Four Strategic Pillars of Business Growth

Four Strategic Pillars of Business Growth

May 05, 2022

Speaker: Mr. Vijay Mohan Bembey is Founder Director IHSPF, Delhi and is a veteran Marketing & Sales Professional having more than 35 years of expertise in Channel Development, Major Customer's Development, New Hotel Projects, QSR’s Chains, Key Account Management, IDEAC’s development, and Building Effective Teams. Mr. Vijay Mohan Bembey has handled diversified products like commercial kitchen equipment, consumer durable, and commercial products.
After the introduction, Mr Vijay Mohan Bembey representing Easy Consultants in this discussion wishes all the viewers, good morning and then starts his topic on “Four Strategic Pillars of Business Growth”.
We are talking today about business planning in digital planning, how we can improve ourselves and go for successful future. There are various pillars of business growth, which we'll do over a period of time as we evolve.
There's only one thing that is permanent. What is that? Can I ask the audience to message on the chat? What do you think is permanent?
Okay, Some people mentioned that. Change is the only thing that is permanent.
So if you see paradigm shifts happening, I have knowledge of our vision, and that is how change happened. This is what I have been using such watches in my childhood, and then this, and now most people are using smart watches. Same way This telephone, I used to use when I was younger. Now this is a kind of telephone after this has gone. Then this appeared, but even this does not exist anymore. Pagers were used as a means of communication. We were using it very proudly at that time. Then this cordless came, and now we have different kinds of smart mobile for communication. And nowadays, even cameras are not used. These mobile phones are commonly used as cameras. 
Why we are in the business, what we do and why we do it, why we want it to achieve something.
What we want to achieve in our life, what we wish for ourselves and our family. What is our RBC? RBCs is an individual's or an organization's risk-bearing capacity, or a division. All of these wise things make us consider strategic sustainable planning. So planning is critical, and it must be strategically planned and defined in order to be sustainable for both the organization and the individual.
So, explain why and what is transformed into vision. Vision is a long-term objective, long-term thinking. Why we got into business is explained by the vision. So this vision is followed by a measureable statement by which we can develop various activities and action plans that come into the mission. So the vision is achieved through this mission and these missions will be achieved through objectives.

Objectives can be measureable, result-oriented, and growth-oriented. These objectives need to be put into system by making plans. Again, these plans must be measureable, definable, understandable, and must be agreed upon. This is also very important.
So there can be various kinds of plans. It will be a strategic plan of what we want to do strategically year-to-year basis or five-year basis. It can be operational routine, whether it's a showroom, whether it's a business selling, whether it's marketing or manufacturing. Plans can be short-term or long-term. It can be a one-week plan, a one-month plan, a one-year plan, or a quarterly plan. 
It can be directional or specific. It can also be a single-use plan. What can we do with standard instructions that daily in the morning, this has to happen, this has to happen in the evening. So all these plans need to be designed to achieve the objective, objectives that will achieve the missions, and missions will achieve the vision. So all these become a planning stage where we can have a discussion, but it is also important. These plan strategies must be reviewed periodically. And also discuss among the team among the members of the core team, among the members of employees, among the members of customers, among the members of stakeholders. And then, are we on the right track? We must review it.
So, what is important? I would like to ask everyone to put in chat, what is important for growth or development, whether for an individual or for an organization. 
Some say growth, some says development, development comes later.
What is a business growth? Business growth is boosting the top line revenue of the business, greater product sales, service income, and increasing the bottom line and profitability. This growth cannot happen without business development.
If you don't do development areas, ideas, initiatives, skill development, sales, communication, negotiation, marketing skill, and data skills, business growth cannot happen. Would you agree? Both types of growth are required, development is required. Without development, growth cannot happen. Without growth, business cannot survive. 
We should go and focus on sales. We will demand growth to happen. I think you will agree with that. Do you? Yes. Now, we all have to get food daily. So, what kind of food do we eat breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner, four meals a day?
But do we take food for our body? Yes. All of these are the food for our good health. What free food do we give to our minds, brains, and souls? Do we think of that? Some of us, yes. Some of us, no.
So really, are we thinking of our mind, giving food to our minds, give food to our brain, gove food to our soul.
How many of us really think of food for mind and soul? We really give food for our soul, thought, mind.
Now, this is the stage that is very important is development for growth. Is growth five groups and two, no, this food. The internet is very good nowadays, and we are still learning. We're kind of like, we're learning. So one can learn as well. This one can also look like they are learning through workshops. And I still remember in my earlier company, Blue Star, that these are the training modules that come to all of Bronte's people.

