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Optimize Your Environment with Marut Air's Multi-Purpose Fans

Welcome back to Marut Air Systems Private Limited, where we continue our exploration into the world of innovative air management solutions. As we venture deeper, we extend our warmest invitation to discover the diverse facets of our multi-purpose fans Read More

Austar Technologies: Your Gateway to Premium Big Ceiling Fans

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Revolutionizing Spaces: Perfect Exclusive Works Leading HVLS Fan Technology

Today we are feeling proud to share our journey as a well-known company where we take pride in redefining spaces through our cutting-edge High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans. As seasoned manufacturers and suppliers based in Vadodara, we extend a warm welcome to explore the unparalleled commitment to excellence woven into our products. Read More

What Are HVLS Ceiling Fans and Their Benefits

Industrial ceiling fans are known as HVLS fans. They have a diameter of more than 7 feet. Unlike the personal fans you use at home, HVLS fans move a significant volume of air by virtue of their size rather than their speed. HVLS fans create air columns that flow down and horizontally down the floor until they strike a side wall or another fan. Read More