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March 07, 2022

E-commerce is growing in India day by day and the popularity of online material procurement in the industrial sector is increasing tremendously. B2B marketplaces are getting recognized in the market and the companies are getting popular. In this article, we are going to compare two such companies that provide B2B material procurement in this growing e-commerce world. Slowly, we are moving towards the complete digitalization of the business material procurement community. Nowadays, every business, small or big is moving towards the online procurement technique due to the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 in the world. The offline procurement came to a halt when the world was stricken down by the pandemic and the online procurement community started growing at a tremendous rate. Today we will compare and and find out how both of these companies work.

What is the Meaning of Material Procurement?

Material procurement is the process using which material required for a specific task or work is obtained. The meaning of the word procurement depends entirely on the businesses. For example, some businesses define procurement as the process of buying the required material while some of the companies define the word “procurement” as the complete process using which the product is selected, ordered, paid for, and at last, is delivered to the place where it is required. Procurement might look like a simple process but it includes multiple steps which need to be taken care of very carefully and with complete focus.

The first step in procurement is the selection of vendors. Vendors are selected based on their response to the RFQ (request for quotation) generated by the company. After selecting the vendors, the price of the materials required is negotiated to obtain the products at the best price possible. After the negotiations are made and a price is confirmed the order is placed and the final selection of the products is made and then the purchase is made. After the billing is done, the products are delivered to the buyers, and depending on the product and services of the sellers the buyer may sign a contract according to which the seller will provide the mentioned products at the mentioned prices for a fixed time duration Claiming To Be One-Stop for Procurement is a B2B online procurement platform that was started in 2013 by the brother-sister duo, Rahul Gupta and Swati Gupta. The platform was started with the aim to provide a revolutionary platform and to ease up the process of material procurement in the Indian and Global B2B markets. The platform claims to be a one-stop-shop for every business looking for material procurement in the industrial sector. According to Mr. Rahul, in the starting one and a half years of the company, he bootstrapped and invested around 50 lakhs in this time interval.

A major breakthrough for the company was when they got their first investment of $2 million from the global investor Saif Partners in their first investment run. Today, the company has multiple Indian and global investors which include Saif Partners, Kalaari Capital, and Beenext.

The company claims to have more than 10,000 registered sellers on its portal with over a lakh registered SME customers. Also, the platform is said to have over 45 categories, over 3500 different brands, and a total of more than 1.5 million products listed on the portal.

You can register as a seller on the platform for free without paying any registration fee. There are many benefits of joining as a seller. The platform offers a huge opportunity to the sellers to provide their products all over India. The company has a very diverse customer base which ranges from small retail shops to huge multinational companies. The users claim that the company is trustworthy and provides great customer satisfaction. Apart from all these things the company provides free pickup and shipping directly from the warehouse of the sellers and then delivers the products safe and secure to the buyers. has a unique feature “Seller Hub” that enables the buyers to bid on a specific product that is unique to the platform. In 2016, the company teamed up with UrbanClap (now known as Urban Company) to provide subsidized prices to the toolkits used by the professionals of UrbanClap such as salon tools, plumbing tools, cleaning tools, etc. One of India’s Top B2B Marketplace was founded in 2015 by Mr. Anand Kishor with the aim to bridge the gap between the sellers and buyers and to provide a safe and secure platform where every company and individual can connect without thinking about the problems related to their dealing. Today, is one of India’s top B2B marketplace which provides their registered sellers, with complete online solutions from business inquiries to complete marketing solutions. For the past seven years, the company has proven its worth and might. Under the guidance of Mr. Anand Kishor, the company aims to dominate the global B2B market by providing top-of-the-class features and services in the coming years.

The business model followed by Aajjo is strictly based on the customer-centric approach. The company believes in satisfying its customers. They believe in the fact that customers are the backbone of any e-commerce company and it is regularly working towards making the market a safe place for the sellers and buyers to interact. provides various services and features to its sellers and buyers. On the website and the mobile app, the customers can see multiple categories through which the buyers can navigate easily to find the product they are searching for. Also, the buyers can use the search option to find their desired products. After selecting the product, all the details related to the seller will be shown to the buyers along with the description and price of the product. Buyers can use the “request callback” option if they want a call from the seller. This option enables the buyers to get additional information about the product which may not be shown on the product page.

The services provided to the sellers help them to increase their business and grow together with Aajjo. provides complete marketing solutions to the sellers and also generates business leads which help in increasing the visibility and exposure of the seller’s brand. The leads generated are quality leads and are verified before they are provided to the sellers.

It is free to register on the platform with a 15-day free trial offered by the company to the sellers for them to test the quality of the services provided. After the free trial ends, sellers can choose from four different membership plans which are affordable and provide value for money to the sellers. The membership plans offered are as follows:

1. Trusted Seller: This is the first membership plan that costs 4000 INR plus GST per month.
2. Star Seller: This is the upgrade of the trusted seller plan and costs 8000 INR plus GST per month.
3. Premium Seller: This membership is for those who want the best for their company. This plan costs 16000 INR plus GST per month.
4. Industry Leader: This membership gives you everything and provides the best return on your investment. The cost of this plan is 50000 INR plus GST per month.

By purchasing any membership you will be provided a different amount of instant leads (starting from 20-25 leads and going up to 90-95 leads based on the membership), premium business buy leads, and promotion on the Google shopping tab is provided according to the membership plan purchased. Also the sellers and buyers both get helpful customer and seller support. The company is continuously working towards building the best experience for both sellers and buyers alike. uses some cutting-edge techniques to increase the exposure and visibility of the brand. The techniques include continuous customer engagement, advanced lead generation techniques, increasing brand awareness by promoting the products & brands on top locations.


B2B marketplaces are promoting the digitalization of the material procurement process and companies like and are providing a secure platform for buyers and sellers to carry out their deals safely without any tension of frauds. Both of the platforms provide top-class services but in addition to being a marketplace, also provides business lead generation and marketing services which are very important for any business to grow. We have compared both of the platforms and based on the facts you can decide for yourself which company is best for your business. It needs to be kept in mind that you thoroughly compare the services provided and then choose. Increasing your online presence and making a strong sense of trust in your customers is very important. Only good quality services and products can build that level of trust in your customers. The customers that trust your brand will surely come back to you for more business. If you have any kind of confusion or queries, visit, where you can contact our customer support, we are happy to guide you through any of your doubts.

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As an industry expert, distinguishing between and involves meticulous consideration of factors like product range, pricing, and customer service. The optimal choice hinges on specific business needs. A thorough comparative analysis ensures businesses make informed decisions aligning with their procurement requirements and long-term objectives.

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