Ahata Industries: Best Cold Room Manufacturer in Delhi

Ahata Industries: Best Cold Room Manufacturer in Delhi

March 10, 2022

The need for refrigeration is increasing with each passing day to keep our products fresh and healthy for a long time. These products include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, temperature-sensitive chemicals, etc. But all these products cannot be stored in normal freezers or refrigerators in large quantities. To store these products in large quantities, a special type of refrigeration appliance is used which is known as a cold room. A cold room also known as cold storage is a specially designed storage space whose temperature is artificially lowered to keep the contents inside safe and fresh for a long time.

These storages are big spaces inside which large quantities, even in tonnes can be stored easily and also can be accessed easily without any problems. Ahata Industries is one of the top manufacturers of cold rooms in India and are manufacturing and selling best-quality appliances for a long time. The company was started in 2004 by Mr Anand Kishor and has been providing its product in the market ever since, slowly building its name and reputation in the refrigeration industry becoming one of the best manufacturers of refrigeration in the nation. Today, we are going to discuss everything about cold storage, its benefits, and the special cold rooms manufactured by Ahata industries.

What are Cold Rooms?

Cold rooms are specially designed storage spaces that have artificially generated low temperatures and are designed to store products that need to be stored for a long time in large quantities. These rooms use cooling techniques similar to refrigerators and air conditioners both. Methods used to bring down the internal temperature of the storage space are very effective and reliable in which the products kept remain safe and fresh over a long time.

The temperature range ideally maintained in these rooms is from -2°C to 10°C depending on the nature and kind of product that needs to be stored. For example, cold season vegetables are recommended to be stored near 1°C & warm-season vegetables at nearly 10°C and fruits are recommended to be stored at a temperature close to 10°C temperature. Many things can be stored inside a cold room like fruits, vegetables, medicines & pharmaceutical products, flowers, plants, etc. For temperatures lower than the above-mentioned temperature range, freezer rooms are used instead as they can produce much lower temperatures than cold storage.

The material used in the manufacturing of panels used in a cold room is generally polyurethane, which is a type of plastic material that is available in various forms and can be made rigid or flexible based on the product it is being used for. Polyurethane is available everywhere around us. From the chair you sit into the vehicles you travel in, polyurethane is present everywhere. The material has high thermal insulation stability meaning it can prevent from entering inside the room almost perfectly and can keep the cold air inside without taking any damage to itself as it can easily work in the temperature range of -180°C to 200°C. There are not many substances that can be used for panels in a cold room but polyurethane is the best insulation till now.

Importance of a Cold Room

There are countless uses in which a cold room can be used and since it can adjust the cooling temperature, the products can be stored easily and are easily accessible. The main advantages of using cold storage are as follows:

• Since the temperature is variable and can be set according to the user’s will, the cold storage can be used to store many different products at different times by just adjusting the temperature easily.
• Some models of cold rooms offered by Ahata industries have built-in dehumidifiers, enabling the user to control the amount of humidity inside the storage area which is one of the best features to keep your products fresh and healthy.
• The cold rooms are available in various sizes and shapes depending on the requirements of the customers. Storages for chemicals is generally small as compared to storages built for fruits and vegetables.
• These rooms can be used to free up useful space inside as this storage unit can replace numerous cooling machines or refrigerators at once freeing up valuable space which can be used for more productive tasks.
• While these rooms help to clear up space for more productive tasks, with the elimination of the refrigerators or the machines, they also help to reduce the heat produced within the closed quarters, hence reducing the air conditioning cost, hence saving energy and helping to build a better future.
• These cold storage rooms can be used to store all your products that need refrigeration safely in case of a power outage. These rooms are airtight and keep the contents inside cool for a very long time even without power.
• Wire shelves and portable racks can be added to increase the storage capacity and provide air to all the contents completely without any blind spots where air does not reach the products. Also, the portable racks increase the accessibility and make it easier to move the contents in or out.
• A lot of fruits and vegetables get spoiled and then are thrown out increasing the food wastage but using a cold room, you can increase the life of your fruits and vegetables, greatly reducing food wastage.

Highlights of Ahata Cold Storages

Ahata Industries is providing the best-in-class cold rooms for more than 17 years and has made its mark in the refrigeration industry. They are currently providing their products in northern India. Some key highlights of the cold rooms manufactured by Ahata industries are as follows:

• These cold storage rooms contain larger condenser units which provide more cooling effects.
• The C.O.P. (coefficient of performance) of these units is high and the power consumption can be reduced in the power-saving mode.
• The heavy-duty suction fan can remove hot air from the inside much more efficiently and improve the cooling ability of the storage.
• The parts are designed in such a way that the compressor can be placed outside the premises so that there is no heat accumulation inside the building or around the cold room itself.
• The cold storage rooms are food-safe and do not use any refrigerant related to CFC.
• Fully automatic defrost system which uses either electric, gas, or air systems.


Whether you are a retailer or own a large business that needs complete refrigeration to keep your products completely fresh and safe, cold rooms manufactured by Ahata industries is the best option you have. The cold rooms are highly efficient, consume less energy, do not use any harmful refrigerants, and are manufactured using only the best materials. If you wish to buy a cold storage unit for yourself or your business needs, do visit aajjo.com where you can find all the available options and products offered by Ahata industries itself.

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