What makes Water Fountain an attractive Business Product?

What makes Water Fountain an attractive Business Product?

November 18, 2022

The decoration is a part of living that intensifies the environment scenery. The glimpse of the beauty that provides a happy moment is always appreciable. What are the memories of a park or garden you recently visited? Greenery, old friends, and a beautiful water spot. With the incredibility of spilling water in designs, the Water Fountain is a mesmerising and vastly selling product. It is definitely scientific magic that attracts everyone’s attention. It captures the eyes and won’t let you get rid of its affection. So, what makes the Fountain an in-demand product? And, what is the business option of these gadgets are some of the sections we will discuss in this article. Along with this, we will elaborate on its benefits, varieties, and specifications. And then, we will try to estimate its price and various factors affecting it. So, let’s start the discussion with its definition and working.

What are the Indoor Water Fountain and its working mechanism?

The Indoor Water Fountain is a dynamic and advanced gadget designed to fill the space with beauty. It is installed to spill water in various beautifying shapes, which makes the place’s personality essential and memorable. These fountains are usually installed over a water surface and in extensive areas. They are part of the decorations in offices, malls, lobbies, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and many more.

Like, their functioning, they are of numerous types and are available in various varieties. Some of the top-selling types of this gadget are:

Architectural Fountain

It is the most common type of Fountain widely used in the classy sections of the town and villages. It intensifies the water flow and creates a rhythm and glow in the water outlets of public places, parks, circuses, or malls. It is known as a sculptural fountain when a sculpture building structure is formed by adding accessories to these architectural fountains. This addition of accessories beautifies the spilling, and a design or pattern of water can be seen.

Residential Fountain

The Water Fountain for Home is a specially designed gadget. It can be seen as a part of complex projects, homes, and buildings. It provides a memorable experience by using unique elements in sprinkling water. Its operating manual is designed to reuse water and won’t waste it. It gives a decorative touch to the interior, and its appearance and spilling in a controlled way emerge the classy glow.

Floating Fountain

A Floating Fountain is an essential gadget that doesn’t have a grounded anchor. Its beautiful working and dynamic designs make this gadget the most selling product in this industry. It is equipped with fastening cables that provide the base for the device to make it controlled and stable for precise water designs. It is an efficient and simple gadget that attracts the eyes because of its exciting and unique features.

Digital Water Curtain

Digital Water Curtains are a great technological device that could be hard to imagine years ago. It uses software to sprinkle water and can be automatically controlled. It creates water screens that present various designs and messages with water. It is an advanced and dynamic gadget capable of capturing your eyes and mesmerising you.


The Waterfall is a dynamic and elegant part of the fountain ranges. It is divided into two particular types, that is, water curtains and water walls. It is a widespread and recognisable type of Fountain. They are noise-resistant and classy, so they can match your decoration and intensify it.

Dry Fountain

The Dry Fountain is a well-known type of water jet that remains inactive for various timestamps, so to allow people to walk beside it. They are advanced devices that let the users control their spillage. But, to make this possible, it uses automation, which is then known as an interactive fountain. They are designed to strengthen the decoration and to form some captivating moments.

Dancing Fountain

This Fountain is designed to memorise you that you are in the 21st century. It can form numerous different methods and brings versatility to the environment. Various outstanding and technologically advanced features, like speaking, and dancing, make it gain people’s sight and be appreciated every time. The sound, lighting, and water designs are controlled by software.

Buddha Water Fountain

Buddha Water Fountain is a decorative artistry that can be customised in various shapes and sizes. It is a pleasant Indoor Water Fountain that uses water to intensify your peace. It can be placed in living rooms, office cabins, and a table. It can enlighten your decoration. They are available in numerous sizes to ease placement. It won’t spread water at all. And are sold drastically to bring calmness to your surroundings.

Apart from this, there is various Small water Fountain for home & massive fountains available in the market. Due to the differentiation based on the water sprinkling and assembling, it won’t be possible to mention all. Let’s see some of the top manufacturers of these machines.

Leading Manufacturers of Home Décor Water Fountain

The Home Décor Water Fountain is a massively selling product, so it has become a trending fashion. After reading about such beautiful varieties, there are chances that you might get affection from them and want to buy them. In such cases, to make your purchase profitable, we provide you with some of the leading manufacturers of these gadgets. These sellers are well-known and trusted by a vast audience. So, some of the trending fountain dealers are:

Penguin Innovative Engineering Private Limited

A well-recognised organisation, Penguin Innovative is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat-based company appreciated for its outstanding products and customer services. It is a highly advanced workstation famous for its massive, high-tech assembly units. Their constant hard work and premium quality product range helped them maintain a remarkable brand value. They sell a wide range of superior products such as Fountain, Pani puri filling machine, Frankie roti maker, coffee liquid vending machine, chapati machine, etc. Their well-furbished infrastructure and experienced workers are the backbones of the company. They believe in ethical business and, thus, are always ready to serve their clients.

