Trending Fashionable Tracksuits for Men in India

Trending Fashionable Tracksuits for Men in India

December 21, 2022

Do you love Fashion?

If your answer is yes! Definitely, you knew tracksuits very well.

Tracksuits are sporty two-piece clothing that is widely used by sportspersons, athletes, and many more. 

But the era has changed now! It is a part of fashion that provides an active look to you.

A garment that is massively comfortable and still looks fashionable becomes a priority for men. 

And, thus in today’s clothing market, tracksuits have a dynamic market and are sold extensively.

Tracksuits are garments that are used by both males and females equally.

Various pinstriping, emblems, and logos provide a macho appearance that gives you an active look.

In the rainy and winter season, it is a highly recommended gadget that makes you feel warm and comfortable.

It is the perfect gym wear, brilliant for running and exercise, dashing for trips, and has fitted itself at every place.

Various new and old brands are continuously working in this sector to become dominant in the market.

How Tracksuits became a Fashionable Garment?

The tracksuit is a brilliant garment containing trousers and a jacket. It is in fashion for the past several years. Since the beginning of the 1930s, it is used to wore by sportspersons. But it became famous when Adidas created the first highly organized and designed tracksuit in 1960. In the era between 1960s to 1970s, it becomes a part of clothing that are acceptable to wear outside the Gym as well. It becomes a fashion sensation after a few years when hip-hop culture adopted it as an article of clothing and join the macho vibes with these clothes. 

It also owns a record for being one of the first synthetic clothing apparel. Although, it is available in the market in various fabrics like cotton, polyester, terry cloth, or mix. With changing years, tracksuits change their fabric but always remain in the mainstream of fashion. Like, in the 1970s the material used for making tracksuits was velour. In the 1980s, it changed into nylon, and in the 1990s changed into polyester. 

In the 20th century, the image of tracksuits was transformed by the Rap and diss culture and it became a part of gang culture. 

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Rather than, affecting its image these things intensify its image, and now one of the most common fashion wears for both men and women.

Various designers start promoting these clothes in 2006, and some of the ruling designers like Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney created dashing tracksuits for the Olympics and various games events like the commonwealth and Paralympics. 

Brands that are well-known for Manufacturing Fabulous Tracksuits 

The Demand for tracksuits is rising and doesn’t seem to end at any point in life, because of their tremendous comfort and styling. 

Its Brilliant withstanding capabilities against winter make it a most worn cloth in winter. 

So, if you are looking forward to buying cloth for yourself, or want to gift someone.

We feature some of the top brands that deal in these types of clothing.


One of the first brands that adopted the tracksuit Adidas, is a well-known brand in India and worldwide. 

It is an organization that is highly trusted for its comfortable and highly specialized sportswear. 

With access to all the latest designs and patterns, they are one of the most preferred brands for tracksuits.

With the three-white striping on the hands and trousers, their manufactured tracksuits provide a classier and sporty look to you.

The gloomy colours and perfect posture of these tracksuits maintain the body texture and adapt the shaping.

Various fabrics they use to manufacture this sportswear are Sherpa Fleece, Polyester tricot, etc. 

The most-selling top designs of Adidas in India are:

  • Adecolour Neuclassics Track Jacket 
  • Colorblock Sherpa Fleece Track Top
  • Adidas Basketball Track Jacket
  • Woven Allover Print Track Suit
  • Adecolour Classics Beckenbauer Primeblue Track Top 


 Puma is a well-known sportswear manufacturing brand that deals in dynamic comfortable shoes and tracksuits. 

It is one of the highly recommended brands for price-efficient clothing.

Their manufactured products ensure comfort and style.

With a puma logo, its colour-mixing texture, and white arrows make their jackets look classy and sporty.  

Puma’s efficient and breathable fabrics build the heat before and after the workout and thus, help in maintaining temperature. 

From a dynamic background, they have expertise in making skin-adaptable clothing to ease intense exercise or activities.

Some of their highly recommended tracksuits are:

  • Individual Rise Men’s Football Tracksuit
  • Puma Classic Track Suit 3
  • Baseball Tricot Men’s Tracksuit
  • Favourite Knitted Men’s Training Tracksuit
  • Tape Poly Men’s Tracksuit
  • Classic Tricot Men’s Tracksuit


A reputed brand Nike is a well-known sportswear manufacturer, that deals in quality products. 

It is one of the highly trusted brands that manufacture the most preferable and comfortable tracksuits. 

With a full zip jacket, this nylon-based material gives the clothes a lightweight and sports-inspired look without compromising the styles. 

It is designed to provide massive comfort and suits the adapt of the skin and posture. 

With various fabrics like sweat-wicking fleece and polyesters, their manufactured clothing is highly light weighted, durable, and shiny in appearance. 

