Chia oil - the herbal source of Omega3

Chia oil - the herbal source of Omega3

January 15, 2024

Chia oil is like the Chia seeds itself, rich in valuable nutrients: vitamins and minerals offer Chia oil with the highest Omega-3 fatty acid content which can be extracted from vegetable raw materials.

Thus, Chia oil a valuable nutritional supplement qualifies: regularly ingested, strengthens the immune system, positively influences the overall metabolism and blood pressure, protects the cells, ensures good nerves, good mood, and mental resilience.

How to obtain Chia oil?

Close to 40% oil is in the Chia seeds, the seeds of the Sage plant in Mexico "Salvia hispanica".

The seeds of the Sage were used in pre-Hispanic as a kind of "Super Food" as high energy food for travellers.

A purely physical extraction process is carried out for the extraction of oil in organic quality: it is used only compressed CO2 under high pressure and releases the valuable ingredients of the Chia seeds.

When lowering the pressure, the extracts are reflected - in this case as oil being released. As neither heat nor chemicals are used, not any kind of stress for the final product.

The Chia oil is almost tasteless, clear and colorless. Only a slightly "nutty" scent is noticeable for sensitive noses.

Studies on Chia oil and its primary ingredients

Almost all study results showed chia seed oil is beneficial, and edible.

While the effectiveness is repeatedly denied by fish oil capsules in scientific publications, the long-term optimal supply with Omega-3 fatty acids still seems to have some important effects.

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce cardiovascular and dementia risks

In October 2013, a U.S. research group showed that the supply of sufficient Omega-3 fatty acids can significantly reduce the risk of dementia or the development of Alzheimer's.

The study involved while on fish oil, Chia seeds and Chia oil are the main plant donors of included polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Worth mentioning is also a study in 2005, which focuses on Chia seeds and their high content of alpha-linolenic acid, short ALA.

It has been documented that regular use actually lowered cortisol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease and even reduced the risk of cancer.

Taking Chia oil

Chia oil is tasteless, but can benefit you. Taking one tablespoon per day, ensures the supply of important nutrients and exerts its positive effect in the long term.

Another way is to use it in the kitchen where it can substitute canola or olive oil. It can be involved not only in (for example, carrot juice) fresh juices, smoothies or cereal, but also suitable for salad dressings.

While caution is often offered with other oils, Chia, you can easily to frying or baking an oil. However, some valuable nutrients are lost when heated.

Despite the contained antioxidants decomposes the linolenic acids contained in the oil after a certain period of time, resulting in a rancid, bitter flavour. Opened bottles should be disposed of by now.


Chia oil affects all metabolic functions positively, is ideal for all areas of the kitchen, and for all health-conscious or stomach-sensitive people.

Also, who is consistently vegan or vegetarian-fed, opens with Chia oil a crucial source of nutrients.

A diet can be with Chia effectively support oil: the supply of essential amino acids and the oil ensures efficient digestion.

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