Top Theoretical SAP FICO Interview Questions

Top Theoretical SAP FICO Interview Questions

December 11, 2023

SAP FICO is one of the primary modules of the SAP ERP and it consists of two components which are SAP FI and SAP CO. It is the central component of the finance module that allows companies to manage all their financial data. Along with it, this module is useful for generating balance sheets and making decisions for corporate planning. SAP FICO Certification is highly renowned and valid all across the globe. Gaining these certifications will provide you with great career opportunities along with leverage in job interviews. 

Career Opportunities in SAP FICO

Using SAP FICO in an organization results in improving financial management and planning. This module provides a business with insights into its financial performance and helps you make informed decisions. In addition, it also ensures cost savings by automating financial processes and reducing the need for manual labor. SAP FICO helps a business identify areas where it can reduce costs and optimize its financial operations. Furthermore, it ensures compliance with financial regulations and helps a business manage its financial operations more efficiently. Due to these reasons, many companies use SAP FICO and look toward hiring skilled professionals in this domain. Thus, generating great and highly-paying job opportunities in this domain. Below are some leading careers you can explore after SAP FICO Training

  • SAP FICO Consultant
  • SAP FICO Analyst
  • SAP FICO Manager
  • SAP FICO Developer
  • SAP FICO Trainer
  • SAP FICO Auditor
  • SAP FICO Data Analyst
  • SAP FICO Support Specialist

SAP FICO Interview Questions with Answers



SAP FICO is one of the primary modules of the SAP ERP that helps a business prepare financial statements. It is useful for making inventory and balance sheets, calculating taxes, and storing financial data. This is a secure platform that reduces any chances of data breaching or leaking. It is a combination of 2 SAP concepts which are SAP FI and SAP CO.

Why use SAP FICO over other platforms?

This is because SAP FICO is more flexible and scalable than other tools out there. Using SAP FICO in a business provides great options for accounting integration and control. Along with it, this module also facilitates controlling the financial statements in multiple currencies. MERN stack provides seamless integration with other SAP modules and it provides various tools to ensure the accuracy of financial information. 

Why are financial statements necessary for a company?

Financial Statements are significant for a company because they ensure that a business can assess financial performance. These statements give a business a clear overview of revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, and cash flow. They also provide necessary information to stakeholders and investors and help them understand the financial stability of a company. They are the digital record of the financial status of a company and are useful in making decisions or plans.

What does a year-dependent fiscal year mean?

A year-dependent fiscal year is a primary function of SAP FICO. This function allows businesses to generate and review financial reports for a specific fiscal year. Using the Fiscal year feature provides great flexibility for organizations. 

What are the causes of errors in accounting, and what impact can they have on an organization?

There can be various reasons which cause human errors in the SAP FICO system. The most common reason is entering wrong numbers which can cause many issues in the organization's financial reports. Furthermore, these errors can also occur due to a fault in the system, accounting mistakes, bills or claims. These errors can lead to incorrect calculations and misinterpretations about profits and losses.

Define company code

Company code refers to the entity's useful or creating financial statements. These company codes in SAP FICO have separate financial statements, legal requirements, and reporting structures.

How do you manage taxes in SAP FICO?

SAP FICO comes with various kinds of tax functions. Some popular functions are tax calculation, tax posting, tax adjustments, and tax reporting. SAP FICO allows a company to configure its taxes according to its operating area. Along with it, SAP FICO also facilitates additional taxes which are applicable in different countries. 

What does WIP mean in SAP FICO?

WIP refers to Work In Progress and it represents the value of partially completed work that hasn't been transferred yet to finished goods or recognized as revenue.

What's the function of credit control in SAP FICO?

The Credit control feature in SAP FICO helps protect a company from excessive accounts receivable outstanding. This tool allows a business to prohibit the delivery of products and services. 


SAP FI and SAP CO make up the two main components of SAP FICO, which is one of the main modules of the SAP ERP. This module lets you make wise judgments by giving a business financial performance insight. A company might find opportunities to cut expenses and improve its financial processes by using SAP FICO. One of the main SAP ERP modules that aids in the preparation of financial statements for a company is SAP FICO. Businesses can get excellent alternatives for accounting control and integration by implementing SAP FICO. In conclusion, this module also facilitates controlling financial statements in multiple currencies.

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