Quiz or Survey: Which One Is Right for Your Marketing Strategy?

Quiz or Survey: Which One Is Right for Your Marketing Strategy?

December 19, 2023

While developing your marketing strategy you may come across the problem of finding out whether you should make use of quizzes or surveys in your marketing strategy. Below in this blog post, you will find out more about the types of quizzes and surveys and their pros and cons. The latter will guide you to the final solution of choosing between them.

What is Quiz?

Quizzes are interactive mind-training games that keep the participants engaged in the specific topic or subject included in the quiz. Quizzes are quite beneficial when applied in different fields. Different types of quizzes have different forms of application and can require different kinds of answers. Nowadays quizzes are very popular and widely practiced for different purposes. The type of the quiz is usually chosen based on the purpose, the style, and the users of the quiz. 

Some types of quizzes include:

  • Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are usually created to engage the audience in fun activities. The participants are usually interested in finding out something new about themselves. These kinds of quizzes are quite popular among users, even though these quizzes do not always give a proper, fact-driven, and correct answer.

  • Feedback Quizzes

Feedback quizzes are a very good solution when it comes to getting feedback and opinions from users. Firstly, these types of quizzes keep the participants engaged in the exact topic and aware of the information included in the quiz. Secondly, this enables the creators of the quiz to learn about the users’ opinions, and by getting feedback understand what areas should be improved.

  • Assessment Quizzes

These types of quizzes are used to assess the level of awareness and knowledge of the participants. Assessment quizzes are widely applied for education. This type of quiz also allows the users to fill the spaces in their knowledge on the specific topic.

  • Recommendation Quizzes

Recommendation quizzes are used for e-commerce recommendations. These kinds of quizzes suggest several questions to the users and then, based on the preferences of the participants, suggest the best solution for them. 

Now we know that there are different types of quizzes, but that’s not all. Quizzes can also have different types of answers. Quizzes require different types of answers, it is usually based on which type you find convenient for your quiz and what is the purpose of the quiz. The answers to quizzes may be multiple-choice answers, open-ended answers, true or false answers, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quizzes

As you already know what quizzes are, and what types of quizzes and answers there are, we can speak about the advantages and disadvantages of quizzes.

Some of the advantages of quizzes are:

  • Additional Data 

Quizzes provide additional data and insights for future planning. Quizzes are a convenient way for organizers to collect data from the audience and use it for the sake of the company and the brand for later improvements and changes. 

  • Audience Engagement

Quizzes are also quite useful for keeping the audience engaged in an activity. The users are involved in an interactive game which increases the interest in the brand and the products offered by the brand.

  • Building Awareness

Another advantage of quizzes is that they are a great help to businesses when it comes to creating brand awareness among the audience. With the help of quizzes, the company builds brand awareness among the users meanwhile increasing the number of potential customers.


You can also consider enhancing your engagement strategies by incorporating a WordPress quiz plugin on your website. This versatile plugin allows you to create captivating quizzes tailored to your brand, fostering increased interaction with your audience and promoting a more enjoyable user experience.


To delve into mind-stimulating challenges you can include mensa iq questions in your quizzes. These types of questions provide an intellectually enriching experience for participants, adding an extra layer of depth to your interactive quizzes, and catering to those seeking more cognitive engagement.


Quizzes can also have disadvantages that should be mentioned as well. Some of them are:

  • Time-consuming

One of the main disadvantages of quizzes may be considered the problem of being quite time-consuming and sort of complicated. As quizzes are a part of the digital world, they require time to get used to its features and understand how it works. Simultaneously, the process of creating quizzes may seem complicated at first, which is also a kind of disadvantage.

What is a Survey?

Surveys are online tools usually created to collect data. Users pass the surveys and the results are explored in the database. Surveys are a convenient way of collecting information from the audience. Surveys provide valid information about the experience of the customers connected to the brand. There can be different types of surveys. Some of the most popular and widely used surveys are:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are a good way of gathering data concerning the opinion of customers, whether they are satisfied with the brand generally or not. This survey helps the brand to understand what should be improved to meet the preferences of the potential customers.

  • Net Promoter Score Survey

Net promoter score survey or NPS survey is another good way of conducting a survey and gathering data. This is an easy way of getting the customers to share their opinions and evaluate the brand's performance. The NPS survey consists of a scale of numbers. for instance from 1 to 10 and the customers are required to measure their brand experience and give their evaluation based on that scale. 

  • Product Feedback Survey

A product feedback survey helps to identify whether this or that product launched meets the needs of the customers. By conducting a product feedback survey the company gets the customers to share their opinion about the product, in this way finding out about any existing problems and bags that should be changed or improved.

  • Brand Awareness Survey

Brand awareness surveys are a way of letting your target audience learn about your brand. If you don't know if your customers know enough about your brand or if they know about the products you have launched, these types of surveys are a good way to make sure that your customers know enough about your brand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Surveys

As the concept and the types of surveys are clear, we can move to the advantages and the disadvantages of surveys for a better understanding of how useful they can be. 

Some of the advantages of surveys are:

  • Easily Conducted

Surveys are easy to create and it’s easy for everyone to connect and fill in the survey answers. It’s beneficial that surveys can be conducted remotely and it’s much more convenient. Moreover, surveys are not time-consuming at all. 

  • Real-time Data

Another advantage of surveys is that the data is collected in the database and is easier to analyze. It gives faster and more reliable information.

  • Wide Range of Data

Besides providing quick data, surveys also provide a wide range of data. As they collect a lot of information about the attitudes, opinions, feedback, etc. given by the customers, the data is huge concerning various topics.

Surveys have some disadvantages alongside advantages that are worth mentioning. Thus, below are the disadvantages of surveys.

  • Not Sharing Honest Answers

Some users may not feel free to share their opinions or may not feel enthusiastic enough to share their opinions honestly about the brand. This may cause a problem of having not enough accurate data.

  • Misinterpretation

Another disadvantage of surveys is the possibility of misinterpretation of information. The questions represented in the survey and the answers given may be interpreted differently by the users and cause them to answer something while the customers mean something else.

Quiz vs Survey: Which One is Right for Your Marketing Strategy

After establishing the concepts of quizzes and surveys, their types, advantages, and disadvantages it would be easier to find out the best solution for your marketing strategy. Before making a final decision for your marketing strategy let’s compare quizzes and surveys.

Quizzes are a convenient way of keeping the audience engaged and promoting the brand by creating brand awareness. Surveys, on the other hand, are mainly applied to collecting data from the target audience to understand who your audience and customers are.

When it comes to getting information and feedback from customers, both quizzes and surveys can be helpful, though quizzes are mostly a fun way of building brand awareness and engaging customers. Quizzes are time-consuming and require more patience. While quizzes provide real-time feedback, surveys provide real-time data about the audience. 

Hence, when you choose between quizzes and surveys for your marketing strategy, it’s better to prioritize the needs and requirements of your business, whether you need to get quick feedback and data from different fields or whether you need your audience’s opinion for later improvements. Having taken into consideration all these nuances and having delved into the advantages and the disadvantages of both quizzes and surveys, you can choose the one that suits your requirements the best.


In conclusion, quizzes and surveys are ways of collecting different types of information. Quizzes are beneficial when it comes to real-time feedback and opinions. On the other hand, surveys are online polls for collecting data from users. It’s a good way of collecting immediate data concerning a wide range of information. 

Thus, both quizzes and surveys are useful means that can be applied in your marketing strategy, it’s rather about the purpose and the requirements when you choose between them.

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