World Hospitality Expo (WHE) 2022 – Largest Hospitality Expo Event

World Hospitality Expo (WHE) 2022 – Largest Hospitality Expo Event

December 16, 2021

World Hospitality Expo (WHE) 2022 – Largest Hospitality Expo Event

World Hospitality Expo, shortly known as WHE is India’s largest hospitality event show scheduled to run over five days of product exploration, incomparable expertism, and limitless networking. It is home to next-gen innovation and breakthrough innovation. 

WHE makes up a big part of global business event since every industry has regular events of some kind. The primary purpose here is to bring professionals together, build connections, promote new ideas, and encourage growth. 

Also referred to as trade show, World Hospitality Expo (WHE) draws thousands of visitors and exhibitors from around the world. Industry-specific and well-defined target market, this WHE event will be starting from 1st of February to 5th of February, 2022. 

Exhibitors will attend WHE to present and promote their products and services, grow business, and communicate with existing and future partners.

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Activities of World Hospitality Expo – 2022

  1. Networking event: WHE hosts networking events for various segments of their attendees. This is an excellent venue for meeting possible partners, discussing cooperation, and exchanging ideas on current trends.
  2. New Business Pitches: Since World Hospitality Expo, 2022 show is intended to promote growth and innovation, it is dedicated event for new business pitches – it's great for gaining brand visibility, business leads, client targeting, and the opportunity to showcase products to a diverse range of needy customers.

Why Is the WHE Event Important for the Hospitality Industry?

WHE is a valuable source of business for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and hotels. It is believed that the kitchen is the beating heart of any restaurant or catering business. It is the location where food is prepared, cooked, and plated for consumption by customers. And, without a question, WHE may be a major motivator for commercial kitchen equipment to be shown to end-users.

The importance of WHE event for hospitality industry is for the commercial opportunities that the industry is based on. The following are the key actors in this hospitality event:

Exhibitor Profiles: 

  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Food and Drink Vending 
  • Food Processing Plant & Machinery
  • Designers & Consultants
  • Housekeeping products
  • Catering equipment
  • Fast Food & Beverages Machinery
  • Hospitality Products

Visitor Profiles: 

  • Food Manufacturer
  • Food Importer/Exporter
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Café, and Bar
  • Food Catering and Food Service
  • Distributors, Wholesalers, and Retailers
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Sweet Shops

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WHE is a reliable recurring revenue stream. Many conferences and trade exhibits take place at regular intervals, thus the commercial kitchen industry plans their annual budgets around these events.

WHE Technology at the Pinnacle

WHE has created technologies to manage event organization and planning. The event continues to bring together the country's burgeoning food and hospitality industries.


WHE is a prominent event e-technology, planning, and hospitality conference that brings together industry leaders to present the most recent advancements in technology and strategy. WHE 2022 will usher in a new golden era of events as a reimagined hybrid event experience that merges the finest of virtual gatherings as the globe recovers.

As the "world's largest hospitality event," the hospitality expo provides visitors with vital education, access to the top hospitality technology industry professionals, and resources to identify cost-effective methods to boost company bottom lines.

2.Targeting Right Audience

World Hospitality Expo is a one-of-a-kind platform that brings buyers and consumers together in an exciting and new manner under one roof. The show is created with the goal of improving the consumers' quality of life in the kitchen. World Hospitality Expo is an excellent opportunity to meet your target audience and engage them in your products and services. This expo offers numerous options for marketers and consumers, ranging from end users to possible business partners and trade media. Thousands of products will be on display at the Expo, including modular kitchens, kitchen appliances, kitchen equipment, foodstuffs, confectioneries, gadgets, and electronics. 

Objective of World Hospitality Expo 2022 

The goal of this event is to familiarize the hotel and restaurant industries to the digital tools they will need to tackle future difficulties, as well as to meet and exchange ideas with tech specialists. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn how to integrate and capitalize on the effect of new technologies in the hotel and restaurant industry. If you are developing digital or technology products or services aimed at the hospitality industry, this hospitality trade exhibition will be the ideal investment for gaining awareness and doing business. In addition, the event will assist you in developing your customer base, discovering new markets, meeting clients in a casual yet professional setting, sharing and learning the latest tech practices in your business, and benefiting from specialist conferences and keynotes.


  • Chance to get exchange of business cards and websites.
  • Interactive booth with photographs, demo videos, etc. 
  • Buyer targeting and 1-on-1networking opportunities.
  • Knowledge and opinions on market trends from experts.
  • Live demonstration of the latest products and services to grab as many leads as possible.
  • Meet potential business partners online.

Feature & Benefits of Being a Part of WHE 2022

  • Quality visitors in your field or area
  • Video conferencing
  • Massive promotion of the event 
  • Cost-free transportation
  • No hotel charges
  • Manage client from the comfort seat
  • No packing or unpacking or booth design expenses required
  • No expenses for logistics and coordination of support teams
  • An investment of only a few thousand dollars is needed to acquire sponsorship for recognition of a brand
  • Partnering with some renowned associations to bring in reliable clients
  • Exposure of store during the exhibition
  • Videos about the company and products
  • “About us” feature to represent company profile

WHE 2022 presents an international platform to celebrate innovation and create possibilities for its distinguished guests and exhibitors, with the objective of making the hospitality industry a catalyst for economic progress. WHE 2022 will also be promoted in global events, which will further open doors to attract influential visitors from around the world.