People can nominate themselves for various kinds of planning. As a result, tannics become a very useful tool with which you can interact.You can learn from peers, you can learn from seniors, you can learn from tenders and jading. People nowadays don't read as much as they used to.And if we can incubate this habit among ourselves, maybe you choose which book you want to read and spend 15, 20 minutes on deck in the morning and in the evening, it's possible.

You can feel the change in your mind, your attitude, and your personality. I can definitely guarantee you that it will change your behavior or how you behave with this status plan, how you behave with asthma, every single gene. So painting is something that can be done once every quarter.But it says from Google that sometimes you need to have some books of your own. I have made a request to organizations to have a book store in their offices. I have elaborated on what that implies: you can get books, three of us, five reading, and then return them back.

And then Sessions of learning from those books and from that person are possible.And he can share it with others about that book. And that is how learning can drastically change in a very good way. Then one can have inferior training like practical going with seniors or practical learning from them. All of our workshops are interactive.

Things can happen, and learning can have some. So these are the videos found of the name, and we must develop our own habit of reading by ourselves and our children, with no implied beliefs or mandates, and it will benefit a lot. I can tell you that food farming is very important. No, they can be passive learning or participative learning, but you must know that this is the research data that shows that lectures, readings, audio, visuals, and demonstrations are passive learning.

Sometimes they are the only ones available, and otherwise it is not possible. We can have participatory teaching that ties off a discussion. Practice by doing it. And by starting teaching, like a person who has one of your employees, he has read some good articles or good books, and then he can explain to the police in the office that everybody will learn from him and he will practice it in the future.

It will be very, very useful for him and for the organization's growth and profitability.

Such training can be for technical skills, analytical skills, conceptual skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and managing workload. We came in the morning and found Many things are pending. So we play to the to-do list. And then what we need to do is prioritize. So video skills can be developed for various matters, which are just here and can be grown further, can be blown further, and different people will need different things.

As a result, you must determine who would benefit from it.Training what skills? Whether he needed on-top training in technical skills, or he needed communication skills, which can be done through some books, some webinars, some seminars, or critical thinking can be done through group activities, and prioritization can also happen through theoretical and practical methods.

So do you think skill development is needed? I have a question there. Skill is fine, but do we also need unschooling sometimes? And it kills sometimes. We have certain skills that we think are the only good thing to do, but sometimes we need to rescale as much as this. Uh, handling, uh, handling, making this a skill that some of us may not know.

So we depend upon reverse mentoring, that is, through junior to children, through colleagues. All we can see are some paintings.

No, nothing is changing.environment is changing. What kind of workplaces will exist in the future?Now, during the last two years, we've found people are working from home virtually. So workplaces are changing, which prompted us to launch the international hospitality, sales, and professional forum, the first sales professional, again virtually, in 2019.

And last year we did many such things, like, uh, painting, mentoring, virtually mobile workplaces. People are working from home, maybe going into the field, maybe into the contestable, maybe into some meeting places. If you go to CCD, you'll find many people doing meetings over there. So that is a mobile workplace.

They do not have any offices, but they're using CICD over there as a meeting place.

Life, personal. Dennis's contribution has been critical in the last two years.Many people have a part in this. Yes, but what kind of life is important? Personal life is also important. So how to do balancing is a critical thing. Nowadays, virtual meetings, like we are doing today, have done many training sessions in the last two years.

Then it's all in my earlier companies, many people have. So this is another farmer's painting. The reality of life is changing. Some people are thinking, "Okay, I don't want to have a permanent full-time job." I want to do two flexible jobs that allow me to work with one or more people. This is again, but no, I mean it's changing people's thinking. It's changing globalization.

