What is Cube Mould and Its Top 7 Manufacturers in India

What is Cube Mould and Its Top 7 Manufacturers in India

October 04, 2022

We often see various things in a cubic shape and wonder how they are shaped. The answer is simple, by using a Cube Mould. It is a unique mould used to manufacture various products in the shape of a cube. A cubic concrete block is one of the most common examples of such products. These blocks are used in many construction projects and are one of the most used materials in the industry. These blocks are manufactured using Concrete Cube Mould. Generally, these moulds are manufactured using high-grade materials that provide high durability and maximum work efficiency. With the help of these moulds, the user can easily manufacture many products in less time. When we go out to purchase such a product, it is easier to get puzzled and then become unable to select it. We have made a complete list of things you need to consider for choosing the perfect one for your requirements.

In this blog, you will learn about cubic mould and how to select the best one. We have also discussed the factors that affect the Cube Mould Price and the top 5 manufacturers. Let's start.

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What is a Concrete Cube Mould?

Concrete Cube Mould is a container that produces high-quality, uniform concrete products. These containers are used in industries where quality control is critical. There are many different types of industrial cube moulds, including plastic, metal, glass, and ceramic. Plastic is the most commonly used material for making these containers due to its low cost and ease of use. However, some companies prefer using metal instead of plastic due to their durability and longevity.

The first step in producing any industrial mould is to design the product. Once the design is complete, the manufacturer will begin production. The manufacturer must use various tools and machines to create the product. The injection moulding machine is the most common machine used to make an industrial Cube Mould. Injection moulding machines have two primary components: the hot runner system and the mould cavity. The hot runner system consists of a series of channels that run along the length of the mould cavity. The hot runner system's purpose is to distribute molten resin throughout the mould cavity evenly. After the molten resin flows through the channels, it solidifies and hardens. The hardened resin forms the final product. Once the resin has been injected into the mould cavity, the mould is closed and cooled down. When the mould is cool enough, the manufacturer removes the finished product from the Cube Casting Mould quickly.

Top 7 Cube Casting Mould Manufacturers in India

It is easy to get confused whenever you want to purchase a product, especially when trying to find the best Cube Casting Mould. Finding a good product or manufacturer is not easy at all. But we have made a special list of India's top 5 cube-shaped mould manufacturers. You can find the complete details below and choose for yourself.

Akshat Enterprise

Akshat Enterprise is among the leading manufacturers and sellers of various products. They focus on manufacturing and providing their customers with the best services and products. The company is located in Surat, Gujrat and has made a decent place in the industry with its premium offerings. Additionally, their customer support is impressive and satisfies every customer. The organization manufactures various machines for the construction industry, like Manual Cement Grouting Machines, Mini Concrete Mixers, Cube Mould, Monkey Hoist Machines, Earth Compactor, and many more. This company can be your go-to place if you want quality products at affordable prices.

Gubbi Enterprises

Established in 1993 in Maharashtra, Gubbi Enterprises is among the most reputed and trusted manufacturers, sellers, and traders of various machines. The main categories that the organization deals in are Single Wheel Barrow, Vibrating Needle, Concrete Mixer, Cube Mould, Grouting Needle, Bar Cutting Machine, Electric Concrete Vibrator, Bar Bending Machine, GI Mixing Tray, Cement Grouting Pump, and many more. The Concrete Cube Mould is manufactured using high-grade materials and provides excellent durability. In more than 29 years of work, they have served many clients to offer complete satisfaction. Their offerings are manufactured using the latest techniques and technologies to produce the best products.

Raj Engineering and Vibrators

Raj Engineering and Vibrators was started in 2005 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to provide the best products in the industry. The company holds a trusted and respected place in the industry, all thanks to its premium quality products. They are currently in the manufacturing, selling, and trading of various high-quality products. Some of the categories in which the company deals are Concrete Mixer, Diesel Vibrator Engine, Plate Vibrator, Cement Grouting Pump, Shutter Vibratory Motor, Epoxy Injection Pump, Concrete Cubic Mould, Dewatering Pump Set, and many more. Their Cube Casting Mould is an exceptional device they offer. It is made of premium raw materials and manufactured under strict quality controlled environments.

EIE Instruments Private Limited

Vimal C. Parikh founded EIE Instruments Private Limited in 1977, located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. The company is indulged in the manufacturing and selling of multiple products like MS Cubic Moulds, Cube Testing Machine, High-Temperature Muffle Furnace, Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner, Round Hot Plate, Vertical Steam Sterilizer, BOD Incubators, and many more. It manufactures various Concrete Cube Mould Size, among other products, to satisfy all clients' requirements. It assigns all the moulds a Cube Mould HSN Code that determines their quality and price. The products can also be customized according to the customer's requirements to meet everyone's expectations completely.

