How to Start AAC Block manufacturing Business

How to Start AAC Block manufacturing Business

December 15, 2021

Getting ready to start Aerated Concrete (AAC) manufacturing business is an excellent way to make AAC blocks for building and construction. AAC is a non-combustible, lime-based cementitious building material that is entering new global markets. AAC business has gained recognition in new markets around the world as a single-component building material. This is a light-weight building material made by autoclaving a predetermined mixture of fine siliceous elements such as pulverized sand or fly ash with a binder such as Portland cement or lime.

AAC is a precast concrete product made from natural raw materials. It was developed in Sweden in the 1920s by an architect who blended traditional concrete ingredients – cement, lime, water, and sand with a small amount of aluminum powder. The aluminum powder acts as an expansion agent, causing the concrete to rise in the same way as bread dough does. As a result, the concrete is virtually entirely composed of air. AAC concrete is normally formed into blocks or slabs and used to construct mortared walls in a manner similar to standard concrete block construction.

The weight of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) products is four times that of conventional concrete. Its distinctive structure, which consists of millions of microscopic pores, provides maximum solidity at a low weight. Due to the limited heat conductivity of air, aerated concrete provides great thermal protection. It protects against cold and heat, enabling for single-shell constructions that provide more space, save time, and lower costs—all of which are important factors to get the answer of how to start AAC block manufacturing business. Now, let’s discuss how AAC is manufactured in the industry!

How Aerated Concrete Is Manufactured

The same procedure used to mix all concrete is utilized to make autoclaved aerated concrete: A slurry is created by combining Portland cement, aggregate, and water. When aluminum is used as an expansion agent, air bubbles are introduced throughout the material, resulting in a low-density lightweight material. Wet concrete is molded into shapes with forms and then cut into slabs and blocks once it has partially dried. After that, the units are placed in an autoclave for thorough curing under heat and pressure, which takes about 8 to 12 hours.

AAC concrete pieces are extremely workable and may be cut and drilled using standard woodworking tools like band saws and power drills. Because the concrete is lightweight and low-density, it must be evaluated for compressive strengths, moisture content, bulk density, and shrinkage.

Benefits and Applications of AAC

Some of the benefits you will get if you start a business of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC):

  1.  A good soundproofing and acoustic insulation material
     Extremely fire and termite resistant
     Comes in various shapes and sizes
     High thermal mass accumulates and dissipates energy over time
     Recyclable materials
     Because of its modest weight, it is simple to handle and install
     Simple to cut chases and holes for electrical and plumbing lines
     Lower shipping and handling costs when compared to poured concrete or concrete blocks

Building with AAC Concrete

AAC concrete can be utilized in the construction of walls, floors, roof panels, blocks, and lintels.

 Panels are available in thicknesses ranging from 8 to 12 inches, widths ranging from 24 to 24 inches, and lengths ranging from 20 to 20 feet.
 Blocks are available in lengths of 24, 32, and 48 inches. And thicknesses ranging from 4 to 16 inches; height is 8 inches.

Cured blocks or panels of autoclaved aerated concrete are bonded with thin bed mortar in the same way that normal concrete blocks are. Walls can be strengthened with steel or other structural components that run vertically through spaces in the blocks for added strength.

Because of its light weight, AAC concrete is more adaptable than ordinary concrete and can be used for walls, floors, and roofs. The material is sturdy and fire resistant, and it provides great sound and thermal insulation. AAC, on the other hand, should be protected with an applied finish, such as manufactured stone, polymer-modified stucco, or siding, in order to be durable. When utilized in basements, AAC walls must have a substantial coating of waterproof material or membrane applied to the exterior face. The surfaces of AAC will deteriorate if they are exposed to rain or moisture. Interior surfaces might be completed with drywall, plaster, tile, or paint or left unfinished.

