Top 10 Photo-to-Text Converters: Store your photo Data in a Digital Text format

Top 10 Photo-to-Text Converters: Store your photo Data in a Digital Text format

May 22, 2024

Image to text converters are great for quickly getting your handwritten work onto your computer in a text format you can edit. But not all of them work well. Some are slow, and it's hard to find a good one. Some websites promise to keep your content private, but they don't always do that. And some converters claim to be super accurate, but they're not when you try them. It's not worth using something that wastes your time or risks your info.

You can use a JPG-to-text converter to change your images into text easily. One of the best ones is available online. It's a cool technology that lets you turn photos into text. Nowadays, changing text from a picture into regular text is really important for various reasons. People use it to get information from pictures or to make text easier to access for everyone.


Benefits of using a Photo Text Extractor 

There are lots of good things about using photo to text converters:

  1. Save Time and Effort: Extracting text from photos by hand might take a long time. Photo-to-text converters accomplish it automatically, saving you time and effort.
  2. Improved Accessibility: People who cannot see well can use screen reader software to view information in digital text format. Converting physical documents or images into digital text helps them do that.
  3. Enhanced Accuracy: Manual typing leaves room for error. On the other hand, converters rely on OCR technology, which is quite accurate, particularly when working with sharp photographs.
  4. Increased Efficiency: Once converted, the text may be simply edited, searched, and organized on your computer. This makes your job faster and more efficient.
  5. Document archiving: Paper documents are easier to save and access later when converted to digital data. It also reduces the possibility of losing important papers and saves space.


There are a variety of Tools:


  • Online converters

These are simple to use since they are accessible from any internet-enabled device. Some offer free versions, while others need payment for additional functionality.


  • Mobile Apps

You can always use mobile applications to Extract text from photos, no matter where you are. All you need to do is use the camera on your phone to capture a picture or use one you already have, and the software will take care of the rest.

  • Programmes

Installing it on your computer is known as desktop software. They perform well while handling several photos at once or when working offline. They typically offer advanced features like batch processing, multiple language support, and higher accuracy for complex layouts.

Top 10 Converters from Photos to Text

Now that you are aware of the many kinds of photo-to-text converters and the things you should consider before making a decision, let's look at some of the best products available:

Free Online Converters from Photo into Text

  • Theonlineconverter: It offers a convenient online solution for converting images into editable text with its photo to text converter online. With its user-friendly interface, the online tool simplifies the task of extracting text from photos, making it easy to digitize business cards and capture essential information from documents.
  • NewOCR: Another well-liked free solution with a reputation for accuracy and use is NewOCR. It has a free plan with 10 conversions per day and a file size restriction of 10MB. It supports several languages.
  • Itspdf: It is a user-friendly online converter platform that supports a wide range of image formats, including JPG, PNG, and BMP, and more than 60 different languages. It lets extract text from image and store it into editable document (text) formats for users convenience. 
  • Prepostseo Online OCR: Prepostseo Online OCR has a simple UI and is available for free. It provides basic OCR capabilities without any restrictions on the number of conversions and supports a variety of picture formats. 

Paid Online Photo-to-Text Converters with Free Trials

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Not just a photo text extractor, this all-in-one PDF editing package also has a robust OCR feature. It supports several languages and has excellent accuracy. There is a free trial period before a paid subscription is needed.
  • ABBYY FineReader PDF: This robust OCR programme can read a wide range of document formats, including handwritten text, with remarkable precision. It provides a free trial period and a premium membership plan after that.

Mobile Apps to convert Photo into text

  • Google Lens: Most Android devices come pre-installed with Google Lens and can be downloaded for iOS. It extracts text from photographs by utilising Google's robust image recognition engine. It's a handy way to capture text while on the road, and the captured content may be translated into several languages.
    CamScanner: CamScanner is a popular mobile app that goes beyond photo to text conversion.It provides sharing, editing, and scanning capabilities for documents. While more complex functions like text editing and document annotation are available with a paid membership, basic text extraction is still possible with the free version.

Converting Photos to Text Using Desktop Software

  • OmniPage Ultimate: Rich in features, OmniPage Ultimate is a desktop OCR programme that excels at accuracy, especially when dealing with intricate layouts and handwritten text. In addition to offering batch processing for large-volume conversions, it supports a wide range of languages. Nevertheless, the cost is rather high.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: As previously indicated, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC may be used as a desktop OCR programme offline. It provides similar functionalities to the online version with its free trial transitioning into a paid subscription plan.


  • Ensure image clarity: Image blurring, pixelation, or poor lighting can all have a major influence on accuracy. Consider utilizing a higher-quality shot or altering the lighting to get a sharper capture.
  • Supported file formats: Make sure the image format you're uploading is compatible with the converter you've chosen. Most tools support common formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, and PDF.
  • Complex Layouts: Complex layouts with multiple columns, tables, or handwritten text might require specialist OCR software for optimal results.
  • Character Limits: Free online converters often have limitations on the number of characters they can process per image. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Can photo to text converters translate languages?

Some advanced photo to text converters, particularly paid options, offer integrated translation functionalities. These tools can extract the text from the image and then translate it into another language you specify.

  • Are there any privacy concerns when using online photo to text converters?

When using online photo to text converters, it's essential to choose reputable services with robust security measures. Do not upload sensitive documents to free and  unverified websites. Go for converters that offer data encryption and has clear privacy policies outlining how your data is handled.


As more and more people use images, there is a lot of stuff stored in them. If you want to turn pictures into editable text, converting them is the way to go. Card Scanner and similar tools can help you do this for free. Plus, you can use AI-powered OCR workflows to automate everything. It's easy, fast, and gives you accurate results every time.


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May 22, 2024

most effects informetion

May 22, 2024

most effects informetion

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