A Comprehensive Review of Mpow H10 Wireless Headphones

A Comprehensive Review of Mpow H10 Wireless Headphones

February 15, 2024

Mpow is known for making affordable, quality audio gear. The Mpow H10 wireless headphones are over-ear headphones designed to provide premium features at an accessible price point. In this in-depth review, we'll examine the design, comfort, sound quality, battery life, and overall performance of these wireless cans.


The Mpow H10 sports a clean, minimalist design with an all-black color scheme. The circumaural earcups feature plush memory foam padding wrapped in soft leatherette. This results in a very comfortable fit that isolates outside noise passively. The padded headband is adjustable and able to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. build quality consists mainly of durable plastic, keeping the weight light without feeling cheap.

The left earcup houses the USB-C charging port, while the right earcup has the control buttons and aux port. The on-ear controls cover call management, volume, music playback, and voice assistant access. A compact carry case is included for portability.


Considering the affordable price point, the Mpow H10 packs great features:

Bluetooth 5.0 with an improved wireless range of up to 30 feet and multi-device pairing

Support for high-quality wireless codecs like AAC and aptX

30-hour battery life per charge

Quick charging (5 min = 2 hours playback)

Passive noise isolation blocks ambient noise

On-ear controls for music, calls, and voice assistants

Built-in microphone for phone calls

3.5mm aux input for wired listening

Foldable design with included carry case

With excellent battery life, wireless connectivity, and portable design, the Mpow H10 provides a versatile listening experience.

Sound Quality

The Mpow H10 delivers a well-balanced, detailed sound with engaging bass. 40mm drivers tuned for enhanced bass and mids provide a rich, lively listening experience. The sound signature caters more to fun than neutral reference.

Lows and lower mids are slightly boosted, giving bass impact and body without muddying the mix. Vocals sound full-bodied and intimate. Highs are crisp and clear without getting overly sharp or sibilant. The soundstage has good depth and imaging for a closed-back headphone.

Overall, the lively tune makes the Mpow H10 engaging to listen to for a variety of genres like EDM, pop, hip hop, and rock. Audiophiles may want a flatter response, but for casual listening, these are very enjoyable.


The Mpow H10 is very comfortable for long listening sessions thanks to the soft padding and adjustable fit. The earcups form a secure seal without excessive clamping force. The headband doesn't pinch even when worn for hours. The lightweight plastic build prevents neck strain over time. Eyeglass wearers should also find the plush leatherette comfortable and non-restrictive.

Call Quality

Performance for voice calls is decent but not amazing. The built-in microphone adequately captures and transmits your voice. However, some background noise does seep in, so calls in noisier environments can be challenging. The microphone quality doesn't quite match more premium headphones but is usable for casual calls.


For an affordable price, the Mpow H10 wireless headphones provide excellent value through great sound, comfort, and features. The lively audio delivers engaging listening with punchy bass and crisp highs. Stellar battery life and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity grant all-day wireless freedom. Some microphone background noise and average call quality reminds us that these are budget headphones. But for everyday wireless listening under $50, the Mpow H10 is easy to recommend. Audiophiles and frequent callers may want to look elsewhere, but most will love the H10's combination of sound quality, comfort, and value.

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As an audio enthusiast, conducting a comprehensive review of the Mpow H10 Wireless Headphones unveils their impressive features. With active noise cancellation, comfortable design, and rich sound quality, they excel in delivering immersive listening experiences. Mpow's H10 model stands out as a reliable and affordable choice in the wireless headphone market.

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