Can You Upgrade Seats On American After Purchase?

Can You Upgrade Seats On American After Purchase?

June 03, 2024

Every traveler wants the utmost comfort during an air trip. Understanding this, American Airlines facilitates them with selecting seats as well as upgrading those. This significantly enhances their flying experience.

You have a number of options to get an upgrade with this airline. So, go through the account that follows and learn more about your options and how to proceed with upgrading your seat on American Airlines.

Types of AA Seat Upgrades

American Airlines provides various upgrade options such as American Airlines Business Class Upgrade and First Class upgrades. Thereby, catering to your different needs and preferences. Now, let’s take a look at these upgrades.

  • Business Class Upgrades: If you have purchased economy or premium economy tickets, get an upgrade to business class. This provides you with a luxurious flying experience where features like lie-flat seats, enhanced dining options, and priority services add to your travel delight.
  • First Class Upgrades: On select international and domestic routes, you can grab a first-class upgrade. This allows you to indulge in the highest comfort and luxury level than all other upgrades.
  • Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats: If you wish to fly in the economy cabin but want extra legroom or a better location onboard, select from Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats as per availability. These upgrades offer more comfort without the significant cost of moving to a higher class.

How Can I Upgrade Seats on American Airlines Flights?

Use any of the methods below to upgrade your AA seat -

  • Use Miles: If you hold an American Airlines AAdvantage membership, use your accumulated miles to upgrade your seats. The number of miles that you need to upgrade varies as per your cabin class, seat availability, and flight route.
  • Pay with Cash: You can also choose to pay with cash to get an upgrade. The charges depend on the specific flight route and the upgrade type you want.
  • Systemwide Upgrades: All the Elite AAdvantage members receive systemwide upgrade certificates. They use these certificates to upgrade any flight segment, however, it is subject to availability. The elites enjoy great flexibility and high-value upgrades with these certificates.
  • Complimentary Upgrades: Other Elite status members, such as Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro, are eligible for complimentary upgrades. They get these upgrades on domestic and short-haul international flights according to the availability.

Tips for Successful Upgrades

  • Book Early: Upgrades are subject to availability. So try to get those with early booking that increases your chances of grabbing a better seat.
  • Check Upgrade Availability: Be vigilant with your reservation and monitor if upgrades are available. The AA’s official website or its app helps you monitor the upgrade availability. At times, as the departure dates get closer, you might get seats for upgrades.
  • Be Flexible with Travel Plans: Have flexible travel plans so that your chances of finding upgrades increase.
  • Leverage Elite Status: Earning and maintaining elite status with AA enhances your chances of getting complimentary or more affordable upgrades.

Please note

Have you requested an upgrade, but have to cancel your booking? Contact the customer support team to know about the American Airlines Cancellation Policy for guidance.

Wrapping Up

Upgrade your seats easily with AA after booking a trip. Enjoy a rewarding trip with AA upgrades. Grab upgrades with miles, cash, or systemwide upgrades among others, and make your next journey with American Airlines more comfortable and enjoyable.

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