What To Do When Antique Door Knob Won't Open?

What To Do When Antique Door Knob Won't Open?

June 04, 2024

Door knobs that are antique are a great addition to any home and can bring in the feeling of the old age. However, they become rather a nuisance and an inconvenience when they do not want to be opened. No matter if it is a jammed mechanism, a part that is no longer functional or just a model that is no longer useful, it is crucial to learn how to approach the problem and solve it. In this particular blog post, we will be discussing why antique door knobs may not open and how to go about the issue while also understanding when it would be best to get a new one from Judge Hardware. 


Possible Causes of an Antique Door Knob That Does Not Open


Worn-Out Mechanism

As time passes by the internal parts of an antique door knob may get damaged and the knob will be hard to turn or set the latch. This wear and tear is normal, especially in the older equipment that has been in use for a number of years. 


Rust and Corrosion

Metal door knobs, especially the antiques, are likely to develop rust and corrosion. This can lead to the internal components to stick and this makes the knob to become rigid and not to turn as expected. 



Misalignment can also be caused by worn out or shifted foundations, or if door settling has occurred; this applies specifically to the door knob and the latch. 


Accumulated Dirt and Debris

Dirt and dust particles are bound to accumulate on the interior parts of the mechanism, rendering the latter stiff and unresponsive over time. 


Key Issues

If your antique door knob is keyed, the issue could very well be with the key. A key that is bent or has some portion of it worn out may not be able to properly align with the lock mechanism. 


Guidelines to Solve and Repair an Old Door Knob That Is Stuck 


Inspect the Knob

First of all, one should check the door knob to see if it is damaged, rusty, or if it is not set correctly. First, one should check if the knob is loose or if there are any other visible barriers. 


Lubricate the Mechanism

Apply lubricant to the parts which are situated inside the mechanism – you can use penetrating oil or graphite lubricant for that. Put some lubricant to the keyhole and on the surrounding area of the knob and twist the knob slowly in order to butter the lubricant in the mechanism. 

Tighten Screws

If the knob is loose then the screws the knob or the faceplate of the knob may require the use of a screwdriver to tighten. This can sometimes cure problems with the misalignment or loose parts.


Clean the Knob

If it is dirt and debris that is causing the problem then, where possible, remove the knob and clean the inside of the unit with a soft brush and mild detergent. It is advisable to dry the parts before replacing them to avoid the development of rusting on the parts.

Check the Key

If it is dirty and dusty, then it is recommended that you unscrew the knob and then clean the interior using a soft brush and some detergent. When putting them back to their original positions, ensure that these parts are dry to avoid the development of rust.

Align the Latch


Check if the latch and the strike plate are in their right position. If they are not correctly aligned, you need to adjust the position of the strike plate whereby you have to first remove the screws of the strike plate and then move the strike plate in a way that the latch can easily catch onto it.

The Following Are Some Of The Indications That You Should Consider Replacing Your Antique Door Knob


If the above solutions have been applied and the antique door knob still does not open, then there is a need to change the knob. It is also advised to replace the knob if it is badly worn, the mechanism is irreparably damaged, or if you wish to switch to a better version. Judge Hardware has a fine array of beautiful and real antique door knobs that can be installed to replace the current knobs but will not compromise the traditional look of your house. 


Benefits Of Buying A New Antique Door Knob From Judge Hardware


Authenticity and Quality


Judge Hardware offers the best antique door knobs that are original and made to last for a long time. It is made of highly durable materials and these knobs are especially crafted to mimic the looks of the old knobs that you fancy. 

Wide Selection


The various styles, finishes, and designs mean that you are bound to get the door knob that will complement your home and your personality. 


Easy Installation


New antique door knobs from Judge Hardware also come with all the needed hardware and installation guide to help the homeowner in the changing process without much trouble. 


Improved Functionality


There are modern versions of the antique door knobs in the market which are more durable and functional than the original ones and which gives the antique look with modern features.


Ways on How to Take Care of Antique Door Knobs in Order to Avoid Future Complications


Regular Cleaning

To avoid making your antique door knobs get dirty, then you should on a regular basis use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner to clean them.


To maintain the proper functioning of the mechanism, it is advised that lubrication be done on the mechanism after every few months. 

Inspect and Tighten

The knobs should be examined every so often for loose screws or other components; any such components should be secured to avoid misalignment or general wear. 

Protect from Moisture

To ensure that the functioning of the mechanism is not affected it is recommended that the mechanism be well-greased after every few months.

Final Words


Here are some tips and procedures that will help you appreciate and use your antique door knobs as they should be, for a long time. If ever you are in search of a new one, then Judge Hardware is here to assist with their fine selection of antique door knobs.

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