What principle does an Air Purifier work?

What principle does an Air Purifier work?

December 12, 2022

Human beings always try to go beyond their limits. It is one of the reasons we are known for various bacteria and viruses that were not discovered in ancient times. But that doesn’t show our advancement. The most outstanding achievement is that we know how to cure them. The Covid-19 situation, when we lost a massive number of people without knowing the cause of death, was shocking. And another major issue is continuously rising pollution, causing severe diseases and illness. These both have one thing in common, and that is air. Thus, the Air Purifier gain acknowledgement in the market. Although, it is not a new product at all. But, its importance after the pandemic becomes multiple times compared to previous situations. 

And, so to elaborate How do Air Purifiers work, we bring this informative blog to strengthen your understanding. This article will briefly discuss its applications, types, and advantages. And we will try to explain various ways to establish a business in this industry and its prices. So, let’s begin the discussion with an explanation of the working phenomenon of this gadget.

How Does an Air Purifier work?  

An idea by Charles Anthony Deane in 1830 led to the foundation of this machine. But many efforts of various scientists and researchers created a full-fledged working Air Purifier in 1963. It is a dynamic gadget widely used to remove contaminants and volatile air particles and make it pure and breathable. Its applications help various patients with respiratory diseases to breathe easily and comfortably. It works on two fundamental principles; let’s discuss them to understand them clearly.

The Home Air Purifier usually works on two primary principles. These are Active and Passive air purifying techniques.

Active Purification Technique

It is a process of purifying air, in which negatively charged ions are released into the air, attracting particles toward it and sticking to them. Thus, these particles won’t remain active, so we get fresh air to breathe. But this technique is not as effective as passive ones. And, so, passive purifiers get preference in the market for their advanced working phenomenon.

Passive Purification Technique 

The Passive Purification technique uses filters to clean the air of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and dust particles. It uses advanced technologies to filter pollutants and collects them into filters. The most common methods used dynamically nowadays are Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) & High-Efficiency particulate Air filters (HEPA). Let’s see a detailed explanation of these filters to understand their working.

HEPA Filters

It is a highly effective Home Air Purifier in India that captures 99.97% of 0.3 micrometres of dust particles and purifies the air. It is preferable because it doesn’t use ozone for its work and thus is completely safe for humans. It is generally installed to trap the air in a room, like at doors and windows. It catches all the entering air and passes them through it. It captures all the dust, large and small particles, and ensures fresh air. Researchers are still trying to make an effective biocide filter so that these HEPA filters can also catch airborne pathogens.

UVGA Filters

UVGA Filters are brilliant machinery that uses Ultraviolet lamps to sterilize air. It is a freestanding air purification system that uses a fan to force the air to pass through the UV lights. Its advanced designs target all the air of the premises and are very proficient in their working. It is preferable in the market because it helps eliminate microorganisms. Its usage by in-line duct systems increases its efficacy in cleansing all the organisms and particles because of its placement in centre of duct and parallel to airflow.

Activated Carbon Filters

Using Activated Carbon in Air Purifying Plants is an effective way to reduce pollutants in the air. These particles are volatile chemicals that get adsorbed by these activated carbon particles on a molecular basis. But it isn’t capable of removing large particles. The process is a time-based technique because, after some time, it reaches equilibrium and, thus, becomes difficult to remove contaminants completely. It is a process that changes the physical structure of the particle from a gaseous phase to a solid state. Activated carbon is a highly specified way of air purification at room temperature. It can also be used with other filter technology to intensify their work. It is one of the cost-efficient ways of air purification and, thus, has a dynamic market.

Other filtration methods like Polarized- media electronic air cleansers, photocatalytic oxidation, Ionizers purifiers, Titanium-di-oxide technology, Thermodynamic sterilizations, and many more are also dynamically sold products in the market.

What are the Benefits of Air Purifying Plants? 

Air Purifying Plants are highly beneficial and efficient in cleansing air. Its tremendous work and outstanding performance provide various advantages to its users. Hence, if you are planning to buy this machinery, let’s see some of its benefits that make you healthy and a step ahead in the industry. 

Life Saver for Asthma Patients

It is a blessing for asthma patients because they have a narrowed windpipe to breathe, and heavy particles can make them suffer from shortness of breath, suffocation, and in severe conditions, hypoxia. It helps purify the air from all such particles and makes them breathable. With the help of these gadgets, numerous Asthma patients enjoy an easy life without any problems.

Purify air from life-threatening microorganisms 

The Air Purifier is a dynamic gadget that kills various microorganisms that may infect you with various life-threatening diseases. It uses multiple advanced techniques to eliminate pathogens produced by animal dander. Also, heavy particles like smog, smoke, tobacco, pesticides, etc., that are very dangerous for health can easily be eliminated by using these machines. 

Elimination of Mold Spores

Various pathogens are inactive in the air but grow after getting adequate temperature from the human body. These pathogens are challenging to eliminate and cause severe respiratory and other organ diseases that can harm you. Highly effective machinery ensures safety from inactive spores and mold and is preferable.

Capable of removing odour

The efficiency of killing microorganisms provides one more healthy specification to these gadgets that benefit its user. It is highly proficient machinery that prevents the foul smell from entering your premises; thus, you can enjoy the air comfortably.


