Upscale Your Brand’s Revenue with serum boxes

Upscale Your Brand’s Revenue with serum boxes

March 11, 2024

Skin serums are liquids that add vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients to the skin. Generally, these serums are used to cure many skin issues, such as acne, aging, pigmentation, and many more. Today, people are conscious of their skincare and get these serums on a large scale. serum boxes are designed to conserve the quality of serums by protecting them from heat, air, moisture, and other ecological factors.

Thus, many packaging companies are providing these durable boxes to different skincare brands. CPP is one the most professional and authentic companies that is known for serving countless brands for years.

What are serum boxes?

They are specialized packaging solutions that are designed to encase and showcase serums in the beauty industry. Custom Serum packaging boxes come in a variety of shapes and styles to hold and ship serum bottles of different sizes and designs. Moreover, these boxes are typically made from cardboard, corrugated board, rigid board, and kraft paper. Thus, they not only affirm durability but also offer eco-friendliness. Brands are free to add their names, logos, taglines, QR codes, and other contact details to these boxes. In addition to this, one can choose the desired appealing design for the box surface with the help of modern printing and coating methods. Thus, these durable casings not only build a brand’s trust among its audience but also grab the customers’ attention with their engaging and stunning looks.

What are the Marketing Perks of Using serum boxes?


Skin serums are made from various chemicals that are sensitive to harmful ecological impact. Heat, light, moisture, and other factors can badly affect the quality and composition of these delicate items. Therefore, proper packaging is a must to affirm a brand’s reliability and professionalism. Brands use these boxes for many reasons. Some of the major marketing perks of these boxes are given below:

  • 1. Boost a brand’s sales by attracting people
  • 2.  Affirm the serums’ safety during their transit and display


These points are thoroughly discussed below:

Boost a Brand’s Sales by Attracting People


serum boxes are made with many attractive features, such as lively shades, window cut-ons, graceful coats, and eye-catching prints. Indeed, an attractive product’s packaging is the key to boosting a brand’s chances of purchases and boosting its sales. Moreover, different companies can design these boxes according to their theme and vision. Thus, one can find them in a variety of shades, designs, styles, and sizes. Therefore, brands should focus on boosting the visual appeal of their serum boxes because people are highly compelled by attractive box packaging and make purchases.


Affirm the Serums’ Safety During their Transit and Display


Typically, these boxes are made from rigid materials, such as cardboard, corrugated board, and other such substances. Thus, the delicate serum bottles are safe from damage, breakage, and wastage, when packed in these boxes. Moreover, these boxes have multiple inner and outer layers that hinder the ecological impact on the products and conserve their quality. Hence, using these boxes is vital to protect the skin serums from UV rays, heat, moisture, and other factors.


Advertise a Brand on a Large Scale


A brand’s publicity is vital to boost its recognition in the market. The more a brand is known by the people, the more the chances of its purchases. Serum boxes allow brands to share their logo, name, QR codes, contact details, and other information. Moreover, these boxes are also crafted in a specific shade that resonates with a brand’s features and themes. Thus, one can easily recognize a specific brand on a store’s shelve and go for recurrent purchases from it.


Explore the Best Coatings for Serum Boxes


A box coating is vital to boost its appeal and engage more customers. The following are some of the applicable coatings for these boxes:

1. Glass coating

 2. Gold and silver foiling

 3. Matte coating


Glass Coating


It not only protects the branded items from dust, scratches, and moisture but also boosts the visual appeal of the boxes and helps brands stand out from others.

Gold and Silver Foiling


It offers a metallic and lavish touch to the boxes and makes a high-quality insight for the serum’s packaging. This type of coating is best to satisfy the customers, looking for deluxe items.

Matte Coating


It adds a dull and soft touch to the serum boxes and offers a calming effect to the packaging. Matte coating is apt for customers who love a minimalist and elegant box design. Thus, it is one of the best options to cut the glare and fingerprints on the serum boxes.


Unleash Different Printing and Finishing Methods for serum boxes


The following methods are usually used to design these serum boxes:

1. UV printing

2. Embossing and debossing

3. Hot foil stamping


UV Printing


It uses a special varnish that is cured by UV light to make some areas of the box look glossy. Typically, it forms a contrast between the glossy and matte areas of the box. It is also one of the best options to protect the items from dust, cuts, and moisture.

Embossing and Debossing


It is one of the most famous printing methods. Usually, brands use this method to personalize their logos, names, images, and text on the boxes.

Hot Foil Stamping


It is the most preferable option for the exclusive brands. It adds a shiny reflective effect to the serum boxes by adding a thin metallic foil layer on these casings. Hot foil stamping can be done in countless shades, such as gold, silver, and others. Usually, brands use this method to highlight their names, logos, and other details.

Do you want an attractive and durable casing for your valuable serums? Choose none else than CPP, a professional packaging company in this regard. Contact today and lead your brand to the heights of success in no time.

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