Understanding Diesel Generators and Choosing the Right One for You

Understanding Diesel Generators and Choosing the Right One for You

August 22, 2022

With the boom in population, energy requirements are also increasing all over the world. Excessive usage and reductions in conventional energy sources are causing extended power outages. During this power outage, we cannot use any electrical appliances, making our lives much harder. It is avoidable with the help of a diesel generator. It is a super-effective device that can produce electrical energy using diesel as fuel. The machine can provide energy for a range of buildings, from modest houses to multi-story buildings.

We have all faced power outages due to various reasons. It can be periodic maintenance of the supply lines, breakage in electrical lines due to weather, or any other cause. Most of us have a power inverter in our houses. But it is unable to provide electricity to offices and workplaces. It also fails to provide electrical energy during long power breaks. The generator comes in as a savior in this situation.

In this blog, we’ll discuss these power generators and get to know everything about them. We will also take a look at the factors affecting the whole diesel generator price list. 

Let’s start.

Table of Content

  1. What is a diesel generator set?
  2. The Complete Diesel Generator Working Principle
  3. How Do I Choose a Diesel Generator for My Home?
  4. Benefits of a Diesel Engine Generator
  5. Things to Avoid While Using a Diesel Electric Generator
  6. Factors Affecting the Diesel Generator Price
  7. Conclusion: The DG Generator

What is a diesel generator set?

What is a diesel generator set?

diesel generator set is a complex machine seen at most workplaces. It is sometimes used at home to provide electricity during power cuts. This generator is a complex machine that gives high output using diesel to ensure work continuity. It houses a diesel engine, alternator, fuel system, lubrication system, battery charger, control panel, voltage regulator, and other small components.

These generators are available in various configurations and power outputs that help them satisfy everyone’s requirements. The most common application of the generator is during power outages and cuts. These can cause you some difficulties and stop all work at your office. With the help of this diesel generator, you can easily continue working at all times. Since it uses diesel as fuel, it is much more eco-friendly and more economical than other generators. It is crucial to choose a generator according to your requirements. It will be more economical and efficient for your needs.

Now we have a basic idea of a generator. 

Let’s also take a look at its working mechanism.

The Complete Diesel Generator Working Principle

A generator is a machine that helps us continue our work during power outages. If we think about the Diesel Generator Working Principle, it is a combination of various steps and processes. 

Here is a step-by-step process for how the generator produces electrical energy while burning diesel as a fuel.

  • First, diesel gets burned using an engine that helps produce mechanical energy. This mechanical energy gets converted into electric power, which runs all electrical appliances.
  • The mechanical energy produced by the engine is employed to rotate a shaft inside the diesel generator set. It is the most crucial step that starts the production of electricity.
  • Two large magnets are present inside the generator to produce a magnetic field. The rotating shaft is attached to a metallic loop on which a large amount of wire gets wrapped. This loop is present between the magnets, where the magnetic field is very strong.
  • When the loop rotates inside the magnetic field, it generates charges in the wire wrapped around the metal, and these charges start flowing.
  • These flowing charges induce an electric current in the wire, and this is how electricity gets produced in the diesel power generator.

How Do I Choose a Diesel Generator for My Home?

How Do I Choose a Diesel Generator for My Home?

Now that you know how these machines function, let’s look at how to choose the best diesel generator for your home. While this machine is beneficial for many applications, it is imperative to choose it wisely. If you purchase it without a thorough examination, it can be problematic. We have listed some of the main things that you should know while choosing the best generator for you.

  • The first thing that matters when choosing the best generator set is your power needs. It depends on how many powerful appliances will be running with the generator. The small generator sets will work for low power requirements. Otherwise, generators with higher production capacity will be able to satisfy all the needs.
  • The next thing will be the type of generator. If you are getting it for your home, choose a portable or fixed diesel generator. It will depend on how much space you have to place it in. If you need to move it from time to time, it should be a portable one.
  • The next factor is the starting mechanism of the power generator. It can either be manual or automatic, according to your requirements. If you need to use it frequently, choose the one with an electric starting mechanism. Otherwise, a manual one will work just fine.
  • The next factor is the noise level. Regular diesel generators produce a lot of noise and can be very problematic. The silent diesel power generator will be your best bet for a quiet environment.

