How Can You Make Regular Coffee with Espresso Coffee Making Machine

How Can You Make Regular Coffee with Espresso Coffee Making Machine

October 18, 2021

When you think about espresso, what comes to mind? Or, you may be wondering, can you make regular coffee with espresso machine? If you're a regular drip coffee drinker, there's just one term that comes to mind: strong. If you want a standard cup of coffee from your espresso machine, you must address this major flaw.

Fortunately, old-school coffee experts have you covered, and it's as easy as it gets: dilute the stronger coffee with something more your speed.

Americans have been using this tactic since the 1940s to get that familiar home-brewed coffee flavor out of an espresso shot, especially when that was all they could get their hands on.

It's not exactly the same thing because the brewing technique (and hence flavor extraction) is different, but it is close enough to have earned the term "Americano."

What Exactly Is Americano You Should Know?

The Americano is a type of coffee from the United States. You've most likely seen this drink at your local coffee shop. An Americano is a straightforward concept that anyone can make a shot of espresso can master in no time. You make a shot or two of espresso, then dilute it with hot water to make around one cup of drip coffee.

Because espresso is so concentrated compared to drip coffee, it nearly equals the size of a cup of coffee you're used to.

Fortunately, caffeine levels remain rather constant as a result of this feature; however, this will vary depending on how much espresso you use in the cup (and how much drip coffee you normally drink, for that matter).

What Is the Main Difference Between Drip Coffee and Americano?&

Despite the fact that the two beverages have a similar flavor, they are rarely identical. The reason for this is due to the way the two cups of coffee are made.
When you make a simple pot of drip coffee, you rely on little more than gravity and hot water trickling through coarse coffee grinds to produce a beverage that is less intense than espresso. Espresso, on the other hand, is created using a little amount of very finely ground coffee that is forced through the grounds with pressurized, nearly-boiling water.
The result is a coffee that is rich, robust, and concentrated, with a distinct flavor character. Having said that, it's still coffee at the end of the day. Identical? No, although given the drink's popularity, diluting it into an Americano seemed to work well enough for many people.

Can You Make Regular Coffee with Espresso Coffee beans?

Is there a difference between espresso and coffee beans, and can you make plain coffee with either? Continue reading to find out more.
When you go to your favorite local coffee shop to get some coffee beans, you notice that everything on the shelf is either sweet or fruity, which is not your cup of tea. The espresso blends are the only thing that comes close to your normal roasters.
You're uncertain between choosing the dark roast espresso coffee and putting your love of coffee on hold until your preferred coffee beans are restocked.
When it comes to different varieties of coffee, does the bean matter? The answer is, “yes,” espresso beans can be used to create coffee, and normal coffee beans can be used to make espresso drinks. The distinction between black coffee and espresso isn't in the beans themselves but in how they're prepared.

Difference between Espresso and Regular Coffee Beans

To start with, there’s only a slight difference between regular beans and espresso. It’s the preparation of the whole beans that differs.
Espresso beans are roasted for extended periods of time and ground finer than normal beans. Traditional coffee beans might be light or medium roast beans from a single origin, but the best espressos are made up of darker roast beans blended together. They're commonly referred to as Italian roast and are the most popular bean among baristas.
As a result, you can use any kind of coffee beans for drip, pour-over, or espresso brewing if you ground them appropriately and use the necessary equipment.
Depending on the drink you're making, the correct gear implies utilizing an espresso machine or a coffee maker. The designation of espresso or regular beans is simply a recommendation for the best flavors that may be obtained by utilizing that bean.
However, depending on how the ground coffee beans are processed, you can get a plain coffee or espresso as a drink. 

How to Make Regular Coffee from Espresso Beans – Easy Procedure

To begin, brewing regular coffee from espresso beans follows the same steps as brewing ordinary coffee from regular beans. What differs, as previously said, is the machine you utilized and the manner in which you prepared and ground your coffee beans.
The procedure for brewing a standard cup of coffee using the pour-over method is as follows.


  • Pour-over coffee machine
  • a coffee grinder 
  • kitchen scale 
  • a kettle (electric or burner)
  • a cup


  1. Use 18 grams of water for every gram of coffee for brewing normal coffee. Weigh the beans on a scale. The greater the flavor, the more coffee you use.
  2. Grind the espresso beans in a coffee grinder. Medium coffee grinds will work nicely for brewing pour-over coffee. Make your coffee grounds coarser if you want a milder cup. Use finer grinding for stronger tastes.
  3. Clean your filter paper by rinsing it. This is especially significant if the taste of paper in your coffee bothers you. To rinse the paper, place it in the brewer and thoroughly rinse it with water. When you're finished, pour out the water that has collected in the brewer.
  4. Fill the filter with ground coffee.
  5. Bring the water to a temperature of 195–205 degrees Fahrenheit. To check the temperature, use a thermometer or allow the water to boil. To boil the water, you can use an electric kettle.
  6. Allow 30 seconds after the water has reached a boil before using it.
  7. Set up your cup on the scale while the water is heating up. To keep track of how much water is pouring, set the scale to zero.
  8. Wet the coffee grinds evenly with just enough water to soak them, then bloom them.
  9. When blossoming, take your time and let the gas bubble out for about a minute. Blooming is an important phase since it helps to prepare the final pour of water to uniformly distribute the water throughout the grounds.
  10. Pour controlled amounts of water in a circular motion over the grounds 30 seconds after they have bloomed. The pour-over method is named after this precise procedure.
  11. It's time to taste your coffee once it's ready. You must sample your coffee right after it is brewed to assess the flavor and taste, as well as what to add the next time you prepare it.
  12. Add any more ingredients to your liking and enjoy a cup of espresso coffee.

The Bottom Line

If you're not sure if an Americano is for you, you can always test one at a local coffee shop before investing in an espresso machine.
By understanding the underlying distinctions between a shot of espresso and a cup of coffee, you may attempt to bridge the gap and produce what most people believe to be a pretty comparable beverage. Give it a taste and see yourself! 

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