WHE 2022 will make the impossible possible by providing you with the most prized hospitality that India has ever had, armed with a large array of exposition grouped into the broad areas of: Food and Kitchen Equipment, Food Processing Plants & Machinery.

World Hospitality Expo is an outstanding venue for providers of food processing machinery, the hospitality sector, related technology, and service providers. The exhibition is virtually held in India, a billion-person market with numerous potential for international and local firms in the food manufacturing and hotel sectors. In terms of production, consumption, export, and growth possibilities, India's food processing industry sector is one of the largest in the world.

Golden Opportunity

For Indian Exhibitors

  • Corporate Projection and Positioning
  • Showcase Latest Products and Services
  • Increase Export and Domestic Sales
  • Product Launch

For Foreign Exhibitors

  • Enhance Business & Investment
  • Showcase Products & Services
  • Transfer of Technology, Joint Ventures, Investment 
  • Sourcing Opportunities


  • Technical Tie-ups
  • Business and Financial Collaborations
  • Creation of Future Business Opportunities
  • Creating Dealers or Distributors Network 

World Hospitality Expo will be the most inclusive world expo ever, as well as the largest event ever organized online. It's also an opportunity for new guests to interact with exciting and creative ideas, in addition to the typically warm welcome and local principles of tolerance and cooperation. In search of a better tomorrow. Expo's themes of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability will be brought to life through exhibitions.

The World Expo 2022 is a window for visitors from all around the world to learn about the expo and its goal of implementing technology to provide a genuinely immersive visitor experience along with flawless functioning.

Relief from COVID Disruption 

It is encouraging to see indicators that some domestic markets are beginning to revive. Meanwhile, cordially invites you to participate in the WHE from February 1 to 5, 2022. The organizing platform is thrilled to propose a novel and creative approach for the event, delivered digitally to help handle travel and physical distance limits.

COVID-19 has caused havoc in the hospitality, food production, and food service industries. Uncertainty reigns supreme, and the sector desperately needs a new path. The WHE has been recast as the first event of its type, delivered digitally, to provide practical and strategic solutions to a post-COVID sector.

Who Should Attend the World Hospitality Expo Show?

Owners of hotels and restaurants should attend this crucial B2B business event to learn about emerging digital solutions for running their businesses more efficiently and overcoming future obstacles. Aside from the hotel and restaurant industries, digital tech buyers and decision makers should attend this essential event to connect and exchange ideas with hospitality professionals.

Value Delivering Platform – WHE 2022

World Hospitality Expo 2022 will be a value-delivering platform for the HoReCa industry on the one hand and buyers from targeted industries such as Food Processing Machinery, Dairy & Bakery Machinery & Products, Packaging Machinery & Material, Hotel ware, Kitchen Equipment's, Crockery, Carting, Ice Cream Machinery, Cold Storage on the other. Food and hospitality, for example.

Under the rainbow of WHE, visitors will experience a truly vibrant show full of colors, green ideas, innovative technologies, and delectable food, while exhibitors will benefit from networking opportunities with high-end buyers through conferences and forums, as well as a match-making service with hotels.

Live At Your Desk 

The World Hospitality Expo will be offering “Live at Your Desk,” an online experience for restaurant, foodservice and catering professionals  to participate in education sessions, explore the latest product and services, support peers and the industry, and make new connections.

Unlock a new market and a true one-stop shop for consumers' food service and commercial kitchen equipment demands. Through an easy-to-use online buying system and a diverse product catalogue, WHE provides a superb hospitality experience for establishing restaurants, hotels, and facilities.

World Hospitality Expo (WHE) is all set to host its brand new edition. The 5-day one of kind hospitality event will be held from 1-5 February 2022 virtually. With unparalleled patronage from industry leaders, WHE has expanded its reach targeting huge number of exhibitors, showcasing the best from the global hospitality industry. WHE 2022 promises to be the bigger, better, grander and most comprehensive sourcing hub for hospitality, retail, food processing, baking, and design enthusiasts. 

The five-day long event will witness the biggest exposition spread over internet of conferences, demonstrations and competition for both hospitality professionals as well as hospitality students. This makes WHE22 will be the biggest hospitality exposition in South Asia till date. WHE 2022 will act as an impactful platform for all the hospitality stakeholders to come, network and rub shoulders with the very best in the industry. With support from top industry bodies like F.S.C.A.I, IHSPF, HPMF, FAIC, HOTREMAI, ARCHII; Consultant Partners – such as Easy Consultants, GOURANGAA Hospitality, FOODSURE, Mr. Chef Cooking Service, TARA HOSPITALITY SERVICES, TECH4SERV, Creation Enterprises, and so on; and Media Partners like SAKSHAR. 

Now You Know the Everything About the WHE Event! 

You know what an exciting domain the WHE is and how many moving parts it has after reading so much about it. There's a spot for everyone, whether you're a creative planner, a meticulous organizer, or a business owner. The finest part is that everyone works together to make the event the most enjoyable and memorable for their clients and attendees.

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