This is happening. So the effects of globalization in today's environment are more than what was there 20 years ago, 15 years ago, or 30 years ago. They are redefined nowadays.

And ethics can be different for me, different for you, different for somebody else. So if we can have these things defined in our organizations, it can help us a lot.

Uncertainty about the future So on the 32nd, the 21st off, after 2019, nobody was linked. If this is going to happen for the next two years, we, I was in Delhi. I took the flight to Delhi, and my family was also here. My children came from Bangalore, and we were all together for two. It was a standstill, but today, again, pandemics are there, but everybody's working.

People are going into the field of selling. As a result, uncertainty about our future is exacerbated by current environmental conditions.

So, do you believe that a person's personality influences who we choose?What kind of job do you do? What kind of personality do each of you have? Are you aware of your personality tests? Are you aware of how you behave with a particular personality? Do you imply a particular personality? Do you agree?

Does personality really play a role in success or not so successful? Is it possible to write the check in the check?

Are you aware of your own personality? Can you rate what your personality is like? If somebody can say something about that chair, what did he think of his personality?

So these are the videos, the personality tiers. One can be extraverted. An introverted person can be a sensor that focuses on facts and details. It can be intuitive. can be. Creatives can visualize certain different ways of thinking. One can get a thinker, which is logical and objective. He will work somewhat from the heart, middle, and those tasks.

I will do anything for him. I liked him. I will do anything for him and himself. And he will have a relationship with friends, relatives, or colleagues, and he will work on that basis. So he is the filler one. He can also be a jetter, which will be organized for me and prepared for me. He will do everything normally.

And one can be perceived as open to the things that will happen. He will continue to do tending flexibility.So these are the various types of personnel that get cared for. One has, and I can tell you, many people say, "Okay, only extroverts can be good salespeople." It is not possible to attend if you are not on a tour.In rank, I discovered that not many people liked it as an or.

He's in international debt, he's introverted but very successful because he's bringing in TV, he's doing in-person fillery. He is doing well in judging with all this. It makes him a good sales person because he has creativity. He does learn and he's in organized debate and can be a very good sales man. So it is not only important.

One can be into etchering. So what are the characteristics of an agile person? And if we are aware that we are introverted or that we are highly sensitive, we are still a, how we behave in a given situation. We may behave differently in different situations. So I may behave extra overtly in some situations and be introverted in others.

But overall, I might be extroverted. I might be thinking. I might be a perceiver or maybe a debtor. As a result, only 8% of children are capable of driving 16 personality traits.This is known as MBT. I tested for personality. So this MBTA or personality test provides you withNumber one, what is your personality? Second, it explains how to make it.

How can you utilize it in a better way in your given situation and for an organization by having personality traits and a defined office? He can guide this person, who would be useful for this. This person could be useful. Every person is useful, and every person is good. The only thing we have to do is use him, utilize him, and give him a chance.

According to his personality, Similarly, there are leadership traits and leadership skills tests, so you can check the group of people and then drive some leaders out there and then they can leave. And there are defined scientific methods for this.

So the next day, it is growth. Growth we wanted to do after having learned of these things of, uh, training and attitude and personality. Now why don't we grow? Well, vertically, right. But what we should do, whether we should do Holly gently or all we should do vertically, is a very critical part of a group.

And if we have a critical analysis, we can decide whether we should grow horizontally or vertically. How can we decide? This is a decision-making process that is very important to decide on expansion or vertical expansion or diversification. So we identify an issue or object that doesn't defy the criteria of Susan.

You waited. By which criteria should we have waited? So some things might be very important. Some things might be needed, but it is not necessarily necessary to get the available and the analysis, Sam, and then the selection of a decision. Would you consider a decision implemented or evaluated? And then again, Did you see it? It is usable and you're getting an advantage.

Getting the benefits, getting the globe, fine. Not then, you might have to be just a Googler. If you take a wrong turn, it takes you to another route. Similarly, this isn't making processes fine. You make a decision based on certain parameters of centrifical betters, and then you write, and if it is fine, good. If it is not good, take another course of action.

