Weighing and Bagging machines

Weighing and Bagging machines

April 21, 2024

Since 1998 We are the Manufacturers of WEIGHING & BAGGING MACHINES and CONVEYORS. We supply STITCHING MACHINES also.

    We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the past 25+ years with best customer satisfaction. We are an ISO9001 certified organization serving more than 800 clients worldwide and exporting to more than 15 countries directly.

Our Weighing and Bagging machines are used for –   Sugar, Fertilizer, Alloy, Cattle Feed, Corn, Fish Feed, Maize Grains, Groundnut, Plastic Raw, Iron, Materials, Rice, Soya & Poultry. Apart from that, we are also serving more than 300 clients worldwide in the following industries-

1.      Sugar – (Crystalline Sugar, Pulverized Sugar (Powder), Jaggery, Brown Sugar)
2.      Fertilizer
3.      Bio Compost
4.      Rice - FRK Rice
5.      Wheat
6.      Feed (Cattle Feed, Animal Feed, Fish Feed)
7.      Sand
8.      DDGS
9.      Soya (De-Oiled Cake, Bean, Flake, Meal)
10.  Spirulina Powder (Dry Powder)
11.  Maize Grains
12.  PVC Pellets
13.  Polymers Chips

The main factor that sets us apart is our commitment to our clients and after-sales service  and support.

    Now we have expanded our Service Network all over the world with a total of 18 Engineers at various parts of Indian states and Overseas to provide on time service, AMC, conversion for old machines for any type and any make of existing machines into the latest HIGH SPEED DUPLEX machine .

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