can check out the specifications and features, whether they are meeting your demands or not. Some of the decidual factors are electrical consumption, warranty, product quality, durability, etc.

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