Best Practices for Extracting Text from Scanned Business Contracts

Best Practices for Extracting Text from Scanned Business Contracts

June 06, 2024

Extracting text from scanned business contracts can be a difficult task. But by using the right tools and techniques, it becomes much easier. In the following article, we will cover tools and techniques to help you extract text from an image. By the end of this article, you will know how to extract text from image.

Understanding Text Extraction

Text extraction means converting printed or handwritten text into digital text. When you scan a contract document, the output is often an image file. This file cannot be edited or searched easily. To fix this, you need to extract text from the image.

Why Use Text Extraction?

Extracting text from scanned documents like business contracts is useful for several reasons:

●     Searchability: Digital text is searchable. You can quickly find key terms in your contracts.

●     Editability: You can edit digital text. This helps when you need to update a contract.

●     Accessibility: Digital text can be read aloud by special programs called screen readers. This helps people with disabilities, like those who have trouble seeing, to understand documents better.

Choosing the Right Tool

There are many tools available to help you convert images to text. Here are some things to look for:

●     Accuracy: Choose a tool that converts text accurately.

●     Ease of Use: The tool should be easy to use even for those who are new to this.

●     Support for Different Formats: It should work with different image formats like JPG, PNG, and PDF.

Popular Tools for Converting Image to Text

We searched and found these three tools to convert image to text efficiently:

●     Google Drive: It has a built-in feature to convert photo to text.

●     Adobe Acrobat: Known for handling PDFs and scanned documents well.

● A straightforward and reliable tool for text extraction.

Steps to Extract Text from Image

Using these simple steps, you can extract text from image:

  1. Scan the Document:

○     Use a mobile scanning app or scanner to scan the document.

○     Ensure the scanned image is clear and readable.

  1. Upload the Image:

○     Go to an image to text converter like

○     Click the upload button and select your scanned document.

  1. Convert the Image:

○     Once the image is uploaded, click the convert button.

○     The tool will process the image and extract the text.

  1. Copy the Text:

○     After the conversion, the text will appear on the screen.

○     Copy the text and paste it into a document editor like Microsoft Word.

Tips for Better Results

Use High-Quality Images

High-quality images lead to better text extraction. So you have to make sure that the contract is flat and the text is clear.

Choose the Right Format

Some formats work better than others. For example, PNG and TIFF are often better than JPG.

Use Professional Tools

Professional tools usually offer better accuracy. They are worth the investment if you extract text from images often.

Common Challenges

●     Low-Quality Scans: Low-quality scans can cause errors. Always use the best quality settings on your scanner.

●     Handwritten Text: Handwritten text is harder to extract. Some tools can handle it, but results may vary.

●     Complex Formatting: Complex formatting like tables, can be tricky. Some tools handle this better than others. So you need to consider those tools that handle complex formats better. In case you didn’t found then you need to do it manually.

Closing Thoughts

Extracting text from scanned business contracts can be easy with the right tools and techniques. Start by choosing a clear image. Use a reliable picture to text converter. Follow the steps for conversion that we discussed above and review the text carefully. With practice, you will become more efficient to extract text from images. This will save you time and make managing contracts easier.



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