Cold Storage

Exploring Emerging Trends in the India Cold Storage Market

India cold storage market is witnessing a dynamic shift driven by evolving consumer preferences, technological advancements, and regulatory reforms. Read More

World-Class Cooling Solutions: Green Star's Global Impact since 2012

As the proud owner, it brings me immense joy to share our journey and showcase the pinnacle of Cooling Solutions we've meticulously crafted since our inception in 2012. At Green Star, our commitment to quality and innovation stands as the cornerstone of our success. Read More

Cold Room
Cold Room
September 13, 2019 | Cold Room Service

Cold rooms are designed to maintain a suitable low temperature for refrigeration and storing food product from being perished. Read More

Superior Chilling Technological innovation for Frosty Storage

The quick refrigeration processing either cooling or cold follow harvest & storage & transportation in the low temperatures environment are recommended for Perishables. Read More

How to build stroll-in coolers and freezers with own hands

you will understand the best way to solve the problem with all the variety & installation of a cool storage holding chamber for requires of your enterprise. Read More

Design of Ripening Chamber

Ripening chamber must be designed of polyurethane according to the required dimension & capacity. The capacity of ripening chamber to hold and ripen is up to 5MT to 500MT Read More