Vibhu Kitchen Equipment

A perfection-loving organisation with a motive to ensure customer satisfaction, Vibhu Kitchen Equipment is a well-known company. It is a Delhi-based company that serves one of the best and most classy Water Fountain to its customers. Its dynamic and advanced products make it one of India’s leading Manufacturers and suppliers. They have established a brilliant brand value in numerous other products. Some of them are food processing machines, Wet Grinders, Dough Kneaders, Mincers, and many more. They ensure customer satisfaction through their products. Their manufactured items are appreciated for their high performance, low power consumption, and minimal maintenance. Due to their efficient services, they have been highly trustful for the past many years.

A1 Outdoor Furniture & Precast Products

Established in Telangana, ‘A1 Outdoor furniture & precast products’ is a widely known organisation known for its standardised Water Fountain for Home. It is a reputed company that deals in numerous versatile products. Some of its trending products are Saucer drains, Concrete fencing poles, kerbstone, concrete garden benches, RCC chambers, etc. Its advanced infrastructural unit plays an essential role in its growth. The company is dedicated to fulfilling customers’ needs and works tirelessly to achieve them. With all customer-centric and time-assured working mechanisms, they are counted as one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers of quality products.

How to Rule the Garden Water Fountain Industry?

The Home Décor Water Fountain is a well-known product type found everywhere. It has vast sales and, thus, is a profitable business Industry. Due to its diverse sales and specifications, numerous new and established entrepreneurs invest their money and time in this sector. Due to the rising product availability, the competition in this sector is rising like all other successful industries. Thus, establishing a business in this sector needs uniqueness in the product variety. So, how to bring that selective factor into the product? It is the section that helps you understand the tried and tested tactics that bring advancement to your product.

There are numerous methods of achieving this available in the market. Some of them are effective; some are not. Some of them are paid, and some are free of cost. But some of the most influential and success-guaranteeing methods are:

Dynamic Product Quality

The first thing that makes the product preferable is its quality and specifications. And how these features came into the products? The answer is by transforming the product manufacturing techniques, adding advanced accessories, and quality standard processing. So, a product with dashing workability, productivity, and durability is always appreciated in the market.

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Affordable Prices

The Garden Water Fountain is a thing of necessity, but it is a decorative collection. That means the prices of these gadgets must be balanced to be a product of all classes. So, with impressive product quality and specifications, it will attract customers if the costs are balanced. It might be a difficult task, but not impossible. So, you can buy large quantity natural products for a massive discount to achieve it. Or you can become a seller of branded product ranges. Although it is not as complex, you can get it done because sacrifices are those things that make you the ruler.

Progressive Marketing

Marketing is a section that needs your vision to work effectively. It is not a thing that can be ignored in a business in today’s time. How can a buyer get to know about your product? It is the only practical way business people maintain a profitable relationship between buyers and sellers. The other most important thing that can be underestimated is the way of doing it. It needs a deep understanding and expertise to target a preferable audience that can be converted into leads. And getting the updates customer wants in your products and presenting them to them becomes the inevitable section of the business.


How to get Water Fountain online?

You can check out highly versatile and dynamic product ranges at aajjo.com.

What is the price of an outdoor water fountain?

It may vary from product to product, but you can get it in a range of ₹3000 to ₹1,95,000 as per your need.

Can the water fountain be used in homes?

Of course! There are numerous small water fountain ranges available that can be used in rooms, tables, etc.

What does Water fountain mean?

It is a kind of water sprinkler, capable of spilling water in various designs, to make the places decorative.

How to get the best Water Fountain near me?

You can get these fountains at numerous stores near you. But, to get quality products you can visit aajjo.com.

Where to assemble Water Fountain for Home Vastu?

Although, it is a decorative piece and not a considerable thing for Vastu, etc. But, ideal and Vastu Shastra experts say, using it in the north direction brings positive vibes to your place.

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I was captivated when you mentioned that dry fountains allow people to walk beside it. My friend prefers a Western water fountain for her property. I should advise her to go for it to boost the curb appeal of her property.

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