Best Commercial Blast Freezer Manufacturer In Delhi – Ahata Industries

Best Commercial Blast Freezer Manufacturer In Delhi – Ahata Industries

April 26, 2022

Typically, a blast freezer is referred to as a shock freezer. The purpose behind this sort of freezer is to rapidly reduce the temperature of goods or fresh produce, allowing them to freeze quickly. They are commonly used in the frozen food business for items like as ice cream, prepared meals, veggies, and fish. They are also used in many industrial kitchens when they are required.

Blast chillers or freezers are commonly used for food preservation. Physical changes, as well as microbiological and chemical activity, slowdown in frozen food. Lowering the temperature of food decreases molecular and microbial activity, lengthening its usable storage life.

Although each product has a unique optimal storage temperature, most frozen food products are stored at temperatures ranging from 18 to 35°C. Freezing lowers a product's temperature from ambient to storage level and converts the majority of the water in the product to ice. The freezing process is divided into three stages. The food is chilled from room temperature to freezing point in the first phase by eliminating perceptible heat. The phase transition heat of the meal is eliminated in the second phase by freezing the water within it. Cooling proceeds below the freezing point in the third phase, removing more sensible heat and lowering the temperature of the product to the targeted or optimum frozen storage temperature. The elimination of the latent heat of fusion when water transforms to ice takes the longest part of the freezing process. Many food products are susceptible to freezing, which has an impact on quality, nutritional content, and appearance. As a result, the freezing method and system chosen can have a significant impact on both quality and economy.

When choosing portable blast freezers in Delhi location especially, the following considerations should all be taken into account: Special handling requirements, capacity, quality consideration, freezing times, hygiene, yield, appearance, manufacturing cost, operating costs, automation, space availability, placement of the product with respect to the evaporator and upstream/downstream processes, durability, and maintenance.

Working Principle of Blast Freezers

Blast freezers employ air as a heat transfer medium and rely on the product's interaction with the air. Airflow control and transporting methods range from simple blast freezing chambers to meticulously regulated models with impressive features.

The first blast freezers were just cold storage rooms with added fans and cooling. While batch freezing is still frequently utilized in specific manufacturing lines, advances in new applications make heat transfer more efficient and reduce labor requirements in product moving. The freezing process is integrated into certain production lines in large scale applications of more advanced project development.

Although clear standardization on evaporators and units has yet to be achieved, shock freezing units are still not available as ready packaged units. As a result, they are mostly custom-made to meet individual needs. Thus, in order to make the best decision, the customer should express his requirements to the provider, and the supplier should clearly clarify the possibilities available to him.

It should be remembered that a poor shock freezing room reduces the quality of the naked product we place within it by 3 percent -4 percent, but a fine shock freezing room freezes the product at high quality and with a loss of 0.5 percent -1.5 percent.

Why Choose Blast Freezers Offered By Ahata?

When compared to alternative freezing processes, the most notable advantage of Ahata Industries' portable blast freezer is their versatility and suitability for a variety of applications. Blast freezers are ideal for products that are irregular in size and shape. Plate freezers, for example, are not suitable for such irregularly shaped and sized goods. While this flexibility and variety of blast freezers is a great advantage, it also makes it difficult for the potential user to properly determine what he wants, which can easily lead to inefficient use in the future.

Types of Blast Freezer

While there are many designs and alignments of blast freezer, they can be grouped in three basic groups:

• Continuous (process line) freezers
• Batch freezer
• Intermittent (half-batch) freezers

1. Continuous (Process Line) Freezers

During the procedure, the product moves continually within the Blast freezer, which is known as a continuous process line cooler. Conveyors move the product into the freezer in the continuous freezer. This technology is appropriate for large-scale and mass production with consistent packaging and comparable freezing durations.

2. Batch Freezer

The product remains immobile within the freezer, a process known as batch freezing. Batch freezer examples: Rooms for cold storage (not recommended) Blast tunnels that are stationary.

3. Intermittent (Half Batch Freezers)

Push-Through Trolley Freezer

When trolleys are utilized to move the blast frozen product instead of conveyors, the system behaves like a half/batch system. Until the replacement trolley arrives from the intake end, the old trolley remains immobile. As a new trolley enters, a trolley containing frozen product exits from the other end.

Find Excellent Blast Freezer Offered by Ahata Industries

Ahata Industries is no doubt best known for Blast Freezer manufacturing and trading. The offered Blast freezer follows a technique which is for swiftly freezing food to a low temperature that is safe for bacterial development. Bacteria reproduce quicker in normal room temperature, therefore long-term use must be avoided. This technique is commonly used in the food service business to ensure food safety and quality. In Delhi, Ahata Refrigeration is a well-known blast freezer manufacturer and supplier, who provide small blast freezers to big ones at affordable blast freezer price. However, the price of blast freezers is completely dependent upon the capacity and size.

Further, IQF – Individual Quick Freezer – is also a specialty of the industry. Because of its capacity to independently freeze all of its components and maintain them separate from one another, the IQF method of freezing is unique.

If we used an IQF freezer to freeze a batch of berries, for example, the berries would not clump and freeze together. Instead, within the batch, each individual fruit would be separated. Individually freezing and storing things like peaches, berries, peas, fish, shrimp, and poultry has never been easier.

In terms of technology, advancements in both the way things are frozen and the speed at which they can be entirely frozen have reached new heights.

Frozen storage technologies have also improved over time, with one of the most important considerations being the speed with which products are frozen. In the frozen food sector, this is where IQF technology came into play. Business owners can use IQF freezing to individually freeze a large number of products at the same time. The market as a whole was changed by this method of freezing.

What Services Does Ahata Provide to Its Customers?

Ahata provides any service you need, from exterior cooling to deep ground freezing. Its extensive product line is capable of meeting all of your needs. The skilled team has extensive experience in the production of ultra-low blast freezers.

Every Ahata ultra-low temperature blast freezer maintains a temperature gradient of +1°C to -1°C. To achieve temperature stability, many fans are installed in the ultra-low blast freezers.

Ahata Refrigeration has one of the ultimate Ultra-low blast freezer production capacity in India. It is capable of producing ultra-low blast freezers in a variety of sizes. There are also other variants available, ranging from advanced microprocessor to control panel. Ahata Industries is dedicated to assist you whether you desire a portable blast freezer cooled to – 40°C or chilled to -60°C. The industry is aware of the numerous challenges associated with low temperature cooling. Some examples include the effect of liquid thickness, pump selection, and oil stream parameters. As a result, Ahata takes the time to understand your technique and working conditions. Based on these data, it tailors the ultra-low blast freezer to your specific needs for increased efficiency.

Ahata Industries' walk-in portable blast freezers are an excellent ultra-low blast freezer solution. These walk-in blast freezers have the most storage capacity available. These ultra-low blast freezers provide you with the flexibility, efficiency, and security you need to secure the sample.

Ahata's ultra-low blast freezers, which have super-insulated walls, help to keep temperature fluctuations to a minimum. To meet your needs, the product line includes a variety of possibilities. The professionals collaborate with you to design an ultra-low blast freezer that meets your needs.

Last Few Points

Keeping in mind the constantly changing nature of business dynamics and changing strategic intents, the blower fans or freezers offered by Ahata Industries is actively making iteration and modifications in its approaches. As always, the industries is ready to tailor its insights and guidance to suit clients’ requirements.

How do you differentiate Blast Freezers with Others?

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