Automatic Dual Head Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine

Automatic Dual Head Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine

February 10, 2023

Siddhivinayak Engineering is an established player with experience in manufacturing Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Machines in Ahmedabad India. Our Automatic Dual Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine can work as a single head or dual head multifunction machine that can apply and shrink sleeve labels using two sync heads. Automatic Double Head Bottle Sleeve Applicator Machine is a unique and flexible dual lane shrink label applicator. This High Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine is designed to place the sleeve in the desired position on containers of various sizes and shapes. This PVC Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Machine is specially designed for customers who want to shrink sleeve labels and cap seals on bottles, saving labor and space, helping to increase efficiency. This Dual Head Shrink Labeling Machine has two independent synchronous sleeve inserting heads, a dual head multifunction machine that can double the production as a single lane machine or by processing sleeve label and cap seal at the same time. With a production capacity of 100 BPM to 500 BPM, this unique model is suitable for various industries with the ability to reduce labor and increase productivity.

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