We need to do SWAT analysis on things like weaknesses, upholstery, and texts. This is important for every individual to do their own SWAT analysis, every department to do this on sweat analysis, and every organization to do this. It's also an analysis over a period of time because it keeps on telling you. Continue to get new stents because you benefited from getting them.

So every year it should be done by an individual, by an organization, by the divisions. So some analysis is done internally. What is the strength of this internal analysis? You know, you're saying, I know myself. Somebody knows their thing. As a result, he is aware of his own strengths and weaknesses.Awareness is very important.

Sometimes people are not able to speak about what these things are. When I asked some people in an interview what their top five or ten strengths were, they began to wonder, "What is my strength?"Similarly, he had not previously analyzed himself. weaknesses are the areas that can be improved. If you are aware that this is your weakness, then you cannot go into improvable areas.

Areas of improvement: work on that. Go to a workshop, go through training, take mentorship, take help. There is no harm in taking help. People are ready to help each other and then bring them to

Externally, we can. The upper street is that they keep on evolving again. They are always changing. So you keep on changing. Continue.Partially changing is to continue changing and facing threats. opportunity is again, like somebody, uh, it's a known story. Two people went to the place once.

Everybody's beautiful. No slippers are required. Tippers do not have a market.Second sale, a good market for slippers. Let's sell more over here. So you need to be seen, like if you go to a shark tank, stew nowadays is happening on TV. So what did they do? They saw positivity, and then became successful today.

But. They are analyzing people. They're telling people what the positives are available, and it keeps on tending. So it's very important to do SWAT analysis and then take it. This isn't, in and of itself.

So we have been spanked. It is an improvement. I will call it. Weakness is the area of improvement of Persian. And then, based upon this analysis, you can strategize to do expansion or what tickles expansion, when and how, and I will share with you certain tools so that we can have scientific tools, use them, brainstorm them among ourselves, and then decide whether to grow vertically, whether urgently, and where to.

With the significant, uh, expenditure on goods or services,

New markets, new cities, new areas, new locations within the same city, new countries, and expansion globalization are a main part of this. People are coming to other countries. We can leave the pancreas unexplored. And many countries see India as a premium product. good quality, but they depend on India.

Then China, new segments. One can explore B2B, B2C Institute's corporate sales, unexplored markets, niche marketing network, marketing, and new customer conditions. I will share a tool by which we can do this and why we can do it. Customer positions

Going cognizantly, productivity, diversification, you can add new barrels. It can be a related product or a complimentary product. Like a person, kitchen equipment might go to counter tops. It might go to a refutation product, might go to Baraka and go to the same customer, or it might be lovely and sweet.

If you know, it was known as "the lead to make him comfortable in DeLanda, Kent in Pancho. And today they're having a university. The first was that they were Open street shops, lovely food itself. Then they have a big shop. Then they found a lovely autumn two-wheeler. Then he became a dealer. My blue style also went into air conditioning and consumer durables.

Then he went to automobiles, and now he's back. Then he opened the engineering college. Now it's the university. So we need to identify a pursuit that is available. Some people might have financial things, and they might also have top management and other things. One, Mike has a range of selling skills and might have his tank top procurement.

Some might be very good at tutoring at a good price. I know a person abroad. He gets good for hours at the good places. And many department stores are now surviving only because procurement pricing is very effective. So this is important. So one can have diversification or expansion. Again, you have to have SWAT analysis with this option and they have their own SWAT analysis.

And then you have all this critical process of decision making. No, this is another tool that you see. Existing products or new products, there are going to be existing markets and new products. So one can penetrate, uh, existing players, penetrate the market and have a market share in other areas. All existing markets, from a single source, are there.

And then he can, in the same markets he can penetrate, have his own product or have It can be related or not related. So, from market penetration to market well-made disease within the existing markets, one can have new partners and new markets. So this is their tool which can help you understand whether we should do product development, whether we should spend time on market penetration or spend an investment in manpower.

