Role of AI in Customer Experience (CX)

Role of AI in Customer Experience (CX)

May 27, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps in streamlining the customer service process while improving automated customer support. Reports from Gartner say that 58% of the customers will use AI for saving time and 56% of them use it for saving money. Understanding the role of CX intelligence for overall business growth by adopting the latest AI trend may help in business growth in multiple facets.

1. Offer Instant Response 24*7

Delayed responses or long queue times are the scenarios that frustrate consumers. Besides that, companies lose almost 75% of the customers due to longer waiting times. An instant response can be provided to all the communication channels by deploying AI chatbots across the channels. Without any additional costs, AI can be used to improve customer experience by offering responses immediately round the clock. It improves brand value, automates common queries, and reduces customer churn.

2. Provide Personalized Recommendations

Personalization of customer service can be overwhelming sometimes as it is time-consuming. However, it can be made simpler with the use of AI. More than 75% of the customers tend to buy from the brands that offer them relevant recommendations, acknowledge and remember them. AI can analyze customers’ key metrics and data based on their browsing history and buying patterns. Companies can create buyers’ personas while offering them personalized product recommendations by tracking customer journey, real-time triggered communication by understanding their needs.

3. Improve Lead Generation

The goal of integrating AI chatbots is to generate high-intent leads thus improving customer experience to the next level. Chatbots are designed to help customers with their queries with the help of pre-programmed questions. They validate the leads before they go to the sales department. Boosting sales conversion is one of the agenda of the AI chatbots by automating sales FAQs, being active round the clock, and helping in achieving a higher return on investment.

4. More User Engagement

A seamless customer experience implies more customer engagement along with sales. Nowadays, businesses are using conversational chatbots that assist customers with texts and voice. Voice-enabled interactions like Amazon Echo and Alexa have revolutionized the shopping trends by empowering the customers with relevant information. Visual engagement along with video chat conversations helps in delivering positive sentiments that increase the customer lifetime value.

5. Understand User Sentiments

If you are trying to improve your customer service, then understanding your customers’ sentiments is important. Artificial Intelligence is used to analyze the customers’ needs, feedback by adapting their communication/ Analyzing the customers’ input is an important aspect to serve your customers in the best way possible. It not only enhances response faster but also with personalized recommendations based on the user sentiment.

6. Usage of Predictive Analytics

AI can help in predicting customer needs thus making the customer experience more personalized. Predictive analytics involves data modeling and data mining that predicts the actionable insights of the customers thus increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence makes a rich customer experience by offering a greater sense of emotional connection with the brand.

7. Create Target-Specific Ads

Creating an excellent customer experience requires hyper-personalization which is not possible without the implementation of AI. AI helps in creating hyper-personalized digital ads that are proven to be very effective. Nowadays customers are more intrusive compared to a few years back. More than 25% of them block advertisements which is the reason companies are targeting personalized ads so that they can influence the purchasing pattern of the customers.

8. Streamline Workflows

The most important benefit of using AI-based chatbots on the website is to streamline the workflows of the customer support agents. These chatbots are great for resolving common customer queries. When a customer pings they can collect customer data and can offer them relevant solutions during the conversation. While your support agents will solve the complex customer issues thus improving the customer experience to the next level. If the chatbots are trained properly with relevant questions, then they can do wonders to your whole customer support process.

Artificial Intelligence – A Boon to Customer Experience (CX)

With the ability of AI, companies can create a huge impact on the customer lifecycle. They can create buyer personas while understanding who they are and their likes and dislikes. AI can improve the customer experience across the customer journey. Organizations nowadays are trying to embrace the trend of integrating AI in various spheres of business including customer service. Companies are inventing a plethora of business capabilities that are not limited to profitability, unprecedented growth, and sustainability. Companies must be prepared for the disruption and make it a competitive advantage and conversational experience.

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