Benefits of a Diesel Engine Generator

Benefits of a Diesel Engine Generator

Every appliance has its unique uses and benefits. The diesel engine generator is among the most used machines to produce electricity during power cuts. It helps everyone to continue their work and activities even during an electricity outage. The power generator provides various benefits to every user that help improve their working efficiency. The following are the most common advantages of using the machine:

  1. Low Maintenance: Every generator used to produce electrical energy needs minimal maintenance. This is because the machine is self-reliant and does not require much human interference. Almost every modern generator has a self-starting mechanism that reduces manual work even more.
  2. Extremely Safe: When the safety of our home and workplace is considered, a diesel-electric generator is safe to use. It has insulated and separate fuel storage to prevent accidental fuel ignition while working.
  3. Cheaper to Maintain and Run: As suggested by the name, these generators use diesel as a fuel to produce electricity. Since diesel is much more affordable than other fuels like gasoline, it is a better economic option for us.
  4. Durability and Efficiency: Generators that use diesel as a fuel are more durable and efficient than other models. This is because diesel produces fewer pollutants and provides a higher power output. It improves the overall functioning and efficiency of the diesel generator set.

Things to Avoid While Using a Diesel Electric Generator

Things to Avoid While Using a Diesel Electric Generator

We have discussed the factors you may need to know about the workings of a diesel electric generator. But you should also know what things should be avoided when it comes to the machine. We have listed some practices that should be fended off to get maximum output. The listed points must stay in your mind to increase efficiency and prevent unforeseen hazards.

  1. The first thing you should remember while installing the generator is that it is not installed in enclosed spaces. When electrical power is generated using this generator, it produces various gases that can prove harmful in closed areas. It should be in an open area that ensures a safe and efficient working process.
  2. A portable diesel generator is used in various places, especially homes and small workplaces. To ensure that it remains safe while not in use, keep it on a level surface; otherwise, it can slip or start rolling. These have wheels built that enable the users to easily move them from one place to another. This is why they are known as portable generators. Ensure that there are wheel locks present and that they are locked properly. Also, do not keep them on walkways to avoid accidentally bumping into the generator.
  3. The wire management around the DG generator should be proper. It will help in avoiding accidents due to people tripping on wires. It can be achieved with wire covers or placing a warning sign to warn people.
  4. To avoid any accidents, never overload your generators. Overloading can be caused by using more electrical appliances than the safety limit. It can cause short circuits and fires around the machine, causing enormous damage. Always keep track of the appliances being used to avoid these accidents.
  5. While refueling the generator, keep in mind that it should not be hot. If it is not cooled down before inserting the fuel, it can cause a fire if the fuel gets spilled on the hot parts. The diesel power generator should be used with the utmost care and safety protocols to avoid any accidents. It will keep you and all the other people working around the generator safe.

Factors Affecting the Diesel Generator Price

Factors Affecting the Diesel Generator Price

Now that you know about the safety protocols and things you should follow, let’s have a look at the diesel generator price. The price of the machine varies due to many factors. As we know, the Genset is available in various sizes, and the price varies according to the size and functionality. Below are some of the most influential factors that affect the price of a generator.

  • The first and most influential element is market demand. If the market demand is very high, then the generator will be priced much higher than the normal cost. It is also true that if the demand is low, generators can be available at much lower prices.
  • The next thing that influences the cost of a diesel generator is the quality of the parts used. It is made up of various components whose quality changes the price of the generator. For example, if the diesel engine used in the generator is of high quality and a known brand, its value will be higher. Another thing to keep in mind is that the individual components of the machine determine its efficiency. If the parts used are of low quality, it will decrease the overall working capacity and effectiveness of the generator.
  • The most common thing that influences the price of a diesel power generator is the brand’s name. In today’s time, people give more priority to a brand than quality. If a manufacturer is famous and popular among people, its products will most probably be costly.
  • The structure and design of the DG Generator have a huge effect on the price. A generator with a high-end design and accurate structure will be priced more than normal variations.
  • Silent generators will be more costly than open-type generators. It is because the silent ones are lined with special sound insulation materials from the inside and do not produce excess noise. In addition to this, a special component is also installed to reduce the noise produced by the Genset.
  • Features and fuel efficiency play an important role in the pricing of the diesel-electric generator. If a generator has a multitude of advanced features and its fuel consumption is low, its cost will be higher.

Conclusion: The DG Generator

Now that we have discussed everything you need to know about the DG Generator, you can choose the one for you. It is crucial to keep all of the discussed points in mind while selecting the machine. The power generator is a very helpful machine that enables you to continue working during power outages. If you are looking to buy this machine for any application, compare the various models present on the market. It will help you decide which one of the options is best for you and fits your requirements.

If you are trying to find the best diesel generator for your home or workplace, have a look at our offered products. We have generators for every need, whether domestic or commercial. Browse a large variety of power generators and choose the best option that satisfies all your needs. If you face any difficulties, contact our customer support team, and they will guide you through the complete process.

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