Its manufactured tracksuits suit the skin and don’t abrupt the movement at all.

With specific designs and colouring patterns, it is counted among the most sold sportswear in India. 

The most preferred tracksuits in India are:

  • Nike Sportswear Men Navy Blue Hooded Tracksuit
  • Nike Men Black Solid Regular Dri-Fit Tracksuit
  • Nike Men Black Brand Logo Printed Poly Knit Tracksuit
  • Nike Men Blue Standard Fit AS M
  • Nike Men Black Solid Standard Fit NSW CE PK BASIC DRI-FIT Tracksuit


It is one of the deemed organizations, well known for its sportswear collection. 

With a motive to provide comfort, they won’t ignore fashion at any stage.

Their outfits are classy, lightweight, and highly comfortable.

They adopted the old-school culture and their 1970s design, bringing back the era when a tracksuit is the only fashion thing.

With various fabrics like nylon, they manufacture big bulky jackets and trousers, that make you feel confident and stylish.

Its massive experience in manufacturing sportswear provides dynamic features in its clothing.

The colours, stitching, and even its designs are all made to create a masterpiece that strengthens your motions and won’t abrupt your reach.

A highly breathable and stretchable cloth adjusts itself for your body posture and maintains your looks with flashy vibes.

It makes you noticeable in the crowd and captivates the eyes because of its glossy colour combinations and designs.

Their designed tracksuit is highly preferred in the market, because of their highly trustful image in the market.

With a dedicated understanding, they are continuously uplifting their standards to provide the best to their customers.

Some of their masterpieces, that won’t let your eyes off them are:

  • Reebok Men Charcoal Grey & Black Colourblocked OST Full Zip Hooded Training Tracksuit
  • Reebok Black Essential Training Tracksuit
  • Reebok Men Navy Blue Solid Tracksuit
  • Reebok White & Black TS Tricot
  • Reebok Classic Black & White LF
  • Reebok Men Maroon & Black Training Essential Tracksuit


A well-known highly reputed organization, they are among the manufacturers of most selling sportswear. 

They are highly decorated in the tracksuit industry because of their budget-friendly outfits. 

With upgradation in styling and fabric quality, they are emerging as a brand that understands its customers.

Their manufactured clothing is highly comfortable and breathable.

Its winter jacket captures the heat inside the cloth to make you warm and is odour-proof. 

The clothing is massively durable and stretchable, so they won’t abrupt your movement.

Its tracksuits are strengthened by numerous fabrics that bring elasticity and the stitching is very comfortable so won’t irritate your skin.

With a massive experience in the sportswear industry, they are highly recognized brands. 

And, to maintain a trustful relationship with its customers it provides tremendously designed tracksuits.

Their quality products that are highly trusted by the customers are:

  • Tracksuit 418 A Trenz Poly
  • Tracksuit 471A T.Z Iner Mesh (Net)
  • Smartsuit 2.0
  • Tracksuit 989 T.Z H-SUB with Iner Mesh (Net)
  • Tracksuit 422A T.Z Iner Mesh (Net)
  • Tracksuit 401 A Trenz Poly

Concluding Remarks

These are some of the brands that are highly recognized by sportspersons and have massive expertise in the tracksuit manufacturing sector.

Various other brands like Under Armour, Dida, and Columbia, are also some of the well-known names for outstanding tracksuit formation.

In the end, the tracksuit is an outfit that means to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

These are also counted among budget-friendly costumes, to flex with their dynamic looks and masculine appearance.

So, if you are willing to buy them, your first priority will be comfortable, and then styling.

Because whatever you wear if you are confident about it, you are dominating the atmosphere.

For, the best styling outfit, you can choose a beanie and high-neck sneakers that make you look more attractive and comfortable in the winter.

If you want to get all the qualities in one with affordable prices in India, we suggest preferring one of them for your next fashionable outfit or tracksuit.


What would be my budget, if I want to buy a quality tracksuit?

Depending upon your specification the price may vary, but the quality brands start offering these tracksuits at a cost of ₹1,500.

Does buying a tracksuit online good enough?

If you prefer branded clothing, of course, online purchase is a good option, but for non-branded tracksuits sizes and appearance may vary in real.

Does Tracksuits is suitable for winter clothing?

Not only suitable, but it is also one of the most preferred winter clothing options.

Which fabric is preferable for Tracksuits?

Various synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are some of the preferred materials for lightweight and comfortable Tracksuits.

Does hip-hop culture bring tracksuits into the clothing industry?

No! The tracksuits become famous because of the hip-hop industry, but it was invented as sportswear.

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for non-branded tracksuits sizes and appearance may vary in real.

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