7 In-Demand Cloud Roles For 2024

7 In-Demand Cloud Roles For 2024

January 30, 2024

According to the cloud computing study 2024, 66% of IT leaders are planning to increase their cloud budget for cloud trends 2024. 31% of IT leaders said that 31% of their IT budget is allocated for cloud computing. This clearly shows that businesses will spend more money on cloud infrastructure, but it also means that the demand for cloud roles will grow tremendously in 2024.

Which cloud roles will be in high demand in 2024? That is exactly the question we will try to answer in this article. If you are looking for the answer to this question, then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about seven in demand cloud roles companies are hiring for in 2024.

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7 In-Demand Cloud Roles For 2024

1. Cloud Architect

2. Cloud System Administrator

3. Cloud System Engineer

4. Cloud Software Engineer

5. Cloud Consultant

6. Cloud Network Engineer

7. Cloud Product Manager

7 In-Demand Cloud Roles For 2024

Here are seven in demand cloud roles companies are hiring for in 2024.

Cloud Architect

Migrating to the cloud is not easy especially if you don’t have the knowledge and skills to achieve it. That is where hiring a cloud architect can come in handy. They can not only take care of migration but can also help your business in implementation and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure. 

With 65% of businesses already adopting cloud based services, it is imperative to have a cloud architect who understands the security repercussions and takes steps to mitigate the risks. Hire a cloud architect that not only has the knowledge of cloud application architectures but can also help you with governance, automation and security. 30% of businesses have already started hiring for cloud architects and have allocated cloud budgets for it. This clearly shows that the demand for cloud architects is about to take off as more businesses are about to hire for these roles.

Cloud System Administrator

Cloud system administrators, just like their non cloud counterparts are responsible for maintenance and management of cloud environments. From enforcing cloud policies to installing patches, keeping everything up to date to analyzing and optimizing network performance all comes under the responsibilities of cloud system administrator.

Cloud system administrators should specialize in integration, implementation and configuration as well as know how to use the popular cloud tools effectively such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS. Cloud system admin roles are gaining popularity as 27% of businesses have already started hiring for such roles. Expect the demand for this role to stay high in 2024.

Cloud System Engineer

When businesses migrate their workloads to the cloud, they have to let go of their legacy systems. This migration can be tough and could involve adapting to a new infrastructure. Cloud systems can help you make the transition easily. They will take care of everything from designing, maintaining and implementing required infrastructure to make the transition less of a hassle. They can play a crucial role in supporting your business cloud initiatives and drive them to successful completion.

A cloud system engineer must specEngineerialize in writing scripts in different programming languages such as Python and PowerShell..They should also have a grip over security and compliance containerization and database management as well as disaster recovery and performance optimization.

Cloud Software 

As the demand for cloud software increases, so does the demand for cloud software engineers. Developing software for cloud is different from developing software for on premise systems such as Seattle dedicated servers. Cloud software engineers understand the limitations and advantages of cloud and develop software that is not only scalable but delivers an exceptional user experience.

With more than half of the IT decision makers admitting that they have moved their entire IT workloads to the cloud and that number is expected to shoot up to 63% in next year, you can expect the soaring demand for cloud software engineers in 2024 and beyond. Hire a clou software engineer that specializes in multiple programming languages such as Python, Java and C# and are also familiar with microservices architecture and serverless architecture.

Cloud Consultant

Despite wider adoption of cloud, many businesses are still struggling to take full advantage of their cloud infrastructure and make the most of their cloud investments. This is where cloud consultants can come to your rescue. These professionals can help your business in increasing revenue from cloud investments but also sustaining those gains over long periods of time.

A cloud consultant must have complete command over solution design and architecture, DevOps, compliance, cloud migration, cloud security and popular cloud platforms. More businesses will spend money on hiring these cloud consultants to ensure efficient utilization of cloud budgets.

Cloud Network Engineer

You need a cloud network to support everything and cloud network engineers can help you establish that. They can design,  implement and maintain the cloud network which includes everything from virtualization to network management. They should use technologies like virtual local area network, wide area network and traditional protocols such as TCP/IP. In addition to this, they should also have experience and skills in hybrid and multi cloud implementation. Expect 15% of cloud budgets going towards hiring these cloud network engineers. This will increase the demand for cloud network engineers and this trend will continue as more and more businesses embrace cloud networks.

Cloud Product Manager

One of the biggest challenges of cloud adoption is that it forces businesses to develop in house cloud services. This cloud initiative can quickly go off track if you don’t have a cloud project manager to oversee and keep everything on the right track. They bring their product management expertise to the cloud to help your business fulfill your business objectives. 

They will take care of everything from quality assurance processes to developing product roadmaps, finalizing user requirements to managing feedback loops. A cloud product manager should also specialize in user experience and possess exceptional communication and collaboration skills. When these skills combine with a strong technical background, your business gets a cloud product manager who can deliver amazing results. Additionally, ensuring high-quality product photos can further enhance the user experience and attract more customers.

Which cloud role is in most demand right now? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.


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