Or expansion into new product acquisitions or developing new products. I've got two UN-related product areas. Also, this is another tool that will help us understand the market's growth rate. So if a market burdock has a logo and other shit is high or low, depending on We can identify certain products, policies, and products like the Burdock, which we have the highest volume of and have market-shared hype.

It means we are the monopolistic or heavy monopoly of that, and they are the stars, those productive areas or populations that are primarily in the starting area that are gaining good profits. And maybe his market growth rate is lower, but his own share is hype. They are the cash cows.
You know, that whole milk giving thing gives me, everybody knows, but we really know it does need First, one needs to do actual physical work on their own. Then they give the food to the mill, and go do the processing of that. Milk is ready, but it will not give off her phone. You have to milk the cow. I hope you practice the techniques.
You do adopt various methods. You knew it had to be. Everybody can not do it. Milking the goat As a result, techniques or beds cause regret.And then you get that. So these are the cash cows where you need to do some spending. If you have, you have potential, and market growth is not much.
market growth rate comments, but if a product has a high growth rate, but market share is very small, It is growing rapidly. But what about when market share is very small? What we need to do is a customer. We need to spend time and not a lot of money. I might publish sales personnel, and I had the negative to increase that profit, because the cooking market is declining.
We are not in cash. So I need to. This is a person mark, where we need to strategize, who needs to think, and then arrive at the season and work on that to bring the question mark into the stars. But if growth has happened in certain products, and it is a test set to the level where growth is not happening, then it is coming to cash.
Then, if it is at that level, we are to do expansion, diversification, dosing. And the last thing is that the market guru is also not going into a particular product. And I'd like to point out that my share is also small.So when do we have it for the sake of it all? We have to dilute it. It is a decision to be taken jointly. This stakeholder suggests
You can have a brainstorming session on that. Maybe you had a consultant who could help you with doing these various things, and he could really give you a value-addition tip on how to do what to do and when to do. Now, but the important thing to remember is that this indicates that effective B2B marketing is critical. You talk about Delhi, NCR is the market.
But how are we going to arrive at actual sales? Lead generation will not happen automatically. You need to identify the segments of your product. Who are the end-users? What are the profiles of those people? Are they hotels or restaurants? Are the retailers or wholesalers?
And then make a list of those. You have to make a list. This is the list of 3-star hotels, this is a list of manufacturers, this is the list of caterers, this is the lists of retailers, and then you make them aware. We are there for them. Go to them, whether through email, whether for personal visits or something, and then allow interest in them.
They will meet again. You will negotiate. Then we show the products. And they say this is okay. We are interested in buying. And then finally they purchase. If you have 100 leads generation, then only 5 or 10 will be converted into customers. But if your target, your Vision is not five machines, five orders, but 50 orders, Then your leads generation should not be hundred, but thousand.
If you have a hundred, you will only get ten orders. So this is the funnel of this. I hope, the information is useful to most of you. Many times we think we are aware of, but we are not aware of certain things known to others and known to us. One such thing is the open market.
It's an open market and not known to others, but all of it was hidden. And we have good profitability in that. So a hidden area where, you know, the competition doesn't know, it is a profitable customer profitable segment. And they could be slapped in the blind area where it is known to others, but not to us.
The tools that we can use to help us brainstorm, learn, and develop our strategy. So now I'm going to tell you about Easy Consultants, what we do, and, share it with you. We help you at every step of your sales process and business planning, manpower management, manpower development, creating systems and procedures.
To improve efficiency and effectiveness on the scale of business expansion and skill development, and build sales skills and market coverage skills. We can provide various types of trainings. These are the Italy professionals, we had a session or two like this before. Also on this platform, you might not be able to hear about HEKO in the kitchen and their originators of many principles in Europe. I'm helping the Stellar, Aster, Washmatic, Chef Ace in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Kieis, Zedteck, and some other brands.
And before we end, as a leader, we, you, me, everybody, must start from where we are and then plan for a future where we want to go. So, first analyse our strength, what we are, Where we want to go, why we should, and strategically plan, critically analyze, and various tools we should use for our growth.
With this, I closed this and if there are any questions or answers from anybody, we can do that.

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