Comparison between Split AC and Windows AC – Choose the Best One

Comparison between Split AC and Windows AC – Choose the Best One

August 28, 2021

Even now, people debate whether it is better to purchase a split AC or a Windows AC. To be honest, it depends largely on what you want in your home. While most of us prefersplit AC because it complements modern technology and consumes less energy.

Many people still believe that a window air conditioning system is the best option. But that isn't what we'll be talking about. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of one over the other so that you may get the most out of your air conditioner and comparison between split AC and window AC will be done seamlessly. 

Split AC vs. Window AC (In Short)

A window air conditioner is a complete package that includes the compressor, evaporator, and condenser coil all in one box. A split air conditioner is separated into two units: the interior unit, which has an evaporator, and the AC outdoor unit, which has a compressor and a condenser coil.

Both are equally efficient at cooling but split AC is more expensive, requires frequent servicing, employs complex technology, and has multiple modes of operation.

Advantages of Split AC over Window AC

The following advantages of split AC over old-fashioned Window AC will help you get the clear-cut idea.

Produces Less Noise

The indoor unit of a split air conditioner is relatively quiet, whereas the exterior unit creates considerable noise. Better quality split air conditioners are even silent. It is best used in a sleeping room. It is recommended to use for greater, deeper sleep that is not disturbed by noise.
Decibels are used to measure noise (DB). Noise levels from a split air conditioner can range from 25 to 45 decibels, and noise levels from a window air conditioner begin at 40 decibels.
Window AC not only creates noise from its internal components, but it also vibrates a lot, causing the entire window where it is fastened to vibrate and make a lot of noise. If you require a quiet place to sleep, a window AC may not be the best solution for you.

Makes use of Advanced Inverter Technology

The inverter technology allows the AC compressor to run at a variable speed and consume a variable amount of power. The AC cooling power is variable because of this technology. It can adjust the cooling based on the mode or temperature of the room.
This allows the AC to keep a constant temperature throughout the day. When the desired temperature is reached, the AC motor slows down, as opposed to a window air conditioner, which turns off the compressor when it reaches the desired temperature and turns back on when the temperature rises. This turning on and off generates a lot of noise. This technology also provides AC turbo mode, in which the AC can chill the room faster by boosting the speed of its compressor motor, which is only possible with inverter AC.
Inverter technology can save some electricity if an AC runs continuously for a longer period of time (6-12 hours).
Dual inverter technology and triple inverter technology ACs are now available on the market, increasing efficiency to the next level and conserving electricity.

Can be Used In All Kinds of Rooms.

A Window AC may only be used in a room with an aperture large enough to accommodate it, such as a window or a grill. If there isn't any form of opening, you're stuck with split AC. It may be used in practically any room, with or without an opening.

Uniform Cooling

The interior unit of a split AC features a larger, wider, and more powerful fan that distributes cool air over a larger area and over a longer distance. This causes the room to cool more evenly.
While a window AC has a smaller area for throwing air, which makes a room more cool near it, it makes the other end of the room less cool, resulting in unequal cooling.

Improved Appearance

A split AC indoor unit appears smaller and better than a windows AC, which appears to be a large box. It also does not have to be fixed in a window glass or window grill, which is unsightly. It can be hung in any location on the wall.
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Advantages of Window AC Over Split AC

The following benefits of window AC over split AC will provide you with a broader perspective.


The window air conditioner is less expensive not only when purchased from the market but also in the long term. It is 30-40% less expensive than a split air conditioner. A split air conditioner will cost nearly twice as much as a window air conditioner. A 1–1.5 ton split AC, for example, will cost between 20000–25700INR, whilst a window AC will cost between 18000–29000INR.
As a result, if you're looking for an AC for a small space, a window AC is the way to go because they don't require any additional installation fees. However, for a larger space, such as a living room, you should purchase a split AC.

Requires less maintenance

Window air conditioners are often low-maintenance electronic goods that are extremely simple to service due to the compact form of all components. Split AC, on the other hand, necessitates service at regular intervals with the assistance of an expert or professional. In addition, when it comes to troubleshooting, split AC is far more important than window AC.

Low Installation Cost and Ease of Use

Installation is simple and does not necessitate the use of specialized equipment or experience. It only requires a carpenter-made window compartment or a window grill to be installed. Even a novice may easily install the AC component in the window space. As a result, installation fees are kept to a minimum.

Has a Longer Lifespan

A window air conditioner has a longer lifespan and is more durable. Because of its compactness – all components are contained within a single unit – it can survive for up to 7-8 years. In most circumstances, if a component fails or is damaged, it can be simply fixed.


When it comes to providing the optimum user experience, both ACs perform admirably. Of course, each has advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide which one to install in your home. Budget is also a significant consideration here. If you are on a tight budget, opt for a window air conditioner. Split AC, on the other hand, is the best option if you want an AC that matches the modern design of your room.

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In terms of energy efficiency, noise levels, and cooling capacity, a split AC is typically regarded as superior to a window AC.

November 21, 2023

In terms of energy efficiency, noise levels, and cooling capacity, a split AC is typically regarded as superior to a window AC.

November 21, 2023

In terms of energy efficiency, noise levels, and cooling capacity, a split AC is typically regarded as superior to a window AC.

November 21, 2023

In terms of energy efficiency, noise levels, and cooling capacity, a split AC is typically regarded as superior to a window AC.

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A split AC is generally considered better than a window AC due to its higher energy efficiency, quieter operation, and ability to cool larger areas.

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