Aluminum Honeycomb Core and panels

Aluminum Honeycomb Core and panels

March 23, 2024


                                      - Aluminum Honeycomb Core and Panels - 


Thickness of the Aluminum ranges between 50 Micron – 80 Micron and is a HEXOGONAL STRUCTURE.

By laminating this core with other compatible materials (Generally Aluminum sheets) ALUMINUM HONEYCOMB PANELS are made, in other words the Aluminum Core is sandwiched between two layers of Aluminum sheets. Other materials like Cement Board, FRP, Aluminum Foil, Stone/Marble, Plywood, MDF, HPL, ACP sheet, SS etc. also can be laminated to the Aluminum Honeycomb core.

Standard thickness of these Aluminum sheets for lamination are 0.5mm thk., other thicknesses are also possible subject to qty.

These panels are also interpreted as Aluminum Honeycomb Composite panels.

Other thicknesses are possible subject to qty. of order. These Aluminum Honeycomb panels are light weight yet very rigid and leakproof high strength structures.

Different configurations (Diameter of the Cell, thickness of the Foil, height of the Core and density) of honeycomb core is offered 


Std. size of the Aluminum Honeycomb Core and Panels :

4’ x 8’ (1.22m x 2.44m), but other sizes also possible subject to qty. and Length and width limitations.

Cell size : 6.4mm – 19.5 mm

Thickness : 4mm  - 140mm (certain thicknesses are possible subject to qty.)

APPLICATIONS : Aviation and Aerospace, Cleanroom systems, Rail, Elevators, Automotive, Marine, Energy, Acoustic, construction, architecture etc.

BENEFITS / ADVANTAGES : Light weight, Fire resistant, Anti Bacterial, quick and easy installation, Thermal protection, Termite proof, Corrosion resistant, Environment friendly, High strength to weight ratio etc.

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