How Blockchain Technology Is Utilised in Procurement and Supply Chain

How Blockchain Technology Is Utilised in Procurement and Supply Chain

March 17, 2022

Blockchain is a game-changing technology that will undoubtedly become a major thread in the global B2B transaction fabric. The implications of blockchain for procurement, supply chain management, and supplier management might be huge. The potential for blockchain to alter all types of digital transactions, including procurement, supply chain, and supplier management, is enormous.

The procurement and supply chain industries are notorious for the complexity of the systems that keep them running efficiently. Data silos are frequently created as a result of inefficiencies in data flow and the fact that systems are rarely integrated with limited interoperability. Despite significant expenditures in digital technologies, most businesses still have limited visibility into the flow of goods and produce along their supply chains.

In most cases, the problem comes from a disconnection between internal systems and those used across organizational boundaries. Companies use electronic data interchange (EDI) and XML messaging to keep information flowing across their networks and beyond their walls.

Procurement and supply chain management are critical for corporate operations, and an inefficient supply chain can have a significant influence on the company's bottom line. How can a company modernize its out-of-date supply chain systems? How will it be able to trace the origins of the produce and assess the reliability of its suppliers? Business leaders are frequently baffled by these questions. These are not easy questions to respond to though. Customers in the new millennium are increasingly watchful and vocal in their worries about product quality and authenticity. As a result, there is a demand for more information about the product's origins and journey. Due to their notoriously complicated supply chain systems, most firms find it difficult to respond to these concerns.

The blockchain technology has the potential to transform how businesses manage supply chains. While implementing new technologies and changing historical procedures might be challenging, the cost of postponing these upgrades can be significant. With the rise of distributed ledger technology, procurement and supply chain executives have begun to investigate blockchain-based applications to improve operational efficiencies and team productivity.

Explanation of Blockchain

Blockchain is an intriguing new technology that has gained a lot of traction since its inception a decade ago. People on both sides of the aisle have much to dispute about with all the buzz and debate surrounding bitcoin and blockchain.

However, one point on which all parties can agree is that this technology — the most significant innovation since the internet – is extremely valuable. Blockchain technology has revolutionized every industry, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, and it is projected to impact the lives of practically everyone in the world within the next few decades.

Blockchain technology has been used as a platform for cryptocurrencies for almost a decade. The blockchain is the digital record of economic transactions that is incorruptible and can be customized to record anything of value.

It provides the protection needed to transfer digital assets anonymously while keeping a log of information safe, thanks to a smart algorithm. All members in a blockchain network can have access to the same information thanks to the usage of an immutable distributed ledger. It is possible to add more information, but the original data cannot be changed. With the approval of the majority of blockchain network participants, transactions are recorded on the distributed ledger.

Blockchain and Supply Chain Management

Businesses have recognized the value of digital transformation in modernizing their supply chain systems and taking advantage of emerging technologies. Manual processes consume a lot of resources, are prone to human mistakes, and have exorbitant operating expenses. For smooth interaction with blockchain networks, digitization and process automation are required.

How blockchain technology is benefitted complex supply chain management systems? Well, Procurement and supply chain management must become more flexible and robust in order to profit from this digital transformation.

Implementing Blockchain Logic within Supply Chain

Inefficiencies and financial sustainability challenges in procurement and supply chain management systems can be simplified and effectively addressed by implementing blockchain-enabled industry solutions. Information can be updated very instantly, and it can be traced in real-time, thanks to blockchain technology. Separate points in the chain allow for the detection of the shipment's current position, as well as its condition and size.

With this information available ahead of time, a vehicle can be reserved and space in the warehouse may be set aside to take delivery of the products. Smart contracts can also be used to manage worldwide vendors' multi-step procure-to-pay processes. These agreements can be used to automate specific activities and increase efficiency. Smart contracts, for example, can be used to pay suppliers automatically once the three-way matching of goods receipt, invoice, and a purchase order has been completed.

Creating Supply Chain Strategy

Blockchain use is gaining steam, and this trend is expected to continue into the new decade. However, distributed ledger technology isn't a silver bullet that will solve all of the supply chain's environmental and ethical problems.

The delayed adoption of blockchain technology is due to factors such as a lack of compatibility and standards. To get the most out of blockchain technology, you must first digitally transform your organization by putting in place scalable and stable infrastructure. It becomes considerably easier to use blockchain-based technologies after the supply chain system has been digitized through the establishment of information highways.

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As a blockchain technology advocate, its application in procurement and supply chain is revolutionary. Smart contracts enhance transparency, traceability, and reduce fraud. The decentralized nature ensures secure, efficient, and trustworthy transactions. Embracing blockchain transforms traditional supply chains, paving the way for a more resilient and transparent future.

December 21, 2023

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