WhatsApp Automation: What is It, Benefits, Uses & Examples

WhatsApp Automation: What is It, Benefits, Uses & Examples

April 23, 2024

WhatsApp Business has a practical feature called WhatsApp Automation. It is software and a tool for future business ventures under the users' guidance. With a ratio of 2.78 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp has gained more engagement rather than a traditional messaging channel. 

With a base of unique users worldwide, WhatsApp automation serves businesses. WhatsApp has more engaging features for communicating with users than any other traditional platform. But what we're looking at today and in the upcoming future is that WhatsApp has proven to be the best messaging platform for companies to enhance operational efficiency, creativity, and customer engagement. 

More than 175 million messages are sent through the WhatsApp Business account by WhatsApp users every day globally. This is affecting the economy, and the influence ratio worldwide has increased. Speaking about the number of consumers who depend on digital platforms from Indonesia to Mexico and from the US to the UK are integrating their lives with virtual applications. 

WhatsApp automation assures businesses that they can connect with their targeted customers by offering individualized, more creative, and engaging communication. 

For all of them, WhatsApp automation is the best feature for answering customer queries automatically and sending welcome or away responses on WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Business Automation

WhatsApp automation is the procedure of using software features to execute particular tasks and run conversations over WhatsApp. An AI-driven technology or a form of API, WhatsApp automation to automate the whole communication process, interactions, or movement of messages on WhatsApp. 

Without human intervention, the system can send and receive messages, add new contacts, respond to client and customer requests, and broadcast messages to multiple contacts. WhatsApp Automation is the software technique to automate messages and communication on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business Automation streamlines customer assistance, promotional communications, and reminders by automating repetitive processes.

Businesses may save time and resources by utilizing WhatsApp Automation, which also improves response times and customer satisfaction. 

Benefits of WhatsApp Automation

Using WhatsApp automation for official purposes makes the work easy, comfortable, and quick. Among them are some precious benefits we're going to tell you: 

1. Reduce your response time – 

Using WhatsApp automation for Business reduces customer query response time, as 49% of companies and organizations use it to save time on activities that generally take a significant amount of time doing repetitive tasks. Automated responses to users and common queries can help you save time and utilize it with other required tasks.

2. Save your team's time & efforts – 

Sending automated replies to repeated customer queries on WhatsApp saves your agents precious time, allowing them to complete their other tasks on time. 

3. Keep your Business running 24×7 – 

Enabling WhatsApp automation allows businesses to run 27*7, even during festivals, holidays, or other days. Activating automated responses will automatically send the response to users when they send a message to the Business. 

4. Drive engagement to 5x more users –

Compared with other marketing methods, WhatsApp has a more engaging percentage 5x. This will make it easier to drive engagement to more users by just automating WhatsApp messages, & genuine leads to your Business.

Uses and Examples of WhatsApp Automation

1. Automate payment reminder notifications on WhatsApp

Automating payment reminders on WhatsApp using WhatsApp automation brings 3x more payments faster. Sometimes, users may miss their payments to make in this fast-paced world. Whether it is car loans, loan EMI, school and college fees, and subscriptions, sending reminders of payments through WhatsApp automation helps you get 4x payments faster quickly.

2. Setup Welcome messages & quick replies

Customers will become more interested in your Business if they receive an automated welcome or away message when interacting with you. Doing so helps create a positive impression of your product in the user's mind. 

3. Recover 45-60% of Abandoned Carts.

One of the used examples of WhatsApp automation is recovering 45-60% of abandoned carts to send notifications on WhatsApp. Most customers visit the website, add items to their wishlist, or exit the page without buying anything. However, sending automated cart reminders will recover 45-60% of abandoned rates on WhatsApp with general notifications to the users to complete their purchases.

4. Send Live Delivery Updates on WhatsApp

The feature of Google's live location is to be sent over WhatsApp to know the people in your current locations for reaching you. The tool allows it to work like a navigator or live location sharing. Users can trust your brands by receiving automated WhatsApp notifications. Because users know they will be notified through WhatsApp automated messages whenever they purchase or return an item. 

5. Automate sales & customer queries with the WhatsApp Chatbot

A WhatsApp chatbot responds to consumer inquiries, completes sales, and collects user information on WhatsApp. The program mimics a customer care representative, providing a human-like experience 24/7 for your organization.

The WhatsApp Chatbot can answer common consumer questions, and nurture leads when they first arrive on WhatsApp. 

Limitations of WhatsApp Automation with WhatsApp Business App

Most enterprises regard WhatsApp Automation as a working AI, highlighting the reason for the software's significant audience and users and its vast business solution that users look up to.

Since its inception, WhatsApp Business API has revolutionized how businesses connect with their customers, allowing for the construction of an efficient and highly rapid buyer service center.

This explains why this instant messaging service has become so popular with huge organizations and mediated companies, which have used it to better communicate with their audience and even increase their realized profits.

Many people are now wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of using WhatsApp for Business API.

You have reached the correct spot if you came here looking for a solution to this question.

Increased Visibility

Getgabs has found that WhatsApp automation offers an opening rate of ⅔ to a click rate of 35%. This is an exact demonstration of this type of messaging application enhancing the opportunity of the database to get on sent messages if they were offering enough content regarding the product or promotional notifications. 

But the main thing to know is how to build effective templates that grab the audience's attention and customers while respecting Meta's terms and conditions.

Generation of interactive automatic responses

The best example of a quick messaging channel is WhatsApp automation. After all, WhatsApp allows the Business to develop a customer support environment, which should always be available 24*7—appreciating its functionality to create such interactive auto-send answers to customer queries instantly. 

Suppose WhatsApp automation integrates with your communication channel. In that case, you no longer require a labor resource available every time, as this tool will automatically send auto-generated replies or messages to customers anytime at a scheduled time. 

Creation Of A Multi-Agent And Multi-Sector Customer Service Center

Another intriguing feature of WhatsApp Automation is creating a multi-agent and multi-sector customer support center using a single phone number.

In this regard, the WhatsApp Business API app allows you to connect many customer service agents on the same platform so that they can operate synchronously and efficiently. As a result, you will be able to respond promptly to the needs of all users who contact you, decreasing wait time and personalizing attention while meeting all customer demands.

As if this were not enough, connecting WhatsApp with your company software allows you to collaborate with teams of specialized human assistants by service area, capable of quickly solving user's problems.

Bot programming

Artificial intelligence has entered our lives to better them, including how marketers can leverage this rapid communication channel. We're talking about the messaging technology that lets you construct bots that can quickly answer frequently requested user inquiries.

The organization's only task is assessing consumers'' most frequently asked questions and producing appropriate responses.

The chatbot will then be in charge of providing the user's desired response in seconds without the need for human intervention.


Hence, this article concludes that WhatsApp Business automation is coming to help businesses raise their brand awareness. Creative business ideas and leadership actions permit the company to manage its position in marketing and image in the audience's mind. 

The company's brand environment innovates and is uniquely present in the customer's view to grow the Business. If you follow creative and engaging strategies, customers will show interest in your industry. By enhancing brand delivery worldwide through good practices and regulations, businesses offer high-quality work and better options. WhatsApp automation perfectly works for the company to provide modern technology to help the development. 

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