Why is There a Sudden Increase in Umrah Prices?

Why is There a Sudden Increase in Umrah Prices?

January 04, 2024

For countless Muslims around the world, the opportunity to complete the sacred pilgrimage of Umrah is a lifelong dream. It’s a sacred journey that gives Muslims an opportunity to strengthen their belief and make their connection stronger to the Almighty. However, for some people, it's nearly impossible to accomplish this pilgrimage. Especially the cost of December Umrah Packages is quite high, because of increased demand. After the lockdown of the coronavirus, prices of everything skyrocketed, making it difficult for the majority of people to survive. Rising expenses of everything and manipulation of government affairs made this pilgrimage an unaffordable option for many people. Let's explore the potential causes of increased prices and how Muslims can tackle this situation to embark on this transformative journey.

Causes of Rising Costs

The main cause of these increased prices is the quota systems imposed by the Saudi government. Besides, flight tickets have increased because of the overall inflation of the world. Specifically, if you book December Umrah packages, they usually cost more. The reasons behind this are the moderate weather and winter vacations in European countries.

Many Muslims opt for DIY Umrah to reduce expenses caused by inflation but they end up spending more money as the rate of hotels and meals are higher everywhere. Also, you don’t have any idea about new places so the chances of getting scammed are higher, it's better to choose a reliable travel agency. Another reason for the increased prices of Umrah is that the Saudi government has increased the visa prices. This adds a great difference in the overall expense of pilgrimage. Additionally, airlines charge higher prices in peak season, making it more difficult for individuals to embark on the Umrah journey.

Impact of High Prices

Every Muslim wants to visit Allah’s home, either rich or poor, however with the ongoing situation, it's hard for low-income families to travel to Saudi Arabia and bear all expenses of Umrah. It doesn’t affect wealthy people as they can afford expensive December Umrah packages all year. Most Muslims are left behind because of their financial situation and this affects them emotionally. Performing Umrah is not just an act but it’s an opportunity to build a stronger connection with Allah and strengthen our faith. So addressing this issue is necessary to make Umrah accessible for everyone.

Addressing the Issue

Increased prices of Umrah are a great concern for the Muslim community and it needs a multi-faceted approach to tackle this situation. Not only government officials but the private sector should also take steps. The Saudi government should make some modifications to regulate the cost and make some modifications. The Muslim community should also negotiate with the airlines to provide discounts to Umrah pilgrims. Officials should discuss this issue with the Saudi government so they can make amendments to their quota and finances.

The government should take strict action against private travel agencies who charge extra or engage in illegal activities. Furthermore, low-income families should refrain from booking December Umrah packages. Charges for everything are quite higher during December because it’s a peak season. Besides, financial help should be given to needy people by the government so they can fulfill their wish to become guests of Allah’s home.

How to Reduce Umrah Expenses?

The government should take effective steps toward making changes in the cost of the Umrah pilgrimage. But there are some necessary steps that pilgrims can take to reduce the overall cost of Umrah and make it an enriching journey. Avoid booking your Umrah package during the peak season, as everyone is trying to go during these months, so charges will be high. Look for travel agencies that offer cheap Umrah services. Try to compensate the company if you are paying a lower than the usual amount. Don’t give your money to a travel agency with a bad reputation, even if they offer a much lower rate than other companies. Choose the company that is certified, to avoid getting scammed. If you are planning to do DIY Umrah, do good research before starting your journey.

Final Thoughts

After the lockdown, prices of everything increased all over the world. From accommodation to transportation and food, the expense of everything doubled. So to tackle this situation, hotel management should prioritize the needs of pilgrims and make slight changes in their deals. Also, the travel agency should offer discounted prices for December Umrah packages to the people who can’t afford it. There should be financial support given by the government to the people who are truly in need. It’s the responsibility of our Muslim brothers if they have good wealth they should consider helping their Muslim fellows. Muslims Holy Travel has been offering reliable Umrah services for the past few years, you can book your package from them without any doubt.

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