Properties of Aerated Concrete

AAC has only moderate insulation qualities by nature—roughly R-10 for an 8-inch-thick wall and R-12.5 for a 10-inch-thick wall. For each inch of material thickness, AAC has an R value of roughly 1.25. However, AAC has a large thermal mass, which slows thermal energy transmission and can significantly cut heating and cooling expenses. Furthermore, AAC constructions can be made extremely airtight to prevent energy losses caused by air leakage. AAC also works well as a soundproofing barrier.

By using eco-friendly building materials to design your ideal home, you are not only helping to save the environment but also saving money on total construction costs. Among the novel construction materials utilized around the world, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks (AAC blocks or bricks) are deemed superior to other conventional materials that generate environmental problems, such as burnt clay bricks. In India, the advantages of AAC blocks as an inexpensive and ecological alternative to traditional building materials are generally recognized.

AAC Blocks Characteristics:

  • Colour Greyish-White
    Lightweight  50% lighter than red bricks
    Fire resistance Between two and six hours, based on the thickness
    Energy Efficiency  25% reduction in Air Conditioning cost
    Thermal Efficiency 3 times higher than clay bricks
    Water Absorption About 10% of its weight
    Sound Insulation 42 db (approximately)
    Affordable Costs Nearly one-third of the cost of regular bricks

Advantages of AAC for Your Business

 Construction cost-effectiveness. The low cost of materials, as well as the vast size of blocks with reduced weight, ensure a reduction in construction costs. It takes less time than placing bricks or blocks. Less weight means less steel needed.

 Low thermal conductivity and density. Aerated concrete blocks are light and warm because their density ranges between 400 and 800 kg per cu.m and their thermal conductivity coefficient ranges between 0.1 and 0.21 W/(m*оC).

Excellent acoustic shielding. Because of its porous nature, aerated concrete provides 10 times the soundproofing of a brick wall of the same thickness.

Fire protection. Aerated concrete is a non-combustible, fire-resistant substance that outperforms regular concrete in the first class of fire resistance.

Permeability of vapor. Aerated concrete has high vapor permeability due to its porous nature. The coefficient of vapor permeability ranges between 0.23 and 0.4 mg/(m*h*Pa). The aerated concrete dwellings "breathe," and the atmosphere inside is pleasant.

Environmental  friendliness    Natural, environmentally friendly components are used in aerated concrete. The material does not emit any dangerous compounds, it does not age, and it does not decay. The background radiation level ranges from 9 to 11 R/h. As an example: Every year, Australians are exposed to 1.5 - 2.0 millisieverts of ionising radiation.

Drawbacks of Getting Business with AAC Manufacturing

The following are the significant drawbacks of AAC:

ACC has a higher manufacturing cost per unit than other types of ordinary concrete.

 Because the number of manufacturers is limited, the price will almost certainly skyrocket at locations further away from the factory.
 It is just as strong as regular concrete.
 There aren't many contractors who are familiar with AAC.
 Construction with this concrete may necessitate special authorisation.

Applications of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

 AAC is a concrete-based substance that is exceptionally thermally insulating and is used for both interior and exterior construction.
 It is well-suited to high-rise structures that employ AAC because it requires significantly less metal and uses less concrete because the diversity of joints for structural member's blocks is minimized.
 Because of the dimensional accuracy of AAC, the material required for rendering may be reduced.
 However, in most constructions, ordinary cement mortar can be utilized, whereas AAC materials require skinny bed mortar.

AAC Block Prices in the Market

As of July 2018, basic AAC block in the conventional size of 8 x 8 x 24 inches costs between 166 rupees to 200 rupees per square foot, somewhat more than standard concrete block, which costs approximately 150 rupees per square foot. AAC, on the other hand, may have cheaper labor expenses because of its lesser weight, which makes it easier to handle and install. Costs vary by region and are influenced by local labor rates and building regulatory requirements.


Autoclaved aerated concrete is a lightweight concrete, combining a fine grain siliceous aggregate and an inorganic binder with a pore-forming agent that reduces density and a high-pressure steam curing process with high mechanical strength. It is a low-cost product utilized in construction, due to which a new set up AAC block manufacturing business can be beneficial and profitable.  

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