The Room Air Purifiers is an efficient and pocket-friendly gadget. It works dynamically without causing any side effects to human beings. The working nature of these machines are well organized and doesn’t consume much electricity. It makes them the No.1 choice of customers for air purification services.

Low Maintenance

These gadgets are designed proficiently to work progressively. Its unique specifications and accessories make them a unique and advanced product for the air purifying industry. Its raw material is the best in quality. It doesn’t require much maintenance, and it has very cost-efficient servicing. 

How to capture the Air Purifier market?

These Gadgets are brilliant products capable of establishing an Industry. The Air Purifier Specifications make it advanced machinery that helps to maintain our health and work efficiently. Due to its outstanding workability and cost-efficiency, this product has an extensive market. Numerous manufacturers and startups are working tirelessly to gain domination in this market. And, therefore this industry also needs uniqueness in the product to make it preferable and dominant. There are various ways to captivate customers’ eyes. But the tried and tested three methods that ensure profit is:

Brilliant Product Quality

The most important part of a deal is product quality. It decides various things and also the possibilities of a contract. So, a product with good quality raw materials and advanced specifications will get a preference in the market. Also, it can be easily maintained by using good-quality materials, advanced accessories, and a skilled workforce. It will sustain your position in the market and keep your brand value.

Affordable Prices

The Air Purifier Price in India is a topic of discussion and one of the specifications that create space for new industrialists and entrepreneurs. The Affordability of the material is an important aspect that can bring an edge to you. Because prices are capable of transforming the minds of the purchasers. With unique specifications and good built quality, a product will rule the industry if it gets the affordable price feature. Is it enough to make you an Industry ruler?


Another essential part of a business is marketing. It has a vital role in the business establishment sector. Because its efficiency ensures your product’s acknowledgement among customers. There are numerous ways to target an audience, but practices like social media management, guest blog publishing, etc., are some of the highly trusted features of marketing. Also, you can take the help of various advanced B2b marketplaces to ensure surety and quality in the marketing section.

What are the Air Purifier Prices in India?

After reading the specifications and benefits of such a fantastic gadget, you are considering buying it. You won’t get wandered and get it at the best prices; quality is the main motive behind this section. So, prices are one of the things that have always been a part of the discussion. Due to various factors, price changes are expected, but demand clarifications. So, before estimating the price, let’s see some factors influencing it. 

Built Quality 

The Built quality of a product can bring variations in its prices. Its accessories, material used in manufacturing, durability, etc., are some of the factors that justify its market value. Thus, a rise or drop in prices can be normal for such products.

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There are various sizes of purifiers available in the market. It has different strengths and features according to the customer’s requirements. Thus, varying prices with varying sizes is entirely legit and understandable.


We have discussed various types of purifiers earlier. These parts use different accessories and filters for their efficient working. It creates a difference in their manufacturing cost, and thus changes in the selling price can be seen.


A variation in the prices concerning the branding is nominal. Established brands transform their gadgets constantly to make them the best and preferable in the market. With a massive trustful audience, a variation does not impact the sales of the branded Air purifiers; thus, these changes can be justified typically.


It is one of the most crucial factors for price variations. It has been highlighted because customers don’t find this variation legitimate. But it can also be justified easily. Due to the availability of a gadget, the manufacturing cost varies from place to place. It also gets expanded because of various taxes like state tax, VAT, GST, etc. Thus, to ensure profit in the sales, the variation in the selling price is entirely acceptable. But it can be neglected with the help of a marketplace.

Concluding Remarks

In this article, we read about Air Purifiers briefly. We discussed various aspects of them. We saw its working procedure, advantages, and business applications. Then, we discussed tried to justify the variations in the prices and saw some leading factors affecting it. Although we are at the end of the article, some questions still need to be answered. Some essential queries like where to buy these machines, and problems that sellers face regarding sales and marketing, etc., need answers.

But don’t worry; we are here to help you with all your problems. We, AAJJO Business Solutions Private Limited, serve you with a one-stop platform that helps you with all business-related issues. We provide sellers with an advanced B2B platform to list their products and generate leads. Also, we provide assistance in product promotions to increase their brand value. So, if you are one of the sellers and want to list your product with us, you are welcome in our family. And, if you are one of the buyers interested in the Best Air Purifier, we ensure you a profitable deal.


How to get the Best Air Purifier in India?

Numerous sellers and dealers deal in Air Purifiers, but for the best machines, you can visit aajjo.com.

What will be the Air Purifier Prices?

The Air Purifier Price varies with the product, but you can get it in a range of ₹1000 to ₹40,000 depending on your requirements.

What is the importance of Air Purifiers?

Air Purifiers are gadgets that purify the air of all volatile particles and contaminants.

How to get Home Air Purifier near me?

You can visit aajjo.com to get the machine from the best manufacturers near you.

Can Air Purifiers be effective against Microorganisms?

Yes! It is widely used to sanitize the air by capturing microorganisms.

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June 23, 2023

Really admire the very good researchers who were able to produce an active air purifier, now the environment is gradually becoming seriously polluted, it greatly affects human health.

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