How to Fill Gas in Split AC

How to Fill Gas in Split AC

September 27, 2021

If you are reading this article, definitely you are interested in repairing your AC by yourself.

Isn’t It? 😊

The first and most important advice, we would like to share is to be careful, because it is very harmful.

We suggest you prefer a knowledgeable service provider rather than doing it by yourself.

But, if you want to do it by yourself, it is not difficult at all.

So, in this article, we are going to present a detailed explanation of how to refill the refrigerant in your split AC.

Let’s begin the discussion without further delay!

But, before we start a discussion on the filling procedure, don’t we have to check out the gases used for this purpose?

Here we go then.

Types of Gases Used for Refrigerant Refuelling

So, there is a range of refrigerants are available in the market.

Which one do we use? ☹

To get the answer to this question, let’s understand all these types:

R-410 A (Puron)

  • It is a modern type of refrigerant having numerous brilliant specifications.
  • Designed to improve cooling, it is environment-friendly and highly advantageous.
  • Used for both filling & refueling, it is used widely in air-conditioning systems.
  • With a massive heat transfer efficacy, it eases the working principle of ACs.
  • Also, the R-410 A (Puron) works on high pressure and is adequate for refueling Air conditioners.

R-22 (Freon)

  • Freon (R22) is a part of the Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) gas family. 
  • It is one of the most affordable gases available but is not in use nowadays.
  • It is not widely recommended for refueling domestic ACs, due to its negative impacts on the environment.
  • Although, it is more often used for large & industrial split systems.
  • This refrigerant is intended solely for refueling and needs specific consequences to adequately refuel the split ac.


  • When we talk about R-32, it is the best available refrigerant in the market.
  • Impetuous in several ways, it is budget-friendly, energy-efficient, safe, and doesn’t impact the environment.
  • R-32 conveys heat efficiently and thus, reduces electricity consumption by 10% (approx.).
  • Further, in comparison to options, its impact on the ozone layer is less than 1/3 of the others. 
  • With such remarkable specifications, R-32 is used mostly for the refueling procedure nowadays. 

Now, when we are sure, which gas we are going to use, let’s see the accessories required for the refueling of the refrigerant.

Required Accessories for Refueling Refrigerant in Split AC

As we discussed earlier, it is necessary to ensure safety while refueling because of the harmful & toxicant gases. 🤔

Thus, to ensure prior safety and adequate filling of the Refrigerant, let’s have a look at the accessories needed:

 Safety Equipment 🦺

Refrigerant Tool Kit ⚙️

Now, we are ready to fill the refrigerant, so let’s check out the refueling procedure step by step.

Procedure of Refueling Refrigerant in Split AC

We have divided the procedure into a step-by-step guide to ease follow-up.

By following it up, and performing the task accurately you can easily refill the refrigerant in your AC on your own. 👷‍♂️

The procedure to refill the refrigerant in the Split AC is:

  • You must first examine and locate the suction line on the low side of the air conditioner and the discharge line on the high side of the air conditioner.
  • The two are often placed in an outdoor unit of Split AC and behind a window air conditioner. Directly above the discharge line, there is a suction line that feels cold to the touch. On the other hand, the discharge line is positioned beneath the suction line and is warm to the touch. The gas will be refilled into the AC via the suction line.
  • You will need to unscrew the suction line's nuts in order to be able to fix the lines. Since these screws serve as the valve to draw the gas, you can loosen them to let it out. The efficient screw prevents the refrigerant from flowing in or out until it is closed. You must first loosen the screw in order to be able to refill the AC gas.
  • After loosening the bolt on the left side, attach the blue hose from the AC manifold gauge to the port that was previously screwed. Make sure the Hoover pump is connected to the yellow pump. Ensure that all of the air has been drawn out of the system after everything is in place. Care must be taken during this stage since any moisture that enters the compressor could cause damage.
  • Verify that every valve on the gauge for the AC manifold is entirely closed. The refrigerant tank is then joined to the yellow pipe. The yellow hose should be gently loosened at the manifold end. Always double-check that there is no air in the pipe by turning the cylinder knob open and closed. Any trapped air inside the pipes will be released with the help of this. After that, don't forget to tighten the yellow hose.
  • Open and shut the low side knob on the manifold before turning on the air conditioner. Turn on the air conditioner after that, and wait for the compressor to start working.
  • It is wise to keep a close check on the gauge at this point. Because the compressor will need to be opened and closed for a short period of time when it starts. Watch where the pressure builds up in the gauge as well; to maintain effectiveness, you'll need to open and close it frequently. Repeat the process until the pressure reaches between 60 and 70 PSI.
  • The reason the AC refrigerant is added in little volumes is that releasing all of the gas at once might potentially harm the compressor.
  • Close the manifold valve when the pressure reaches between 60 and 70 PSI. You then close the refrigerant tank knob and the manifold valve. Finally, take off the yellow hose from the refrigerant tank and the blue hose from the suction line.

Pat your back! You have successfully refilled your AC.😎

Final Chat

This is a simple tutorial to help you refill your Split AC on your own.

Hope! We have delivered potential information that may help you.

Also, once again we suggest you prefer a professional for this procedure & avoid risks.

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