Weber Construction Machinery

Working in the industry since 2009, Weber Construction Machinery is among the most reputed and trusted manufacturers, sellers, and traders. The company is especially famous for its products' high quality and excellent performance. It manufactures Plate Vibrating Compactor Motor and Engine, Road Sweeper Machine, Portable Concrete Mixer, Sand Screening Machine, Construction Tower Hoist, Needle Vibrator, Rustproof Cube Mould, Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, and many more. If you are looking for some high-grade products manufactured with complete quality, they are a good option. Weber Construction Machinery has been catering to the industry for more than 13 years. In this period, they have attained such heights with the help of their premium offerings.

Choosing the Best Cube Mould According to Your Needs

It is not easy to choose a Cube Mould for your requirements. Factors like size, materials used for manufacturing, shape, and other elements greatly influence the price. There are many things you need to consider before completing the purchase process. We have made a complete list of things to help you find the best mould for your needs.


The size of the mould should be considered first. A smaller mould may work well if you have a small space. However, a bigger mould could be ideal if you have a larger area.


After selecting the Cube Mould Size, the material of the mould should be chosen carefully. It would be best if you had something strong enough to hold the shape of the concrete while maintaining its integrity. Concrete moulds made out of steel are usually sturdy and durable. On the other hand, plastic moulds tend to crack easily. Wood is another good option since it is relatively cheap and easy to use.


It would be best if you considered the shape of the mould. A round or square shape would be suitable for a circular or rectangular slab.

Surface Texture

Selecting a surface texture that will help the concrete adhere to the Concrete Cube Mould is crucial. Smooth surfaces are not recommended since they do not provide any grip for the concrete. Textured surfaces, however, are great for holding the shape of the concrete slab.

Work Efficiency

After choosing the suitable material and shape, you must consider the work efficiency of the machine. It will determine how many products you can manufacture in a given time window. Another thing is the Cube Mould HSN Code. It is a system to rate products based on their properties and determine the prices based on that.

Crucial Factors Affecting the Cube Mould Price

Whenever we go to market and purchase a product, we never wonder how its price is determined overall. The thought rarely crosses our minds, but many factors affect the overall cost. These factors can be the materials used to manufacture or the demand for the product in the market. Here, we have listed the major points that affect the Cube Mould Price. You can have a look and get to know about all these things in detail.

Material Used

The first and most influential thing is the materials used during the manufacturing process of Cube Mould. These materials can either be of high or low quality. We recommend getting only the products made using suitable raw materials. These machines will have better functionality and more durability than other options. Therefore, remember to check raw materials' grades before purchasing.


Technology is a factor that influences the price of a product because it affects the efficiency of the manufacturing process. For example, it would take less time to produce a certain number of products using a machine designed five years ago compared to a machine designed last year. It also takes time to develop new technologies and introduce them to the market. Based on the technology used, the Cube Mould Size also changes. Hence the price is dependent on the technology used during the manufacturing process.

Demand & Supply

Demand and supply are two of the most significant factors determining the price of Concrete Cube Mould. If demand increases, companies will have to increase production to meet the increased demand. Companies may also choose to raise their prices to cover higher costs. On the other hand, if supply decreases, companies will need to reduce production and/or lower their prices to remain competitive. In addition to these factors, many others influence the price of a product, including competition, technology, regulations, and government policies.


Competition refers to how much a company's sales are affected by its competitors. It results in price changes that can either go up or down. A company faces competition from its direct and indirect competitors selling the same Cube Casting Mould at a lower price. These often use marketing strategies targeting consumers' emotions rather than rational thinking. As a result, they may sometimes cause consumers to purchase products they do not necessarily need.


Regulations refer to laws that dictate what a company can and cannot do. For example, some countries limit the number of pesticides sprayed on crops, while others require companies to disclose the ingredients in their products. Environmental regulations also specify which chemicals are allowed in a product. All of these regulations are implemented to protect people and the environment. Hence, if such restrictions affect the manufacturing of the Cube Mould, its price will increase.


Now that we have discussed almost everything about these moulds and understood how concrete cube mould size affects its price. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most critical things in manufacturing products in cubic shape. It has many advantages and produces high-quality products with complete precision. If you want a product from the top manufacturers and sellers, you can look at the products offered by us. You can easily compare based on their prices & features and choose the best product according to your requirements. We have a large variety of Cube Casting Mould to satisfy all your needs and requirements. Contact our customer support if you face any difficulty in the purchase process. We will gladly guide you through the whole thing.

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