Watch YouTube Video add free | Vanced/ReVanced

Watch YouTube Video add free | Vanced/ReVanced

April 09, 2024

YouTube Vanced apk is an application which is not like the official YouTube app. It offers a better user experience than the actual application with many premium features like background play, Amoled Mode, Adblock etc. 

It is a better alternative to Youtube allowing you to have a way better experience than the official platform. 

What is YouTube Vanced?

It is an advanced version of youtube. A way better version of the official application of the platform. It provides you all the original features of the application as well as other many exciting functions. Some features that Vanced provides you can’t have even in the premium version of the official application. It doesn't show you YouTube ads. This app also provides the Vanced for Youtube music, which allows you to have features like background playback and many more. 

App Information:

The information that you might want to know before downloading this application:


YouTube Vanced




Vanced Team


100 MB

Last updated

February 27, 2024



Operating system


How to Download it?

The process of Downloading this is very simple. First thing you need to do is download the APK file that we have provided on our website. After the file has been downloaded click on it to start the installation process.


An Important step while installing this is allowing the installation from Unknown source on your android. After that the installation will be completed and the application will be on your phone to use.

You can sign in your google account and it won’t cause you any problem. YouTube Vanced is not available for android TV or other TV boxes. For those you can find other alternatives. 

If after downloading the file you get the error of No Internet, simply login your google account again or use a VPN for some time and your issue will be solved. 

Solutions of Problems You Might face:

  • If after downloading the file you get the error of No Internet, simply login your google account again or use a VPN for some time and your issue will be solved. 
  • If the application is crashing then that means that it is not installed properly. Simply delete it and reinstall it
  • If you are getting the notification of App Not Installed. That means your device is low on storage. Free up some space and the app will be installed
  • Video Playback feature not working means that the version you’ve installed is not up-to-date. Download the most recent version to solve this problem. 

How To Use it?

You can use the YouTube Vanced application just as you would use the official android app of the official platform. You don’t have to make a different google account. You can use the same account that you use on the official app; it will not cause any problems. 

Without any issue you can use the account on youtube which suggests the videos according to the designed algorithm for you. 


You can customise video settings like using H.264 or VP9 for older devices, turning off features like 60fps or HDR for a better viewing experience. You can also adjust video resolution and playback speed, remove ads and other distractions from the app, and more. 

The features that make this application an advanced version of the official application are briefly described below:


Youtube videos are loaded with ads. It is impossible to complete a video without going through any ad. This affects the user experience. Vanced allows you to customise the ads that you might watch and where you want to watch an ad or if you even want to watch an ad while watching a video or not.

It has a built-in ad-blocker which allows you to get the most premium experience of the platform. 

Dark Mode

It has a built-in dark mode which adjusts itself according to the current lighting conditions of the user. It helps to extend the battery life of your mobile. It also decreases eye strain and gives a very fresh and cool look of the application for the user. 


If you are using YouTube Vanced apk as a third party application you don't need to worry about your google account getting banned or any other problem like this. Because it is not violating any terms and policies of the official app.

You can connect your Google account with it without worrying about it getting banned because it is the safest third part that connects you with the official platform. 

DisLike Button

As we all know that youtube has turned off the dislike button and now no one can see the dislike count of any video except the actual creation of that video which is annoying for some users. The dislike count helped the user to decide whether the content is good to watch or not.  

Vanced provides this option. You can see the dislike counts of videos using this application. 


If you use this third party application, you can have a lot of fun by using different themes. You can customise the interface of the application as you like and you won’t get bored of the app.

You have different colour themes as well, dark, black and white. The dark and black theme also saves more than 20% of the battery of your device.

Parallel Use

Sometimes when you download a third-party application you are not able to use both the simple app and the third-party app at the same time. But in this application case you can use both and it will be completely safe. 

PIP function

You get the PIP function which is also known as the Picture-in-Picture function. This allows you to pop-up the video box and you can use another application at the same time. You can multitask while watching the video. 

This function is not available in any other application, whether it is YouTube prime. You only get this option while using Vanced third-part application. 

Background Play

Background play is a feature that you get if you are subscribed to YouTube premium. This feature plays your video even if your phone screen is off or even if you have exited the application and want to use another application while listening to a video or a song for youtube. 

While using this app you get this feature for free. 

Sponsor Block:

This application also allows you to cut the sponsor parts that appear in the videos. If you want you can also skip through the Intro and Outro of every video that you decide to watch. 


In conclusion this application allows you the access to some of the best features which you might not even get from the official platform.
It has a very user friendly and highly customizable interface helping the user to stay interested in the app. 

If you want to try some of these features feel free to download it. 


Q: Is YouTube Vanced Free?

A: yes it is a free application, you can simply install it from the file that has been provided on this website and use it without any problem. 

Q: Does YouTube Vanced support IOS?

A: It is an APK and as we all know APK files are not supported by IOS software. That’s why this app is also not supported by IOS. 

Q: What is YouTube Vanced’s other name?

A: Youtube Vanced is now called ReVanced. 


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