Your Go-To Guide on Hand Trolley and It's Types

Your Go-To Guide on Hand Trolley and It's Types

April 29, 2024

For a Business Warehouse is the most important place where they manage their stocks. It is also important to increase the efficiency of the warehouse for easy management and effortless working, the Hand Trolley is an amazing solution for efficient work. It is an indispensable tool for transporting heavy loads with ease. These folding hand trolleys play a vital role in warehouses, supermarkets as well as different industrial settings. In this article, we will try to know about this effortless tool in detail. Let’s get started

Types Of Hand Trolley:

There are various types of hand trolleys available in the market for different purposes. Let's talk about the most popular hand trolleys. 

Two-Wheel Hand Trolley:

This is the most basic type of hand trolley that comes with 2 wheels and a high-grip handle. It is the ideal trolley for transporting smaller and lighter loads like boxes, packages, etc. The two-wheel hand trolley is lightweight and the best option for narrow spaces. 

Four-Wheel Hand Trolley

A wheel hand trolley is known as a platform trolley, with heavy-duty performance this trolley is best for heavy-load transportation. This hand trolley provides great support to the items and has no chance of damage. It carries more weight than two-wheeled trolleys best for work at warehouses, factories, and delivery services for transporting bulkier items like furniture, and appliances. 

Folding Hand Trolley

Folding hand trolleys are designed for easy storage and transportation. We can easily convert it into a compact size after use and store it in a small space like a closet, trunk, or storage room. Folding hand trolleys are popular among travelers and movers who need a portable solution for occasional use. Two-Wheel Hand Trolley and Four-Wheel Hand Trolley also can come with folding features.

Stair Climbing Hand Trolley:

Famous for conquering stairs, This hand trolley features 2 rotating wheels that navigate staircases smoothly. A stair-climbing hand trolley is the best option for those who carry heavy items from stairs, this trolley effortlessly saves their time and makes their work easier.

Heavy-Duty Hand Trolley:

Heavy-duty hand trolleys are specifically designed to transport heavy loads with high weight capacity. These hand trolleys feature larger wheels to support heavy loads. 

Convertible Hand Trolley: 

Convertible hand trolleys, also known as 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 trolleys, are versatile and can be adjusted to serve different purposes. They typically feature a convertible design that allows them to function as both a hand truck and a platform trolley.

Take Away:

Hand trolleys play an important role in different settings and are a vital tool for factories, warehouses, and supermarkets. But you can’t make full use of it without knowing your requirements. It is better to research before buying the platform trolley. Consider the weight capacity of your tool, try to understand the work for which you are buying, consider the durability and quality of the tool, and make sure to buy from a trusted brand. Corvids India is one of the best online brands with high-quality products providing 2 years of warranty on hand trolleys. You can go through for a better decision. Experience the effortless moving with hand trolleys. 


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